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L. Marshall Castles

  • Sing For Tomorrow ft. L Marshall - Sneakbo
    "I’m focused chasing the paper I couldn’t really give a toss abut a hater Broke dons ima see you dons later Can’t believe I’m seeing all my dons in the paper I’m sp lonely missing all my homies Mos locked"
  • Castles - Sandi Thom
    "I'm just skimming stones against the lake While my dreams pass me by I've never known what to make of life But I guess I'm willing to try Sometimes it's better sometimes it's worse Sometimes it heals"
  • Castles - Freya Ridings
    "you left my love you hit the target you got that rush and then you walk out the door you kept me small, is what you wanted I never notice you held my hand into darkness I didn’t care it made me just want"
  • Castles - Colosseum II
    "I'm free to go. There's no more need to stay. Throw away the works of years And return to Adam's way. Retreat from shadow To dabble baths and sun bleached joys. Live it out on an island in the mind Untouched"
  • Marshall Mathers - Eminem
    "You know I just don't get it Last year I was nobody This year I'm sellin records Now everybody wants to come around like I owe em somethin Heh, the fuck you want from me, ten million dollars? Get the fuck"
  • Marshall Reality - Society's Finest
    "Do you need me to shove your head underwater just to make you drink? I'm not mentioning any names, Tyler. Your ignorance has gone too far. Your brain's full of static, your drugs have ruined a man"
  • Marshall Mathers Lp - Eminem
    "You know I just don't get it Last year I was nobody This year I'm sellin records Now everybody wants to come around like I owe em somethin Heh, the f**k you want from me, ten million dollars? Get the"
  • The Marshall plan - Blue
    "In a dark horse town, in the middle of the westWhere friday takes so long to arriveJohnny wakes up dreaming turns on the radioThe he jumps up plays his guitar in the mirrorStarts his day with a rock and"
  • Whiskey Castles - Tom T. Hall
    "(Whiskey castles) when I'm drinking I start building whiskey castles Castles that grow tall throughout the night When morning comes you never do remind me I've been building whiskey castles all my life As"
  • Whiskey castles - Hall Tom T
    "(Whiskey castles) When I'm drinking I start building whiskey castlesCastles that grow tall throughout the nightWhen morning comes you never do remind meI've been building whiskey castles all my lifeAs"
  • Cardboard Castles - Diana DeGarmo
    "She was a rainbow once So colorful but that was once Now that's impossible to see, to see With a voice subliminal It's the only sign she's beautiful Here's all that's left of her dignity She goes Hey,"
  • Castles Burning - Journey
    "(Perry/Cain/Schon) Jimmy wanted her the moment that she stumbled his way With a cocktail in her hand, she knew how she'd win the game There were beautiful in all the right places She keeps her rendezvous"
  • Red Castles - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "Maidens in towers and knights on the town; shields up convinced that the barricade's down. Fighting in bars... they were biting the cars Two aches in the head, H20 in the wine. Two hits off the mirror"
  • Sand Castles - Elvis Presley
    "At night When the sky is still When the south wind blows And the air is warm There's a world that's born And for every child on the beach that day Stands a castle tall and proud And the warm wind crawls"
  • Castles Burning - Nine Days
    "The nickels you pick up On the long dirty road On your way to that castle in your mind Won't carry much weight When the voice in your soul Becomes louder then you What if the castle is burning When you"
  • Black Castles - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "In the street, they're digging holes and in the sinks they're swilling coal-tar, baby. Feathers stuck on poles. They're waiting for the gas man (Goo-goo- ga-chew!) Tube train claims its fifteenth victim"
  • Castles Burning - Savatage
    "In the dark and bleeding With the shadows seething There he stands alone Fools and faith conspire Questions of desire That they never owned Kings without their armor Men without their honor Spit out"
  • I shot the marshall - GBH
    "Feel depressed, walking home,could have used a megaphone.Inanimate objects getting me down,mechanical failures all around.I shot the Marshall,in self-defence.I shot the Marshall,got no regrets.It shouldn't"
  • Ballad of Marshall Ledbetter - Lard
    "Six, six, six, Dunkin' Donuts A twenty inch veggie pizza from Gumby's Extra jalapenos on the side And a case of Asahi Dry I wish to speak with Timothy Leary Lemmy, jello, and Ice Cube Too Cartoon"
  • Dear Marshall-Eminem's Mom - Eminem
    "ye..im doin dis cuz im bored (ehhh.. dis song is disin Eminem awww :( o ye n he aint gay ya stupid f*g...he don like u!!!aha dats hurten! Written and produced at sound break dot com... will the real"

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