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Lama in mai liwing rum

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Lama in mai liwing rum

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Lama in mai liwing rum
  • Noa Lama
    "Lyrics: Noa Music: Noa + Gil Dor He's so compassionate He's oh so kind All in peace, he says All in time He's wrapped in wisdom And wisdom he speaks So compassionate that I could freak Time"
  • Sons And Daughters Rama Lama
    "Listen On a blue antique night In early October His wavy brown hair Stuck wet to his shoulder And its click, click, click Go the heels of his feet Listen How long has it been since the boyfriend has"
  • Procol Harum A Rum Tale
    "She's fuddled my fancy, she's muddled me good I've taken to drinking, and given up food I'm buying an island, somewhere in the sun I'll hide from the natives, live only on rum I'm selling my memoirs,"
  • Everclear Lame
    "Then they came on me They dragged me from the bar Still wet from sweat and beer I bruised so prettily from men Blinded by their fear These men broke my back and made me lame Lame Lame Then she said to"
  • Seven Mary Three Lame
    "There's a tall mullato boy i know and he comes to every party, stands alone. In viewing them the rest, the corner of his glance, it gets so clear. He's not judging anyone. The way his arms float around"
  • Unwritten Law Lame
    "communication is where it breaks down humiliation is all that's left now apologetic, you say you're sorry you're pathetic, you won't be bothering me just like I told you before don't wanna see you knockin'"
  • Behemoth Lam
    "Children of technocracy invoke synthetic spirits Plastic crosses choke perspiring necks MAAT - I cast dices, but curtain of future is still hermetic closed Rise! Rise up my Soror, and you, my Father -"
  • Raf Mai
    "Perch vivere insieme rinunciare un po A quel che ci appartiene a volte dirsi no Il bene pi profondo la continuit rinascere ogni giorno Ogni giorno che verr Mai noi non saremo uguale mai Ma lottando"
  • Josh Groban Mai
    "Non guardarmi Non cercare di spiegare lo sapevo Che finiva prima o poi E solo ieri Che dicevi "quanto ti amo" Me era soltanto Una stato di agonia Non c'e cosa Piu illusoria dell'amore Non credi mai che Possa"
  • Phil Lynott Jamaican Rum
    "The woman she like to Rumba The woman she like Calypso The steel drums drive her crazy And she can't seem to say no She just can't seem to resist them, no She's been drinking Jamaican rum Dancing to the"
  • Philip Lynott Jamaican Rum
    "The woman she like to rumba The woman she like calypso The steel drums drive her crazy And she can't seem to say no She just can't seem to resist them, no She's been drinking jamaican rum Dancing to the"
  • Northstar Red Rum
    "(feat. Shacronz) (Intro: Mikey Jarrett Jr.) Ya know say Mikey there 'pon dem case, Northstar Ah, family, ya done know, ah For real, we ready for them, we nah ramp Ah, ah.. (Chorus: Mikey Jarrett Jr.) Red"
  • Ribkat Red Rum
    "Red... Rum (Laughter) Yeah man! Ribkat, JosyB, Jheat, lets go JosyB J-Heat 4 3 2 1 Sipping on that Red Rum, It'll leave your head numb, ya'll dont know about this one, so wont you come and get some. (2x) "
  • Popa Wu Red Rum
    "(Chorus: Buddha Monk) Babyface, here's the rum to get the party started Delta got the 4-4 and now we on guardin We walk with heat, ain't nothin sweat on the streets If you walk in the slum, you get caught"
  • Celly Cel Red Rum
    "Murder one, motherfuckers call it Re drum Doin' niggaz in and let them shells pile up From dumpin' on these niggas in my motherfuckin' face I breaks 'em off a taste of that Ciggety Cel and Spice Gettin'"
  • Esham Red Rum
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Time to get ill, my mic starts to kill Your head is falling apart, and I start"
  • A Shrine Lavatory Lama
    "A Shrine Li And Friends Lavatory Lama 'Cause of you I laid in my bed staring at you Watching when you off Well, yeah I'll try To work things out To turn around But if you won't care Then I won't care And"
  • Rammstein Dalai Lama
    "Ein Flugzeug liegt im Abendwind An Bord ist auch ein Mann mit Kind Sie sitzen sicher sitzen warm Und gehen so dem Schlaf ins Garn In drei Stunden sind sie da Zum Wiegenfeste der Mama Die Sicht ist gut"
  • Modwheelmood Delay Lama
    "Now you're safe, yes you're safe at least this time You're on it, you're on it can't you tell By the way that I look you in the eyes Sorry, are you worried? I am safe, yes I'm safe, some piece of mind"
  • RUN-DMC Kick The Frama Lama Lama
    "AUHHH! Yes yes y'all Off to the lagoon, so soon, my tune'll have room to go boom so I go to the ?pazoom? place where the bass in your face is never 'ternal Then I ran into my man the alligator"

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