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La Roux - Quicksand

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La Roux - Quicksand

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La Roux - Quicksand
  • La Roux Quicksand
    "Ooo-ooo-ooo Im the obsessor Holdin your hand It seems you have forgotten About your man Alone in the darkness My beds a different land Your touch intensifies And Im in the quicksand Im in the quicksand Im"
  • The Youngbloods Quicksand
    "Quicksand closing in around my eyes Quicksand forcing me to realize Nothing that I see Can get through this wall to me This wall of quicksand closing in around my mind Quicksand and I'm losing track of"
  • Abdel Wright Quicksand
    "We're goin' down, down, down, down, down in quicksand Our country's law is left in slippery hands So many educated yet no solution We're goin' down, down, down, down, down in quicksand Number one, purge"
  • Caro Emerald Quicksand
    "You're stranded in the desert Ain't gonna be no rescue tonight My telephone is ringing But me and it are havin' a fight Don't wanna hear your misery Talkin' to me in my sleep Tellin' me your kisses are"
  • Tim Buckley Quicksand
    "Your sweet love is like a quicksand, A pullin' me under, and I wonder, How deep does it go, You know the sky is closin' up above me, Everytime you touch me woman, I'm like a tiger prowlin' in the moonlight"
  • Britney Spears Quicksand
    "I still see your coat hangin' on the door, Never let anybody put one there before My pillow's got your head printed on it Baby, of all the guys you were my favorite Don't ask, me why I just can't"
  • 8mm Quicksand
    "This is a bad, bad movie It's gone on too long the ending's all wrong And oh, there's no hope I stir my coffee; you try to smile I hear the clink of glass in the sink And I just look down and take a drink We"
  • Albert Collins Quicksand
    "They tell me love is like quicksand, can't stop when you're sinkin' down Tell me love is like quicksand, you can't stop when you're sinkin' down My gal lead me down to the suction and I know I just can't"
  • Hot Soda Apparatus Quicksand
    "Quicksand has always fascinated me. It doesn't exist in the real world. The simple truth is, it only exists in fiction. Quicksand was dreamed up by the monks who contributed to the recording of the Tale"
  • Incubus Quicksand
    " the monster is awake It won't rest until there's nothing left Maybe ever and anon I forget about the pain Someone bending light comes along and flowers lean towards the sun Some people fall in"
  • Lilix Quicksand
    "Yesterday seemed so much longer then today there must be something wrong with me I think im losing in oh no I must be stupid now im here yes im here cuz i tried if your here then your here for a while I"
  • Travis Quicksand
    "Take me away, take me away You said that you were gonna stay But you're always lying anyway You're gonna suffer if you don't start breathing Now Now that I need you You're going away Every day, sinking"
  • Andy Davis Quicksand
    "I've been coniving, devising a plan, to say something brilliant to this girl. Test driving the words in my head, cause I'm gonna wreck if I don't. When she talks suddenly my knees won't bend, like I'm"
  • Lillix Quicksand
    "yesterday seemed so much longer than today there must be something wrong with me I think I'm losing it, oh no! I must be stupid... now I'm here yes I'm here 'cause I tried... if you're here then"
  • 22 Pistepirkko Quicksand
    "Sister standing on a sea side Planning to do herself a lot of harm Me I run like a jaguar Planning to save her one more time Me I'm standing on a seaside Planning to do me a lot of harm Sister running"
  • Finger Eleven Quicksand
    "Slow, sinking feeling Kills the mood you're conveying And it pulls me far down below It might be best if you go Can it not wait and hope for the best? Will it not stop a while to rest? I need to get up,"
  • Sleeping At Last Quicksand
    "There are wires in between Human heart and machine. I will wait for mountains To tell me you're okay On paper my future will lay. I'll fold every failure into a crane. Trust is quicksand, Claiming everything"
  • The Story So Far Quicksand
    "If I hold on much longer I might break my hands I must respect the space you have but you tread in my lands And all things aside I know we both know where we stand I’m stuck here And you’re there and that’s"
  • The Cure Quicksand
    "I'm closer to the Golden Dawn Immersed in Crowley's uniform Of imagery I'm living in a silent film Portraying Himmler's sacred realm Of dream reality I'm frightened by the total goal Drawing to the ragged"
  • Dinosaur Jr. Quicksand
    "I'm closer to the golden dawn I can't believe the wagon's gone It's history I'm living in a callous realm Where others seem to dig it Just too much reality I'm frightened by the total goal I'm drawing"

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