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  • Little Hollywood - Alle Farben & Janieck
    "We’re living in our own little Hollywood Watch up stars, this go to be good We got everything we need in our neighborhood No fancy car, everything’s got to be good When we’re 15 Smoking in the bars Every"
  • Farben - Keimzeit
    "Alle Wege fhren nach Rom, hattest du gesagt. In jeder Antwort ein leises Om, wenn ich was frag'. Tauch mich in deine Farben! Nimm mir mein Schwarzwei! Tauch mich in deine Farben! Ohne Warnung, jetzt gleich! Es"
  • Alle Farben dieser Erde - Geschwister Hofmann
    "Alle Farben dieser Erde hat der Himmel fr uns gemachtUnd als der Herrgott sprach es werde, hat er die Welt als Paradies gedacht.Alle Menschen die hier leben brauchen Liebe und HerzlichkeitFr alle Farben"
  • Keine Farben - Goethes Erben
    "In einem Augenblick frei von Farben tanzen Schatten hinter Milchglasscheiben ein Spiel Langsam schnell umfabar fliet Bewegung in leblose Masse eilt starres Licht in bewegte schwarze Bilder Der Bauer schwarz Der"
  • Supergirl (feat. Alle Farben and YOUNOTUS) - Anna Naklab
    "You can tell by the way She walks that she's my girl You can tell by the way she talks she rules the world You can see in her eyes that no one is her Chief She's my girl my Super girl And then she'd say"
  • Hollywood - Michael Bublé (Michael Buble)
    "Could you be a teenage idol Could you be a movie star When l turn on my tv Will you smile and wave at me telling Oparah who you are. So you want to be a rock star With blue eyed bunny's in your bed Well"
  • Hollywood - Quietdrive
    "you lied again maybe this time you'll feel better we'll try again we fight again baby i could make you feel better believe me sell it to me hollywood how i love you would you sell it to me if i could"
  • Hollywood - Thornhill
    "Pure With lips against your face Couture I don’t know my place Your back against the wall Courtesy of envy Just show them what you are Oh I’m at your mercy Dressed to kill I’m sinking low Because"
  • Hollywood - Jackie Greene
    "Shes a dream, shes a dream Getting caught up in the scene Like a used car bought off of Mr Vaseline Shes a queen, shes a queen Getting played like a machine And all the men pretend that they respect her"
  • Hollywood - Angus & Julia Stone
    "I blame you Hollywood, for showing me things you never should show a young girl, In a cruel world. Because lifes not a happy ending, Im sure there is some, like Johnny and June, and maybe other people"
  • Hollywood - Aerosmith
    "HollywoodAll night long (x2)Hollywood (x2)All day long (x3)You're saddle soreand on the grindjust pushed you a little bit more don't mind if I doit's HollywoodHot damnhands in a jamnever say can't cause"
  • Hollywood - Number1hater
    "This loves Gonna fade Away She wants A man so I guess I'll stay She likes cranberries on a hot day She's got some nice abs and long legs straight from Hollywood she makes me feel so good She makes"
  • Farben - Lucilectric
    "Du mchtest zum Licht, doch sie lassen dich nicht. Die Wnde aus Wolken steh'n zu dicht. Regen fllt auf Asphalt, dir ist kalt. Du mut raus aus dem Bann des Graus. Refrain: Denk an Rot, Denk an Gelb, Denk"
  • Hollywood - Negrita
    "Esco di scena e vado a camminare solo sui marciapiedi io volo sono straniero nella mia citta' la gente passa mi vede e lo sa Mi fermo, poi riparto, poi mi fermo ancora e osservo la strada che si colora c'e'"
  • Christmas In Hollywood - Hollywood Undead
    "It's Christmas in Hollywood Santa's back up in the hood So meet me under the mistletoe lets fuck It's Hanukkah in Inglewood the dradles spinning in the hood so meet me by the manorah lets get drunk J"
  • Farben Lehre - Farben Lehre
    "Przyszła w końcu taka chwila, by powiedzieć kilka słów Kiedy to się zaczynało - było nas tylko dwóch Pierwsze próby i koncerty taki garażowy styl Pamiętam te chwile, jak dziś... Chcemy Wam podziękować"
  • Hollywood To Hollywood - Wyclef Jean
    "(feat. Small World) (Small World) Blame, blame, whose dat with you again? (The ride, the ride) Yes black, where's my jewels at? (Uptown, uptown, uptown, uptown...) (Wyclef Jean) Yo, let's get back to"
  • Christmas Time In Hollywood - Hollywood Undead
    "It's Christmas in Hollywood Santa's back up in the hood So meet me under the mistletoe lets fuck It's Chanukah in Inglewood the dradles spinning in the hood so meet me by the manura lets get drunk J"
  • Hollywood Nights - C.C. Catch
    "Daytime friends and nighttime fools All they're breaking golden rules Dreaming all their dreams come true Dreaming like the big guys do From a day in paradise And a life without a lie Little dreams can"
  • Hollywood Ending - Motley Crue
    "Ooh yeah-ah Did you want it this way Breaking us down a little bit at a time Is it easier now that I'm not around Oh is it time to draw the line We don't have to pretend Ya got your Hollywood ending (Another"

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