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Labrinth - Beneath Your Beautiful (feat. Emeli Sande ... -po polsku

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Labrinth - Beneath Your Beautiful (feat. Emeli Sande ... -po polsku

  • Beneath Your Beautiful (feat. Emeli Sandé) - Labrinth
    "You tell all the boys no Makes you feel good yeah I know you're out of my league But that won't scare me way out no You've carried on so long You couldn't stop if you tried it You've built your wall so"
  • Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe (ft. Emeli Sande) - Kendrick Lamar
    "You don’t know what pain is, you just fuck with famous I don’t know you, I can’t tell you, energy is dangerous You don’t know how long it took to finally come alive So bitch don’t kill my vibe Yeah, I"
  • Beneath Your Beautiful - Filip Czarnecki
    "You tell all the boys no Makes you feel good yeah I know you're out of my league But that won't scare me way out no You've carried on so long You couldn't stop if you tried it You've built your wall so"
  • Playing With Fire (Feat. Labrinth) - Plan B
    "One day you’ll learn When you get hurt, By then it will be too late for Be too late for When the fire spreads and burns, Don’t you know? He’s just a kid of the estate We call him little Jake Today"
  • Bungee Jumping (ft. Emeli Sande + Rahat Fateh Ali Khan) - Naughty Boy
    "i heard my echo calls us we should take a roadtrip we take a peace of string and tie to the end of our shoelaces my hands will touch the river and I am gonna kiss you underwater you gonna tell me about"
  • Titans (feat. Sia & Labrinth) - Major Lazer
    "I drop it like its hot Into this party Hey /3x I pop another bottle And turn up baby I am only one fight down So give me one more round We are the Titans We can’t stop fighting We’re only one night"
  • To Be Human (feat. Labrinth) - Sia
    "Under rich Under the sky I’ve been setting highs I felt you walk right through me You’re the thing that I invoke My all persistent goal Sent to make me queazy 2 czerwca 2017 roku na ekrany polskich"
  • Free (feat. Emeli Sandé) - Rudimental
    "I don’t do yoga, never tried Pilates Not many people want me at their parties Tryna find my place, some place, oh I, oh I, oh I I drink a little more than recommended This world ain’t exactly what my heart"
  • Roses (Feat. Emeli Sandé) - James Arthur
    "I could've chose anybody but I chose you Help me get better, you pull me right out of the blue And daddy don't like you but daddy n I never speak Every night when I wake up I need you to get back to sleep Smells"
  • Lifted (feat. Emeli Sandé) - Naughty Boy
    "Feel like a superhero, what type of dreams are these I’m as high as a eagle, I’m taller than the trees And I can’t turn back, I tell my heart relax Late at night, in the dark, I close my eyes And suddenly"
  • Beneath - Ride
    "Rise above the rain, For all our sins we're not to blame, This time will pass away not yours or mine. And what we tried so hard to find, Is already in our mind. Stand beneath the sun, And know that soon"
  • Beneath - My Shameful
    "Should the sun hurt my eyes Then should I close them Should I seek hide from under Under soothing rock so heavy Beneath the world will I hide till the end Beneath this soil will I find A resting place,"
  • Beneath - After Forever
    "Bewildered by silence Stuck by its questions and lucid ways to make us aware I did not know how cruel that could be That so many cases will never be solved That so many stories will never be told I did"
  • Beneath - Nothingface
    "Telling time is hard when it rewinds Painting circles around your crimes What if I told you to die Would you hate me and burn up inside No traces, no picture No sacred glowing scriptures So control your"
  • Fragile (ft. Labrinth) - Kygo
    "Crazy to think that a man can't hurt Love takes its toll every time it don't work One door closes and another opens But it's hard to let go when your heart's broken I give you my trust, can you give me"
  • Higher (ft. Labrinth) - Sigma
    "I have given all myself All that I had left to give All the reasons I confront No more reason left to live If that ain't enough, No, No, no Tell me why it's not enough Even when you let me down I forgive"
  • Beautiful - Rachael Lampa
    "Oh, ooh, oh, oh... There was a time when I Thought I had no good in me. There was a time when I Was too blind to see. But deep beneath the cold defeat Under the snow, You could see something in me Waiting"
  • Beautiful - Trading Yesterday
    "And time stands still beneath the air of waiting hours To touch, just to feel a love that seems to overpower me She's all I'll ever need And you know her love just hypnotizes me 'Til All I see is beautiful At"
  • Beautiful - Snoop Dogg
    "(feat. Pharrell, Uncle Charlie Wilson) Oi fala comigo Guy on phone: Yo let me talk to Snoop Snoop answers phone: E ai? Guy on phone: Yo dog we on the way to do the video Snoop: Fo shizzle! Ohhh-ohh-oh-ohhh-ohhh..."
  • Beneath The Surface - GZA/Genius
    "(feat. Killah Priest, RES) On a man-made lake, there's a sheet of thin ice Where unskilled skaters, couldn't figure-8 twice At 16, uncut, direct from the cult Head on assault, the result, death by the"

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