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Lady antebellum patient with my live

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Lady antebellum patient with my live

  • Antebellum - Vienna Teng
    "In the fall, We circle through the leaves And talk about the little ones. And we smile, but never say too much. The moment always vanishing. One by one the neighbors' lights come on. Our October day is"
  • The Patient Patient - Val Emmich
    "My girlfriend cries as she explains to me "You know I love you but I've got to leave I can't be the company to your misery Nothing I say can change the way That you view life...as endless strife" I keep"
  • Patient - Andi Deris
    "(Strong education) I live now and today (Securitisation) I'm willing to pay (Future prosepects and expectations) Just spare the words you want to say (Your social order) Yeah I got to stand up (Ethical"
  • Patient Man - Dave Dudley
    "You always go away and do the things you wanna do I think you're tryin' to hurt me all you can You'll be working on that problem for a long long time You'll find that I'm a very patient man There are times"
  • Love Don't Live Here - Lady Antebellum
    "Well this heart of mine has been hardened like a stone It might take some time to get back what is gone But Im movin on and you dont haunt my dreams Like you did before oh when I would curse your name Well"
  • I Did With You - Lady Antebellum
    "I remember thinking 'bout forever Sitting there with you by the river We danced in the headlights And fell for the first time I remember telling you I loved you The Northern star rising above you And"
  • Please Be Patient With Me - Wilco
    "I should warn you, when I'm not well... I cant tell Oh there's nothin' I can do... to make this easier for you You're gonna need To be Patient with me I'm this apple, this happening stone... when I'm"
  • Lady D'Arbanville (Live) - Cat Stevens
    "My lady D'Arbanville, why do you sleep so still? I'll wake you tomorrow And you will be my fill, yes, you will be my fill My lady D'Arbanville, why does it grieve me so? But your heart seems so silent Why"
  • Something Better (ft. Lady Antebellum) - Audien
    "I never met you, but I know you're out there If I cross the oceans, would you be there? A stranger's eyes that somehow look familiar I know that when it's you, I'll remember Remember So wait for me,"
  • The Patient Ferris Wheel - The Gaslight Anthem
    "Not tonight, not tonight Honey I, am on fire I can't feel a single thing but the weight of the wires Cracking electric line Remember baby we were a stone And we would sleep where we've fallin' We would"
  • Favorite Patient - Cauterize
    "(Did you know youre my favourite.. ...Did you know youre my favourite patient!) Did you know youre my favourite Did you know youre my favourite patient here? Did you know that I need you Did you know that"
  • Patient Flees - Wire
    "Heartaches are anodised, mid-sentence accusations Turncoats and cutting throats, agreed at the inception The never, ever poison, starts with cash injection Improvise a compromise, cruel credit-card rejections Premonition,"
  • Patient 957 - Burnt By The Sun
    "Numbed to the bone. Shaken down. Can you feel the thickness of 24-hour days can you feel the world and your blood escalate can you feel your body from the neck up? You sink. These desperate needs call"
  • My Lovely Lady - Jimmy Buffett
    "When I pay my bills Gonna leave these Tennessee hills Take my lady to the sea That's where we both come from That's where we both belong Think I'll go back to the Keys. 'Cause I don't want the thing"
  • Lady - Brotherhood Of Man
    "Mmmm, I know that it's wrong with me To buy you hospitality But, baby, what else can I do? There's no other way to get through to you I just gotta set you free Out of this house of misery Lady Lady,"
  • Lady - Styx
    "(Dennis DeYoung) Lady, when you're with me I'm smiling Give me all your love Your hands build me up when I'm sinking Touch me and my troubles all fade Lady, from the moment I saw you Standing all alone You"
  • Lady - Angelo Branduardi
    "ANGELO BRANDUARDI "fables and fantasies" Lady Lady I love thee Once sang all the minstrels On the greenbanks and meadows In high-windowed halls Nowadays the styles changed It's not the done thing Call"
  • Lady - David Hasselhoff
    "Lady you're an angelfalling from the starslady love is waitingright here in my armslady lie beside melove me tonighttwo hearts found each otherone love can make it rightyes, two hearts are bound forevermy"
  • Lady - D'Angelo
    "CHORUS: You're my lady You're my lady You're my lady You're my lady Don't think I don't see them looking at ya All of them wishing they could have ya "
  • Lady - Commodores
    "Lady - you bring me up when I'm down, Maybe you're gonna change my life around. You came to me when I was lonely and no one cared. You made me see that I was only just runnin' scared. I saw your face"

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