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  • L8 CMMR - Lily Allen
    "Good lover, good lover Feels good like a long whole summer L8 CMMR, he's a L8 CMMR My mind is a bad mothafucker He can bring it, bring it all day long All over my lemon wong Nobody will get to see Cause"
  • B4 It's 2 L8 - Boomkat
    "I won't break I might bend But I won't break Spinning 'round I hit the ground And lift back up to see Well nothing's changed It's all the same Why can't we all just be happy Can't you see I'm trying We"
  • Send A Message - Guardian
    "You know I just can't fight it, got no more strength to hide it; inside my heart I hear the Call. I get tired of people pleasin', the same old rhyme and reason; is it any wonder that we fall CHORUS I: Tear"
  • Halloween - Mc Vapour
    "Olash! Whos ready?Whos ready?uh ha! b.o.d wit mc vapour flava for the ravea dida da danger danger mr ava rava ha do you like da sound of emotion you no y it was written in da paper this weekend coz ive"

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