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Lacuna coil end of Time

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Lacuna coil end of Time

  • Lacuna - Brokencyde
    "Trapped inside of his head He can never look back at the word that she said Cigarette breath caresses eight letters of death And the stress is a task to the things that she left And everyday it's his feeling"
  • End Of Time - Lacuna Coil
    "You've build your lies Above the sand You hold my hand Before the end comes Forgiving me for what I've done till the end of days Cause I belong to you Cause I am part of you I am dying in your arms It's"
  • Lacuna - Carina Round
    "Sun said it's gonna shine on, down into my windowIt's gonna light my room just rightGonna shine and make the pain goThey go running from the rain in case it turn to thunderI ripped out the reason, the"
  • Shallow End - Lacuna Coil
    "You can see the eyes, the source of my day Question I'll try to resist A way for sorry Question It tries to fade away Don't like dreaming, I see you crying I believe in a power of my dreams feeling all"
  • Coil - Opeth
    "She told me why she told me lies Always take care of this I told her how I've always stayed Always waiting for nothing When I get out of here When I leave you behind I'll find that the years passed us"
  • The Trauma Coil - Faith And The Muse
    "Another night down on the catherine wheel Drawn into a corner A symphony of resounding shrieks in my head I court a sure, sudden death But give no quarter A paper soul tears the heart from the mind Searing"
  • No Coil For Tesla - Atrox
    "Opting for research Opting for truth Seeing, believing The digger, the dirt Why one leads to another i need to know I'm being swallowed by evolution I'm connected Finding reasons or being alone Need to"
  • Layers Of Time - Lacuna Coil
    "Layers Of Time Layers Of Time i live the life i left behind a story born of scars and trifes my heart is blind and frozen I;m among snakes I;m well disguised healers and dealers of this time the poison"
  • Mosquito Coil - Zeromancer
    "Its looking out From inside A Christmas bonus To last forever You think you"re ready dont you Its a Mosquito Coil Where boys and girls Trying to stop their heads spinning A Mosquito Coil An instant supernova For"
  • Squirming Coil - Phish
    "The Squirming Coil of sunset I keep within my reach Tried yesterday to get away and hitchhiked to the beach I saw Satan on the beach trying to catch a ray He wasn't quite the speed of light and the squirming"
  • Serpent's Coil - Cryptopsy
    "The machines are raping the machines The cum drips down the legs of humanity Slip slide, don't fall Stabilize, won't crawl Under muck spittle soil Within the serpent's coil Within the serpent's coil Blindfolded"
  • Misanthropic Coil - Sonic Syndicate
    "Blasphemy in your eyes, spare me your pathetic lies Sympathy I despise, just give me your chaos cries One night he came to me and spoke the words of heresy One day I will prevail, in other words your last"
  • Medusa's Coil - Highlord
    "Oh, I know that lady can look so fine A blonde angel with such a sweet smile You feel like you can ride the sky like a super-nova But how can you and such a sweetheart walk the same road? (BRIDGE) A jewel"
  • The Maze - Lacuna Coil
    "My thoughs can be so vicious Committed to a plan The fear becomes ambitious Taking me till I am gone I don't know how it starded Beating up myself I've come to realize I barely carry on each day"
  • End Of Time - Magnitude 9
    "As I lie awake, amidst the silence, I think about the places you might be, although the feeling's not gone, I know it's you I'm far from and this loneliness is consuming me. And I scream out loud but"
  • End Of Time - The Damned
    "I've woken from darkness with passion You're surely to blame for it This torture so wicked You hurt me just for the hell of it 'Til the end of time The end of time You will be mine You want me, I need"
  • End Of Time - Gotthard
    "Won't somebody tell me Is it worth to live a life If you're not connected to your brother soul It's so easy Easy if you open up your mind You swear it's the bad luck That is sneaking up on you Change"
  • End Of Time - Full Strike
    "Don't you see the future is now, and your turn has come to an end. You can say that the world now will die and the devil will take you to hell. We never believed in you and we always had our faith. We"
  • End Of Time - Nasty Savage
    "Creeping through the darkness Searching for your mind Evil all around you Battles all the time The Earth trembles slowly It's only just begun Which way will you go At the end of time Your body begins"
  • End Of Time - Harem Scarem
    "You're the light shining on me You've taken the darkness away Now sun never leaves And time marches on To some other place And left a hole in my heart That'll never be replaced It seems like everything"

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