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  • Hourglass (ft. LION BABE) - Disclosure
    "There's someone out there waiting for me High, mini, fat, skinny, just wait and see Don't call me lonely if you are too In a big city, take pity, won't make the news I'm advancing, nothing to lose Go-getter,"
  • Don - Akon
    "Akon Miscellaneous Don "don't matter" Konvict Konvict Oh Ohoohwooe Oooh Ooohhwooe Nobody wanna see us together But it don't matter no Cause I got you babe Nobody wanna see us together But it don't matter"
  • Don - Craig David
    "For all the years that Ive known you baby I cant figure out the reason why lately youve been acting so cold (didnt you say) if theres a problem we should work it out so why you giving me the cold shoulder"
  • Don - Babyface
    "(don't take it...take it so...baby) I was wrong I was out of line I didnt' meant to lead you on But there was something in your eyes Yuor look so fly Reminds me of my girl back home Had it been another"
  • Time Don - Kill Your Idols
    ""Hello. How are ya babe" it's been a long, long time. I've only brought some stamps, cigarettes and a bottle of wine. I know I'm probably the last person that you wanted to hear from, but so much time"
  • Confront ya babe - Jim Jones
    "I gotta see how that thing sound but I got itI'ma come right in wit it Dipset, uh If theres a need to confront ya babeI'll let the nina come punch ya babe (DIPSET!!)Fur beavers big blunts and thingsByrd"
  • Sunny Lion - Habakuk feat. Don Carlos
    "Ref: Ooh, Sunny Lion likes Reggae. Ooh, Sunny Lion likes You and Me. Ooh, Sunny Lion likes Reggae. Ooh, Sunny Lion, Dreadlocks King. Hey the Lion, the Lion is a King. Hey the Lion - King of Judah. Hey"
  • Lion - Hollywood Undead
    "I am a lion and I want to be free Do you see a lion when you look inside of me? Outside the window just to watch you as you sleep Cause I am a lion born from things you cannot be How can I sleep at night,"
  • Lion - Years & Years
    "If I was a lion, I'd be silent, I'd keep you there Never let you go Grow into a giant, be the brightest I'm not scared, I'm invincible If I was a lion I'd be silent, I'd keep you there Never let you"
  • Lion - Coma
    "I’m not worried I’m not feeling this chivy I’m not worried And I’m not asking for help Yea, I’m not worried I’m just trying to bring out their pain I’m not worried Today I’m trying to forget I’m not"
  • Lion - Rebecca St. James
    "Mysterious That's what I call You I'm curious about You I'm scared and not sure that You are safe But Your eyes seem to say that You are good Chorus This is not a dream that I'm living This is just a"
  • Lion - Smuta
    "16 lat na ringu i 300 walk za sobą ma Pierwsze walki od razu złote medale zdobywa Chcesz też tak, to musisz być tak dobry jak on Szybki i silny i zwinny jak Lion Masz serce do waliki jak on? Nie boi się"
  • Lion - Toto
    "I got my feet back on the ground We were headed for disaster Woke up, I got ready for work You weren't around I was fast, but you were faster Such a night, feeling right Nothing I could say (Don't take"
  • Lion - May'n and Megumi Nakajima
    "hoshi wo mawase sekai no mannaka de Kushami sureba dokoka no mori de chou ga ranbu Kimi ga mamoru doa no kagi detarame Hazukashii monogatari Nameatte mo raion wa tsuyoi Ikinokoritai Ikinokoritai Mada ikiteitaku"
  • Babe - Emigrate
    "You're So pure So sure again Whatever you do We will laugh again I'm (I'm) Like you (Like you) A fool again (A fool again) Whenever I fell I got up again (I got up again) Babe You don't"
  • Babe - S
    "BABE PRAGNE CIE BABE CHCE CIE MIEC x2 to wszystko czego chce! Myślę o tobie, marze przez cały czas, by móc cię dotknąc, przytulić cię choć raz, oddałbym wszystko, za jeden usmiech twój, za noc z tobą,"
  • Babe - Bad Boys Blue
    "An angel said good bye now. And darkness lies ahead.My heart just seems to cry out. All the words we left unsaid.But in my soul I'll hold you forever.Feel me, babe, I need you here.Just by my side to ease"
  • Babe - Styx
    "(Dennis DeYoung) Babe, I'm leaving, I must be on my way The time is drawing near My train is going, I see it in your eyes The love, the need, your tears But I'll be lonely without you And I'll need your"
  • Babe - Caught in the act
    "Caught In The Act Miscellaneous Babe Chorus: You know it's you babe Whenever I get weary and I've had enough Feel like giving up You know it's you babe Giving me the courage and the strength I need Please"
  • Babe - Take That
    "I come to your door to see you again, But where you once stood was an old man instead I asked where you'd be, he said "she's moved, on you see All I have is a number you'd better ask her not me" So I picked"

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