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Lala la la
  • Teairra Mar Lala
    "La la La la (Track boys S dot) Lets go Ayo Teairra What's up girl Damn you looking incredible these days you know Are you still with ol' dude? I be seeing you out the ghetto But you know he can't do"
  • Vae Victis La dame du lac
    "Un jeune homme a l'allure sauvageJadis prophte et magicienSe promne le long du rivageDe l'tang o se joue son destinS'il rencontre la fe de ses rvesIl lui livrera tous ses secretsIl sait que l'entrevue"
  • Alan Stivell La Dame Du Lac
    "Not along the subway Not along the tow path Not inside the doorway Not beside the bar room Not beside the river Not beside the home fire Not beside your woman Not beside Your mother Out on the lake where"
  • Jade Valerie Uh Lala
    "Mr. Vain comes walking the club Thinks he's the guy that were all dreaming of Throwing looks like he's really got a shot Saying "Baby hey show me what ya got" Big time, yeah thinks he's big game Talking"
  • Elliott Smith LA
    "The gentleman's in the lane Spinning his hat on a cane Stepping out, out for a change Good morning all, it's a beautiful day The generals are winning the war Seemed suicidal before you came along Now,"
  • Green Velvet LaLa Land
    "I've been the one to party until the end Looking for the after party to begin I'm going down to La La Land I hope to see yaz soon in La La Land CHORUS Somethin bout those little pills unreal the thrills"
  • Nivea Ooh lala
    "(Hook 2x)Can U make the girl goBoy make the girl goCan u make the girl goOoh La La La La La(Dream)If they dont hate then u aint hotIf they dont hate then u aint hotIf they dont hate then u aint hot(Verse"
  • Yello Princess Lala
    "1:caris pettatori 2:cari spettatori 3:ladies and gentlemen 1:amitshi del variete 2:amici del varieta' 3:cabaret lovers 1:caror lissimo publiku 2:carissimo pubblico 3:distinguished audience 4:calorosissimo"
  • Rihanna That la la la
    "(whoa)La la la la lala (whoa)La la la la lala (whoa)La la la la lala (whoa) la (whoa) la (whoa) la (whoa) la You say the girls, they love you wild You look at my man with a funny smile Now I don't know,"
  • Infinite Mass La La Song
    "(feat. Pauline) La la lala la la la la, Oooh yeaaah La la lala la la la la La la lala la la la la La la lala la la la la Yo.. Uh.. Yeah... Huh!!! Waking up in the evening, facing up to the sealing look"
  • One Vo1ce No More (La La La)
    "One Voice: No more (la) Ohhhh Ohhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh Ohohh oh oh aww No More No More No more (La la la la la la la) You can kiss my (la la la la la la) No more (La la la la la la) I'm goin with my girls I"
  • All Star United La La Land
    "All Star United All Star United La La Land The question isn't whether it's true The question- "Is it working for you?" Marshmellow Skies And custardy pies And nothing's too hard to do They're five happy"
  • OT.TO La la lato
    "Zakłada włosy blond, sukienkę dotąd stądWygląda na to, że to lato I spoza czarnych szkieł już wyszukuje celWygląda na to, że to lato W bikini uzbrojona, zabójcza SupergirlPrzebiegła Superlala, znalazła"
  • Rod Stewart Ooh La La
    "(Ron Wood, Ronnie Lane) Poor old Granddad I laughed at all his words I thought he was a bitter man He spoke of women's ways They'll trap you, then they use you before you even know For love is blind and"
  • C-ute La la la shiawase no uta
    "Hey com'n baby Oh Yeah Let's Dance Usugeshou de machi ni de te Hazun de aruku Aa Watakushi no mikata da wa Haru wa Jiman no kono kuroi kami Soyokaze nabiku Aa Nandemo umaku yukisou Mushaburui Sekaijuu"
  • Mojinos Escozios La Invasi
    "(mojinos, mojinos, bieeen!) Una noche conoc una muchacha que era extranjera Le pagu quincemil pesetas y ella me quitó las penas Pasaron un par de horas y empec a tener cosquillas Me haba pegao la muchacha"
  • The Gipsys La Discoteca
    "La Discoteca lyrics (Refro) Vamo-nos a la discoteca Para bailar com todas esas chicas Vamo-nos a la discoteca Para bailar, para bailar. Estoy aqui com mis amigos Preparando-nos para salida Estamos aqui"
  • Claude Nougaro La Chanson
    "Celle qui entre par une oreilleTrouve l'autre fermeEt ressort par la boucheLa chansonCelle qui fait sa place au soleilDans l'ombre de nos cursEt que rien n'effaroucheLa chansonLa chanson, celle qui a la"
  • Fury In The Slaughterhouse La La La La La
    "she is one of those downtown rats living with mummy in a cheesy flat brother's in the army and daddy's pissed off but she forgets it all when she takes her clothes off I'll buy you flowers instead of"
  • September La La La (Never Give It Up)
    "Living inside and waiting for the night,Living it up when someone aganist the light,My body would go where music goes, where I can lose controlNever gonna give it up, I never wanna stopnever ever give"

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