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LPTV - Secret Show for Japan

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LPTV - Secret Show for Japan

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LPTV - Secret Show for Japan
  • Vertical Horizon Japan
    "I saw a young man by a telephone He was sitting alone in the rain I said, "Hey, young man what you doing here?" He said, "Sir, I'm going insane" See I love an American beauty But nobody here understands So"
  • Missy Higgins Secret
    "You were from the North, I was from the South We were form opposite places, different towns But I knew it was good and you knew it was too So we moved together like a ball and chain Minds becoming two"
  • M.I.L.K Secret
    "Yeah, know who this is? This is MILK For your angel oh, nae ga dwel guh ya Into your love, Into your heart na reul neu ggyuh nuhl hyang han nae ma eum jo shim seu reh da ga gal geh oh jak eun ji gab sok"
  • Sophie Barker Secret
    "Do you wanna let me into your soul Do you want to show me secrets I don't know Do you me to part with all my love Stab myself in the heart Give you all my blood Don't treat me like a fool I'm more"
  • Sandra Japan Ist Weit
    "Wo soll ich hingeh'n? Wo bin ich zuhaus? die Zeit der Illusionen ist vorbei Clouds heavy like lead Above houses, streets without destination through the labyrinth Where shall I go Where am I at home, the"
  • Ten Falls Forth Murder Kills Japan
    "Tell me do you remember when you were gazing through my window, Did you ever see what you thought, Or was my stature convicted, was I left missing? Without any words at all, And all the promises I"
  • Live Show
    "This love has taken a turn My maps are no good now I'm lost in these woods I say, Black Mountain show me your face Bring on the oblivion of your sweet embrace I say, this love has taken a turn Where"
  • Big In Japan Big In Japan
    "Winters cityside Crystal bits of snowflakes all around my head and in the wind I had no illusions That Id ever find a glimps of summers heatwaves in your eyes You did what you did to me, now its history"
  • Brandy Noddin' Off (Japan Bonus Track)
    "[2x] Ding-dida-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-dida-ding-ding-ding Ding-dida-ding-ding Ding-dida-ding-ding I tried to stay up cause your on your way up For the weekend, said you wanna see me again Said"
  • The Horrors Draw Japan
    "Butcher the paper with a ravenous pen, Carving out trees and scoring skin Animals too placed in plastic cages, Carted around these filthy pages I will draw Japan, I will draw Japan, hey Spectres holding"
  • Los Lobos Little Japan
    "(Cesar Rosas/Louie Perez) Alone at night with sleepless eyes The starlit sky don't seem to mind A candle's burnin' a hundred years Like a baby cryin' a thousand tears But it's been so long And the days"
  • Tak Matsumoto Group Oh Japan
    "Somewhere in the land there's a child at play He's believing, dreaming, spirit of the nation Rising from the sun, there's mountain high With the power and the glory From the heart of the country Heroes"
  • Guided By Voices Mr. Japan
    "Direct amphibian lost his attack Came through some blonde (?) that could mow you a railroad track We are having the time of our lives We are having the time of your lives Indirect corinthians step to"
  • No Use For A Name Secret
    "father works the late shift, mother drinks herself to sleep brother's outside fiending with a match and gasoline they told her lies and gave her no hope for tomorrow and all the fairy tales just fade away the"
  • Violent Delight Secret Smile
    "I've known you for so long Just look it can't go wrong I'm always open to you Now there's just one thing for you to do I've waited for this day Now theres just one thing for you to say It's all up to you Show"
  • Carola Secret Love
    "I close my eyes and I imagine That Im holding you so close But its all just in my mind Still youre the one that I always wanted But I know its make believe That youll ever be with me Cause you belong"
  • Danity Kane Secret Lover
    "I'll be the other one.... I'll be the other one.... I'll be the other one.... I'll be your secret lover (Verse One) Now I'm home alone When I got you on the phone And your telling me you'll leave before"
  • Clarkesville Secret File
    "You say You're good at analysing You never meant to criticise And you're just trying to help Well look into yourself And say that all is well. Show me your secret file on me Why don't you tell it like"
  • Madonna Secret Garden
    "In my secret garden, I'm looking for the perfect flower Waiting for my finest hour In my secret garden, I still believe after all I still believe and I fall You plant the seed and I'll watch it grow I"
  • Danity Kane Secret Place
    "(Aubrey) Baby, you have no idea where we're about to go Just sit back and enjoy the show Are you ready? (Group) I got a secret place I wanna take you there You got an invitation So won't you open it? I"

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