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L .P Lost On You

  • P. L. You - Duran Duran
    "Well there's no surprise One look into those eyes Having sex every Saturday In the afternoon, with the TV on It's all you know It really makes you wanna throw It could be time for a holiday On the S. O."
  • If You've Lost Your L - Sesame Street
    "Little girl: My L is lost, my letter L is lost! Fairy: If you've lost your L look around you'll find him, Just look patiently There's a letter L in lots of places Look around you'll see There's an"
  • P.L.O. Style - Method Man
    "(feat. Carlton Fisk) P.L.O. style, Buddha monks with the Owls P.L.O. style, Buddha monks with the Owls P.L.O. style, Buddha monks with the Owls P.L.O. style... Here comes the ruckus, the motherfuckin'"
  • Miss L.A.P. - Beenie Man
    "Yeah dawg Well yuh done know a wah day mi a go dung di road And buck up miss L.A.P (yuh nuh) Lovely awesome person (yuh nuh) Mi just touch her pon her shoulder one time and tell her this Baby you look"
  • P.L.U. - Stepa
    "So confusing, people like you Take more than you need, much more than you'll use Why should I share, with dumb motherfuckers? Who cut me off and kiss a light Spit in my face patience to taste Color coat"
  • P.L.F. - Gretchen
    "(verse 1) They say times are tough and so is he Sometimes it's rough just to be alive They say he never had opportunity To prove his worth or just to be a man So we'll just give him one more chance We'll"
  • P.T.L - Mucky Pup
    "I know there's people out there, and things just keep lookin worse and worse for you. One step up and three steps back, You're in a dead end with no reverse. Well I'm here to tell you that there is Help,"
  • L.I.P. - The Presidents of the United States of America
    "freckles and eyes of brown i'll take a big patty of cow beautiful pearly statue i couldn't eat meat without you you're my little indian princess little indian princess little indian princess took her"
  • R I P - Master P
    "Rest in peace fool [* Pouring liquor out *] This for all my niggas that ain't here R-I-P to my homies that are dead and gone Rest in peace to my homies that done made it home R-I-P to Danny and Darnelle"
  • L - Nicole (FI)
    "jt patsas tuulen pois ota lahjat, kaiken saada voit ota kahdet kasvot pois el thdet, nahkan luoda voit l vrn vaakaan luo l kylm vallan maljaa juo ole tiedon huoneessa ole viisaan seurassa aivan kuin hengitt aina"
  • L - Snook
    "Mannen r den nya kvinnan Smink fr mn, avkldda mn, sex sljer, och... jag menar Bimbon blev frbytt med himbon You know! Snook Baby du knullar bra Du var, du var underbar Men jag, men jag tror det vore"
  • L.M.L.Y.P. - Ween
    "Whooa, yeah, whoa, whoa, yeah Yeah yeah yeah, ahhhhhh, whoa, whoa, yeah "Shockadelica" section: The lights go out, the smell of doom I'll bet is creeping into your lonely room The bed's on fire, your"
  • Lost - L'
    "The weight of the world lies on my shoulders The castles I builtare made out of sand Everyone is a little bit lost sometimes When everything seems to get out of hand My best dreams have turned to nightmares"
  • P - Turbo
    "When time throws its loop on your neck you'll feel that life's just a sec DAY, DAY, DAY - you're burning away Before you manage to turn around life' ll pass like a dream the past will never be found You"
  • P - Kano
    "Some manners dont like me, They try and bad mind me. When Kano comes to town, All i say is mines right, And they use the limelight, When Kano comes around, Some try ta screw me or even sue me, but"
  • You Lost Sight on Me - Micah P. Hinson
    "And you lost sight on me Whilst the wind it blows so, cold wind As if I disappeared To thin, breathless air, Drinking, bittersweet And sometimes it seems That you lost sight on me And don't lead me on And"
  • L-L-L-L-Lies - King Diana
    "Oh why, oh why, oh why, You tell me l-l-l-lies Never t-t-t-t-think That I woulda re-a-li-a-li-a-lize Things you say-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay Will make you fay-ay-ay-ade away So b-b-b-bye-bye-bye-bye(goodbye) 12"
  • H.e.l.p. Is On The Way - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys Landlocked H.e.l.p. Is On The Way Stark naked in front of my mirror A pudgy person somehow did appear Seems lately all i've eaten sugar and fat It's getting obvious that's not where it's at A"
  • H.E.L.P. Is On The Way - The Beach Boys
    "Stark naked in front of my mirror A pudgy person somehow did appear Seems lately all I've eaten sugar and fat It's getting obvious that's not where it's at A big pot and tripley chin Oh what condition"
  • P-Town - Kottonmouth Kings
    "(You know what they say about these dudes? They all got rythm) Another day, another day goes by Sitting round the house hangin out getting high Another day, another day is passed P-Town Ballers we was"

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