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  • Darker Than Blood (feat. Linkin Park) - Steve Aoki
    "Don't you hold your breath Cause I'm not coming down The battlefields have left me only scars And floating in the dark I'm swimming in the sound Of voices that should never been apart Darker than the"
  • Linkin Verbz - Reggie And The Full Effect
    "Hello Americans this is Klaus from Common Denominator That is the band you are listening to right now We are from Finland This is the second song on our debut album Here In America This song is about"
  • Park - SID
    "tsudoe de taba ni narenaikyouchousei ni kaketa sodachisa derukui sade? tatakeru no kai?GOSSIP PARTYmezawarikechirase Lock a park!! Yeah!! dare no gourei na wake demo nakuhitokage mo nobikitta ato de ibashou"
  • Park - Mustard Plug
    "last call one second left a minute maybe more too many complications ive forgotten what its for my own consistency has kept me straight in line i know ive often come here i just cant recall the time when you"
  • Park - Uriah Heep
    "Let me walk awhile alone among the sacred rocks and stones. Let me look in vain belief upon the beauty of each leaf. There is green in every blade. The treetops lean, providing shade. They are spining"
  • Abney Park - Abney Park
    "Darkness, the streets of London he searched for souls Alone he'd never achieve his lofty goals Peasants and beggars he found to aid his plans Train them & give them the strength to share his lands Welcome"
  • Wesside - Linkin Park
    "Linkin Park prezentuje utwór "Wesside"."
  • Friendly Fire - Linkin Park
    "Utwór "Friendly Fire" Linkin Park został nagrany przed śmiercią Chestera Benningtona. Data premiery utworu nie jest jeszcze znana."
  • South Park Theme - South Park
    "Going down to South Park, gunna have myself a time. Stan & Kyle:Friendly faces every where, humble folks without temptation. Going down to South Park gunna leave my woes behind Cartman:Ample parking"
  • B12 - Linkin Park
    "Atom bombs, something's wrongD.E.A sent to GuamAcid trips, big fat chicksPurple Flintstone vitaminsAll the needy, rich are greedyI find out you don't need meBerlin Wall starts to fallI trip out to the"
  • Massive - Linkin Park
    "Nowość od Linkin Park. Premiera odbyła się 5 kwietnia 2023r. The best of you (The best of you) Never did much for you (Never did much for you) I guess it's true (I guess it's true) You can't really change"
  • Frgt 10 - Linkin Park
    "(Chorus / Linkin Park) From the top to the bottom Bottom to top I stop At the core I've forgotten In the middle of my thoughts Taken far from my safety The picture's there The memory won't escape"
  • Giving in - Linkin Park
    "This song is by Linkin Park & AdemaWill you, walk meTo the edge againShaking, lonely, and I am drinking againWoke up tonight and no one's here with meI'm giving in to youTake me underI'm giving in to youI'm"
  • Paisley Park - Prince
    "1, 2, 1, 2, 3 There is a park that is known 4 the face it attracts Colorful people whose hair On 1 side is swept back The smile on their faces It speaks of profound inner peace Ask where they're going They'll"
  • Echo Park - Brian Setzer
    "I heard your voice in echo park last night I wasn't sure how many times it rang out through the night I felt the breeze and the hearts through the air I felt your eyes lookin' right through me I heard"
  • Luna Park - Miguel Bose
    "Luna park, soledad Gente viene y va Silencioso voy Encerrado en m Qu he venido a hacer? Dgame... la ha visto usted? Sabe dónde est? hace un ao que se fue que se fue... luna park Volver... ella hoy volver Entre"
  • Central park - Top One
    "Ten śmiech to łza Nie kochasz mnie już Więc sam tu tkwię Twój anioł i stróż W Central Park grają jazz Szukam cię liryczny skaut W chmurach gdzieś ginie deszcz Moknie sznur pędzących aut REF: To jest Central"
  • Luna Park - Origa
    "Me yac c ea ya e Me oaac o cex a cee cee Ca p e, cao yp - o ya-ap cex ca ca, ya-ap ya-ap - o yo yec ya-ap - oac o eec oa xoy a ey - ey a pooo oo eec pea B e opaoc eo oaa e eepo paca e eca ocpoo, eo,"
  • Theme Park - The Tubes
    "I'm goin' to the theme park Lookin' for a thrill Gonna stay 'til they close it 'Til I get my fill Spinning on a Tilt-A-Whirl Nothin' like it in this world Close your eyes and hold on tight We can"
  • The Park - Ol' Dirty Bastard
    "(feat. Coolio) Yeah, youknowhatI'msayin, to you? I was in Riker's Island, youknowhatI'msayin? High impact, youknowhatI'msayin? They they had me pickin cigarettes (SLAM!) A thousand cigarettes up off"

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