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Kylie Minogue - Step Back In Time

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Kylie Minogue - Step Back In Time

  • Devotion (feat. Kylie Minogue) - Hurts
    "Inside the heart of every man There is a lust you understand And I'm just the same When all the love has gone away And passion stares me in the face Could I walk away? Here's hoping You'll help me to"
  • Kids (feat. Kylie Minogue) - Robbie Williams
    "Me no bubbletious Me smoke heavy tar Me be groovin' slowly where you are Notify your next of kin 'Cause you're never coming back I've been dropping beats since Back in Black And we'll paint by numbers 'Til"
  • LIMPIDO (with KYLIE MINOGUE) - Laura Pausini
    "Forse... Forse noi non siamo fatti per cambiare, Forse noi non lo saremo mai. Ma non è principio imprescindibile di ciò che sei per me. And when the nighttime’s falling and my eyes are closing you…"
  • Step Back In Time - Kylie Minogue
    "I wanna funk I wanna f-f-u f-u-n-k I wanna funk, I wanna funk I wanna f-f-u f-u-n-k [2x] Non stop dancing the bus stop To the funky music Hustle, pumpin the muscle Blame it on the boogie Remember the"
  • Really Don't Like You (ft. Kylie Minogue) - Tove Lo
    "scan you up and down see you’ve got curves in all the places that count oh you’re in the crowd he’s looking at you and he looks happier why /3x did I go to this party? thought I was done feeling sorry know"
  • Right Here, Right Now (ft. Kylie Minogue) - Giorgio Moroder
    "When the lights start flashing You can open up your eyes And the highest mountain Is the one that you have climbed Yeah, I can look for love, till the skies ain't blue I can look for love, to get over"
  • Kylie - Pinback
    "Some are crying blind vengeance Some are fake awry Summer wake up empty Till they cry me to sleep It just lays there going stiff I just can't believe it's not over And they can't replace the hint And"
  • Step Back - Headplate
    "It's like every time I think about it Your distress and I go on In two sentences I can't say no And before my eyes I won't let go Cause I'm hidden here with you Thinking about another way through This"
  • Step Back - Letters To Cleo
    "Appear and fade away, so far so good and I'll tell you the story this time. Plan too far ahead, it's the same old thing. Finally kicking it out this time. Tell me where were you? Now just where were"
  • The Other Boys (feat. Kylie Minogue, Jake Shears & Nile Rodgers) - NERVO
    "There's so much heartache in the world today So why do you feel the need to pull away? I got someone who wants to show me love He tells me every day I have his heart But that's not what I want It's not"
  • Kylie - Ak'Sent
    "Kylie give me Kylie give me Baby, you're the one that melt my heart I swear I'm not lying Maybe tonight I'm gonna try my luck I can see that you want me I'm dreaming about you every night Every night Kylie"
  • Kylie - Akcent
    "Kylie give me Kylie give me Baby, you're the one that melt my heart I swear I'm not lying Maybe tonight I'm gonna try my luck I can see that you want me I'm dreaming about you every night Every night Refrein: Kylie"
  • Kylie - Bear Vs. Shark
    "just let me fall into your movements, movements of suttle surrender. i need to recycle all the feelings i had in the past, paint me a picture a unique image of your inner kept feelings Kylie say the words"
  • Step - Vampire Weekend
    "Every time I see you in the world You always step to my girl Back, back, way back I used to front like Angkor Wat Mechanicsburg, Anchorage and Dar es Salaam While home in New York was champagne and disco Tapes"
  • Kylie From Connecticut - Ben Folds
    "It's just a thought But where did it come from? What does she do with it If it comes back? A note from his assistant There by the telephone She sees it again As she turns out the light Kylie is calling"
  • Songs For Kylie - Ballboy
    "I lie awake Half-blind, half-drunk, in a half-religious daze And think about The life I had, the life I had before I made Songs for Kylie A love affair You loved me then, I was almost sure And now I write"
  • Step By Step - Uriah Heep
    "It's alright, it's not wrong To sometimes feel You're just hanging on On those days when Your feelings are low Don't hold back Just let those show If you want my time and devotion You've got to give me Some"
  • Step Back - Mya
    "All I want is a little respect All I need is a little respect Oh Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... Have you ever had a girl to call up your man Better tell her step back, step back And she claimin'"
  • Step By Step - Method Man
    "This goes out to all the big head niggaz And all them big head bitches You know my steez-o Yo, yo, yo, yo Deadly melodic, robotic steez-o blur your optic So you can't see the topic, condition combo Blaze"
  • Step Back - H-Blockx
    "Hey yo! This is Dee Bullit from Da P-Pack Posse Yo, Some motherfuckers tryin' to sweat my homies from the H-Blockx But we ain't going out like that, yo, ya listen up real good H-Blockx rollin with"

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