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Lady Antebellum Wanted You More

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Lady Antebellum Wanted You More

  • Antebellum - Vienna Teng
    "In the fall, We circle through the leaves And talk about the little ones. And we smile, but never say too much. The moment always vanishing. One by one the neighbors' lights come on. Our October day is"
  • Something Better (ft. Lady Antebellum) - Audien
    "I never met you, but I know you're out there If I cross the oceans, would you be there? A stranger's eyes that somehow look familiar I know that when it's you, I'll remember Remember So wait for me,"
  • You Wanted More - American Pie Soundtrack
    "American Pie Soundtrack Miscellaneous You Wanted More Song: Tonic Love is tragic Love is bold You will always do what you are told Love is hard Love is strong You will never say that you were wrong"
  • You Wanted More - A-ha
    "You know the way You've been before I've seen the signs Outside your door You set the rules The bitter days Can't be ignored It's just the same Just like before You wanted more I love the sun I"
  • You Wanted More - Tonic
    "Love Is Tragic Love Is Bold You Will ALways Do What You Are Told Love Is Hard Love Is Strong You Will Never Say That You Were Wrong I Don't Know When I Got Bitter But Love Is Surely Better When It's Gone"
  • Wanted - Vanessa Carlton
    "I have wandered, far and wide for something real, some thing to die for but I have found you, and you do not see All that is me, all that is true I am more than you will see, I am more than you will need, I"
  • Wanted - Pepper
    "If you let me have a taste, I'll probably keep this world from falling down I'm pulling on my E-brake, and when I turned around you were gone You made me fall in love again, I know it's no ones fault but"
  • Wanted - Magno
    "(*talking*) Yeah, you know how it is to be wanted When you doing your thang, these haters want ya The laws want ya, bitches want ya co-tail niggaz (Hook) My partnas taking shots at, haters sending cops"
  • Wanted - Beanie Sigel
    "Wanted, 100 miles and runnin' Through the rain and the sunnin, when them feed folks comin Keep your head up youngin', gotta keep ya heads up youngin' The streets'll give your head up youngin' Listen, flip"
  • Lady - Stryper
    "Verse 1 I see you standin' there, oh so fine I can't believe my eyes Girl, I just can't seem to make you mine No matter how hard I try Bridge 1 I've never wanted any one more than you Girl, I'm hopin'"
  • More Than Wanted - Vanessa Carlton
    "I have wandered far and wide For something real something to die for But I have found you and you do not see All that is me, all that is true And I am more than you will see And I am more than you"
  • Wanted - Compton's Most Wanted
    "Just like a prisoner, because I'm brown with some black skin A fugitive, running cause I just won't give in. and its hard when it's black on black. Gotta blast another brother trying to scheme on my stack. For"
  • More Than I Wanted - Jude
    "I heard nothing but the empty slap of words That was all I heard when you spoke to me I ... I ... I want you You asked me if I knew what a nipple was for Put me on the floor and then rape me to explore"
  • Never alone - Lady Antebellum
    "May the angels protect you Trouble neglect you And heaven accept you when its time to go home May you always have plenty The glass never empty Know in your belly You're never alone May your tears come"
  • More Than What I Wanted - CeCe Winans
    "I wasn't looking All the colors were gray It's hard to notice When You're out in the rain All of a sudden Colors are starting to change You brought the light Now the darkness is gone The search is over"
  • Wanted More - Cut Throat Britva
    "She came alone Inside her room I was the bride she was the groom But I can't make sense of anything She came alone Inside her head If not for me, then she'd be dead But I can't take credit for everything Wanted"
  • Lady - Carole King
    "If the thoughts in my head could reach a great distance And somehow get into your mind They'd tell you much more than all the words I could speak From now till the end of time Lady, now are you a lady Do"
  • Lady - Angelo Branduardi
    "ANGELO BRANDUARDI "fables and fantasies" Lady Lady I love thee Once sang all the minstrels On the greenbanks and meadows In high-windowed halls Nowadays the styles changed It's not the done thing Call"
  • Lady - Simply Red
    "Your indulgence of your freedom ignores me Your freedom to express your confusion shames all of us As if being a lady will make it easier By being a lady it will make love life clearer I hope that you"
  • Lady - Whitesnake
    "You've got a thing about us cocaine eyes You've got the heat baby dizzying lies With roses in her hair and a Devil may care attitude She never said she would stay by my side She only wanted to be"

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