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  • Scar - American Hi-Fi
    "i could hang around you could let me down again but it's killing me i can't waste a sound again you'll break me if you can you'll break me if you can drag me down again it's hard to be your scar a frozen"
  • Scar - American Hi Fi
    "I could hang around you could let me down again but it's killing me i can't waste a sound again you'll break me if you can you'll break me if you can drag me down again it's hard to be your scar a frozen"
  • Scar - Joe Henry
    "What does this look like to you? A mark so fine, you barely see. You have one just like it, too A twisting vine, A mark so fine; Cause I love you with all I am And you love me because you are As fearless"
  • Scar - Carly Simon
    "A grey day in February Some flecks of white, but mostly brown Purple surprises riding in on a nerve Begins to excite you before it settles down It's after the knives and the sutures and needles I'm left"
  • Scar - Def Leppard
    "Ooohhhahhhhh How can I know How can I see it through your eyes Now you know All those promises were lies You close your eyes You close your mind To all you lost I count the days I count the ways I count"
  • Scar - Missy Higgins
    "He left a card, a bar of soap and a scrubbing brush next to a note That said "use these down to your bones" And before I knew I had shiny skin and it felt easy being clean like him I thought "this one"
  • Scar - Fefe Dobson
    "Blowing Palm tress Perfect sunsets Tricked my mind to get my feet wet Tired of lies Pressure rising You're all I have and now your crying Oh I hit you way too low I've gone too far I'm just another scar "
  • Scar - Eternal Decision
    "Help me help you In your season of desperation Take my hand, my dear friend I will lead you home where you belong Laying pride aside I know you've realized Just what was lost inside you I can see it in"
  • Scar - Fuel
    "Chase the sun in my headBlistered skin turning redI can't complainIt's something to doCloud my my mind and erase youChorus:Since you're goneAll is wrongNothing seems the same down hereAnd if your goneAnd"
  • Scar - Gary Numan
    "I'm not Crawling around Looking for a friend. I'm not Thinking the big I am. I'm not Down on the ground Looking for a cure. I'm not Saying that I'm the man. And I'm not asking for your opinion. I'm not"
  • Scar - Ayumi Hamasaki
    "Hajimete namida wo mita hi wa nanimo dekizu ni tada tada te wo nigirimashita nakitsukarete nemurikaketa koro boku no hou wo mite "gomen ne" to tsubuyaite sukoshi waraimashita sonna anata deshita sayonara"
  • Scar - Eldritch
    "Passion days I cross, growing pains... I fall Masked faces, lonely shades... I'm guilty Haunting call I hear, traces of my fear Someone tries to conspire for a game Buried old scars deny my rendered"
  • Scar - Before The Dawn
    "Needles in my nerves Nails in my spinal cord Acid burns inside my veins Blood creating stains Limbs with broken bones inside Tearing my flesh Penetrating through my skin I cannot feel a thing Peeling"
  • Scar - All Saints
    "[1st verse:] As soon as you saw my face in the video You couldn't differentiate from life and your ego Always hiding, always watching from the shadows From London to Rio, always there even in Tokyo Long"
  • Scar - Acid Black Cherry
    "Naite...karete...nemuri...naite... anata wo wasurerarenai Fukaku kizamikomareta omoi wa...itoshii itami Namida hitotsu ochite kizu ni shimita Sabishisa dake magirasu no ni dakaretari shinai... Asai nemuri"
  • Scar - Simple Minds
    "Travelling through Flashback to you Fire I see fire Sun in my eyes People in love Talk far too much Cities have lights Cities have lights Sun in my eyes Car passenger Fate at the wheel Quick kiss of death"
  • Scar Tissue - Camila Cabello
    "I might say sorry way too much Unnecessarily nervous I feel every time, I feel again The sound of your name like a cut I tried to hold the pieces inside Tighter I held it, felt like a knife Blood from"
  • The Scar - Broken Iris
    "Illiteracy for those who can't see The gates that untie avid arrogance Your ground felt so firm I short handed myself Never again will I give in Right into hate right into lies Right back where we've"
  • GOLD SCAR - Lee "Scratch" Perry
    "Ref. Jedyne czego mi tu potrzeba to zrzut z bronią, a w nim gold scar Wtedy moge wygrać solo, #yolo niepotrzebny mi jest oddział Zaraz wpadnie kilka fragów ziomek EASY GAME BOY weź to obczaaj Gdy otwieram"
  • Favorite Scar - Vanished
    "Remember when we said we'd never part No purple tears and break each other's heart Now I'm the fool for trusting this far 'Cause now you are my favorite scar So tick tock 'bout time for the pain come"

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