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Kylie Minogue - Dangerous Game

  • Dangerous Game - Kylie Minogue
    "Surely this can't be heaven Though it feels like I died I guess it's just goodbye then There's nowhere left to hide Can't you see you have the power To make or break my day I'm getting weaker by the hour All"
  • LIMPIDO (with KYLIE MINOGUE) - Laura Pausini
    "Forse... Forse noi non siamo fatti per cambiare, Forse noi non lo saremo mai. Ma non è principio imprescindibile di ciò che sei per me. And when the nighttime’s falling and my eyes are closing you…"
  • Devotion (feat. Kylie Minogue) - Hurts
    "Inside the heart of every man There is a lust you understand And I'm just the same When all the love has gone away And passion stares me in the face Could I walk away? Here's hoping You'll help me to"
  • Kids (feat. Kylie Minogue) - Robbie Williams
    "Me no bubbletious Me smoke heavy tar Me be groovin' slowly where you are Notify your next of kin 'Cause you're never coming back I've been dropping beats since Back in Black And we'll paint by numbers 'Til"
  • Right Here, Right Now (ft. Kylie Minogue) - Giorgio Moroder
    "When the lights start flashing You can open up your eyes And the highest mountain Is the one that you have climbed Yeah, I can look for love, till the skies ain't blue I can look for love, to get over"
  • Really Don't Like You (ft. Kylie Minogue) - Tove Lo
    "scan you up and down see you’ve got curves in all the places that count oh you’re in the crowd he’s looking at you and he looks happier why /3x did I go to this party? thought I was done feeling sorry know"
  • Dangerous Game - Windrow
    "Around this years of madness through insanity a million reasons for reach to destroy reality the face by clown and evil with a thirsty for revenge is dangerous game is never gone faraway like a broken"
  • Dangerous Game - Narnia
    "Always Searching For Peace Of Mind In This World Of Tragedy Lost And Lonely, Fooling Around Trapped In This Evil Game Got No Strength, Got No Love Life Is Slowly Fading Away Broken Promises Everywhere You're"
  • Dangerous Game - Tommy Shaw
    "You do just what you want to do I see the way they look at you It always comes easy You walk into a crowded room The subtle hint of your perfume It always comes easy You never seem like you're trying Still"
  • Dangerous Game - Gloria Estefan
    "I know i let you in I let down my defenses momentarily At this moment of my life to be surprised With feelings i can never satsify The words you wrote would free My carefully protected vulnerability Doesn't"
  • Dangerous Game - Linda Eder
    "(female) I feel your fingers Cold on my shoulder Your chilling touch As it runs down my spine Watching your eyes As they invade my soul Forbidden pleasure Im afraid to make mine At the touch of your hand At"
  • Dangerous game - David Hasselhoff
    "(Jekyll & Hyde) I feel your fingers- Cold on my shoulder- Your chilling touch, As it runs down my spine- Watching your eyes As they invade my soul- Forbidden pleasures I'm afraid to make mine. At the"
  • Dangerous game - Gosia Andrzejewicz
    "No one can stop us when we play this dangerous gameNever thought that I would meet ya in so crowdy clubEvery guy looks bootylicious, atmosphere is hotThen you bump into me and innocently say: hey sweet"
  • Dangerous Game - 3 Doors Down
    "You stand before me Now we stare eye to eye Before another second clicks away, one of us will die You reach for your metal as I reach for mine The sound of bullets flying through the air is followed by"
  • Dangerous game - Three Doors Down
    "You stand before me now we stare eye to eye Before another second clicks away one of us will die. You reach for your metal as I reach for mine The sound of bullets flyin' through the air, is followed"
  • The Other Boys (feat. Kylie Minogue, Jake Shears & Nile Rodgers) - NERVO
    "There's so much heartache in the world today So why do you feel the need to pull away? I got someone who wants to show me love He tells me every day I have his heart But that's not what I want It's not"
  • The Crying Game Medley - Kylie Minogue
    "''Includes elements from the songs The Crying Game, [ ], [ ], [ ] & [ ]''. '''''Where Is The Feeling (BIR Soundtrack Mix)''''' ''(Spoken)'' So why do I still feel this way? Detached and vulnerable The"
  • Dangerous - Dr. Feelgood
    "(Wallis/Brilleaux/Russell/Mitchell/Morris) (Plangent Visions Music Ltd./Zomba Music Publ.Ltd.) Don't call my name, I just must answer This ain't no game, I ain't no chanter Don't get me wrong, I don't"
  • Dangerous - Akon
    "Girl I can't notice but to, notice you, noticing me, from across the room I can see it and can't stop myself from looking and noticing you, noticing me, Watch out I've seen her type before That girl is"
  • Dangerous - Kardinal Offishall
    "Girl I can notice but to Notice you Noticin' me From across the room I can see it that can't stop myself from lookin' And noticin' you noticin' me Watch out I seen her type before That girl is so dangerous That"

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