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LP Viddy Impersonate Contest

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LP Viddy Impersonate Contest

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LP Viddy Impersonate Contest
  • No Doubt Beauty Contest
    "Damsel in distress is quite submissive Look how sunburnt my vanity is Effeminate human creature Superficial, seducing detour I'm going to the mall for the cookie cutter The ugly duckling will always suffer Contaminated"
  • Michelle Shocked Contest Coming
    "Sybil sits in a rocking chair Chewing tobacco and spitting out cares Sound of a fiddle floating thru the air From the Jones boy across the holler From the Jones boy across the way Backwoods folks take"
  • Sharko No Contest
    "Life in a doubt It's gotta be a test I suppose Close to midnight Oh we should find a nest, a way out Before I lose my head, I'll make you find Before I lose my head, I'll make you notice Before I lose"
  • Frank Zappa Dance Contest
    "Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals) Ike Willis (rhythm guitar, vocals) Ray White (rhythm guitar, vocals) Steve Vai (rhythm guitar, vocals) Warren Cucurullo (rhythm guitar, vocals) Denny Walley (slide guitar,"
  • Sweeney Todd (musical) The Contest
    "I am Adolfo Pirelli, Da king of da barbers, da barber of kings, E buon giorno, good day, I blow you a kiss! And I, da so-famous Pirelli, I wish-a to know-a Who has-a da nerve-a to say My elixir is piss! Who"
  • Luscious Jackson LP Retreat
    "you see me spinning records it makes me high (get high) i've got 33's and 45's i've got 33's and 45's you see me spinning records let's play mr dj lets play oh yeah lets play lets play oh yeah it makes"
  • Starflyer 59 The Contest Completed
    "All the time we traveled For all it meant to me Was built to last for new endeavors Would you listen to me And don't look back on your trials Remember when it was good in '92 A different point of view It's"
  • The Legendary Pink Dots The Talent Contest
    "she sit before the mirror, hanging mirrors on her ears and spreads the spraypaint on the haystack that she calls her hair. She fills a crack, prepares her nails like blood-dipped spears (they're dripping!) Smears"
  • Deeds Of Flesh Contest Of Wills
    "Enter a stage of bloody dismay Where beast and man are cast To be slain Chants from the mob Feeds their victims desires Without fail, the crowd is there To greet the champions And their besieged A test"
  • Eminem Marshall Mathers Lp
    "You know I just don't get it Last year I was nobody This year I'm sellin records Now everybody wants to come around like I owe em somethin Heh, the f**k you want from me, ten million dollars? Get the"
  • The Fugees Vocab (LP Version)
    "Chorus You got the vocab I got the vocab You got the vocab You know I got the vocab You got the vocab I got the vocab Hey, yo pass the mic so I can tell 'em I got the gift o' gab Monkey see, monkey what?"
  • Lords Of Acid Pussy (LP Version)
    "I wanna see your pussy Everybody says it's nice Can I come and visit? I'll be at your house tonight They tell me it's soft to touch and really smooth I can hardly wait to feel that pussy too You wanna"
  • Enchantment Gloria (LP Version)
    "Gloria My Gloria Things ain't been the same Since you went away Gloria My Gloria I don't want to see Another day It seems like Only yesterday I beheld your sweet face And In my lonely room My memories"
  • Chicago Beginnings (LP Version)
    "When I'm with you It doesn't matter where we are Or what we're doing I'm with you, that's all that matters Time passes much too quickly When we're together laughing I wish I could sing it to you, you never"
  • Chicago Mother (LP Version)
    "Drivin' down the concrete beams Lookin' around and it now seems Mama Earth is nowhere, gone from your eyes Hidden in the crust of man's scientific dreams She is gone, look out mother Natural man took"
  • Aqua Eurovision Song Contest Medley
    "I've been around the world, And I've seen it all, I've been around the world, The sun will always rise and fall, I've been around the world, And I wanted to see, I'll be the only girl, The sun will always"
  • Doktor Kosmos Eurovision Socialist Contest 2001
    "Gteborg och jag EU-mte idag Och Tove sger: "Snutarna r svin och makten bling och dv" Och Love sger: "Media ljuger, slickar kapitalets rv" Och vi str dr och spelar pop Alle leute kom Zusammen heute Ha"
  • Guided By Voices A contest featuring human beings
    "I drew up back when Mr. Skate came back from the attack The official fag saw the cake tossed into the lake And he crossed that lake with his overpaid army Of rats and snakes on whiskey ships And they are"
  • Frank Zappa The wet t-shirt contest
  • Fear Factory Self Immolation (LP Version)
    "Skin Your scars Surface is Rusty blades Self immolation crying out Self immolation crying out Self immolation crying out Self immolation crying out Oblivion Your weakness Is your temper Is your temper "

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