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LL Cool J - Doin it

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LL Cool J - Doin it

  • LL Cool J - LL Cool J
    "Aiiyo Bimmy So rock the bells, Def Jam collabo' man You know'say, Bim...my...yeah Feel It's baby, (uh) ha (uh) ha (uh) ha (uh) ha ha (L) I'm the G.O.A.T. I just ball a lot (L) And (Cool J) I'm double"
  • All I Have Ft. Ll. Cool J. - Jennifer Lopez
    "Love is life, And Life Is Living, It's Very Special J.Lo:oooh Ll Cool J: baby please go baby please go J.Lo: yeahhh ll cool j: baby please go baby please go J.Lo: yeahhh ll cool j: baby please go baby"
  • All I Have Ft. Ll Cool J - Aventura
    "Love is life and life is livin' It's very special All my love... Oh...oh...oh...oh...oh... (Baby, don't go) (Baby, don't go) Yeah (Baby, don't go, uh) (Baby, don't go) Yeah (Baby, don't go) (Baby, don't"
  • Focus (Remix) Ft.Ll Cool J, Queen Dutchess - Joe Budden
    "Salutation, Joe Budden here (WOO!) I be your host tonight for this evening, you know (WOO!!!) Doug B. with the banger, Red, Nitty, holla (WOO!!!) Shouts is stupid let that bass knock Still on your"
  • Doin' It - LL Cool J
    "Mmmm yeah (mmmmm) check it out baby Make it hot... then we drop it (oooooooh!) Uh, yeah (oooooooh!) Uptown, you know how we do it Yeah you know Make it hot It's the first time together and I'm feeling"
  • Zoom Dr.Dre (Feat. Ll Cool J) - Dr. Dre
    "DR DRE "Zoom" (feat. LL Cool J) I got my mind made up, come on; get in, get into it Let it ride, tonight's the night, yeah Yeah, yeah, come on Uh, you know you a freak Before the album went platinum,"
  • Doin' It Again (Remix) - LL Cool J
    "Uh he huh. Remix that joint, word up! We had to remix that joint, smooth it out Uh he huh, yeah, no doubt, doin it, yeah Yeah, uh uh doin it, woooo! Feeling is strong, uh doin it Yeah uh, yeah ?? "
  • Do You Love Me? (Feat Ll J Cool) - Amy Studt
    "(Verse) (Amy) You say to me get a grip why don't you now get lost I'm so getting sick of you critising me all the time I can't take it any more so lets listen to what you have to say? (LL J COOL) That's"
  • All My Pride Is All I Have (Feat. Ll Cool J.) - Jennifer Lopez
    "Baby dont go...baby dont go yeah Baby dont go...baby dont go yeah Baby dont go...baby dont go yeah...Its such a shame, but I'm leavin... Cant take the way you mistreatin me. And its crazy; But"
  • It's LL And Santana - LL Cool J
    "My 12th album launched Now everything is carte blanche There's only one God Victory is all I want, let's go + (Juelz) Ah one-two and uh, ah one-two and uh Juelz, it's LL and (Santana) Ah one-two and"
  • Doin' It - Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show
    "(R. Sawyer/D. Locorriere/J. Garfat) I'm so tired in the morning Don't wanna do my work In the middle of the afternoon My muscle starts to hurt Later on in the evening I know I'll be alright Got to go out"
  • Doin' It - Herman Brood
    "Feel so good - it must be wrong this junk is really workin' out pretty strong feel so high, it must be low move so fast, it's almost slow gonna hit you so hard, you'll never hit back child you look so"
  • It Gets No Rougher - LL Cool J
    "Let me tell you somethin' about an a-b-c style The a the b the c the d the e the f the g the h the i the j the k the l the m the n the o the p the q the r the s the t the u the v w, x, y, z, it's bullshit"
  • Ah, lets get it - LL Cool J
    "I'm the Ladies Love, legend in leather Long and lean, and I don't wear pleather Last of the red hot lovin MC's Lookin for a little, that's my theory It goes quick like lightning, too exciting Lover"
  • Don't Take It Personal - LL Cool J
    "Hey nigga what yo hood like? Money come, money go, but it's alright In the club, stay crunk right Drama pop, you pop the truck, get them pumped right? (Repeat) I am the most incredible I ain't disrespectin,"
  • J Lo - Jennifer Lopez
    "Love is life And life is living It's very special ( J Lo ):Oooooh ( LL Cool J ):Baby don't go ( LL Cool a ):Baby don't go ( J Lo ):Yeahhh ( LL Cool J ):Baby don't go ( LL Cool J ):Baby don't go ( J Lo"
  • Make It Hot - LL Cool J
    "Aha , y'nahmean? Word up, just wanna bring em to it real Real rugged like, uhh, man Make me feel like I'm method out and all that, y'nahmean? Go diggin, uhh check it I bring the butter, huh Make you wanna"
  • Can't Explain It - LL Cool J
    "Yeah, uh-huh Uh-huh, I can't explain it ... You know it's that moment It's just that moment Y'knahmsayin? I can't explain it Can't explain it My love when we're together You're the greatest, nobody"
  • Keep Doin' It - Busta Rhymes
    "+ (Female voice) (*echo*) (Keep doin it baby) This is a world premiere Uh oh, yeah, Cali talk to 'em Bring the beat back!, c'mon + (Female voice) (Keep doin it baby) Yeah, Lighty we see you (Keep doin"
  • Keep Doin' It - Mystikal
    "(Intro - Male voice - talking) + (Female voice) (*echo*) (Keep doin it baby) This is a world premiere Uh oh, yeah, Cali talk to 'em Bring the beat back!, c'mon (Chorus - Male voice) + (Female voice) (Keep"

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