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Lamour magica

  • Magica - Luca Dirisio
    "Che sia giorno o sia notte non cambier,E recupero forze e speranze, mi servir.Lascio a te le mie ricchezze, i miei debiti con Dio,Ma il tuo cuore adesso solo mio.PARLEMO alla luna stanotte, ci calmer,E"
  • Magica Follia - Mina
    "Magica follia magica follia, io sentirmi tua. Il tuo corpo nero e i suoi richiami e sentirti urlare che mi ami che mi ami a dispetto delle convenzioni perch la carne carne e vive solo d'emozioni. E sono"
  • Magica Europa - Gabry Ponte
    "Calida potioIntus moltiplicatioVerum et vinumCircum malefitiumFacinus malumCum attributioPrunum et cornumSanguineum subratioIuris preceptumElmal valutaPurissimum ferrumInvolucro vitaLabellum anulumUngula"
  • Magica-reprise - Dio
    "And the games still go on With a warning to the bishop from the pawn No one sees an angel till it smashes to the ground And then you run somewhere And leave it lying there Then on we sail Never thinking"
  • Viva Lamour - Roland Kaiser
    "Augen die Hnde auf deiner Haut du tanzt mit jedem eng und vertraut. Sie alle wollen dich heut' ganz allein fr sich. Jeder trinkt und versinkt in deinen meergrnen Augen. Heute Nacht ist jeder verrckt"
  • Dfaire lamour - Bruno Pelletier
    "J'me cogne aux murs de ma mmoireJ'me suis perdu l'angle de notre histoireDans le silence, j'ai appris quelque choseC'est qu'en amour y'a toujours des portes closesMais il va falloir que j'apprenne encoreUn"
  • Anderwelt (Laterna Magica) - E Nomine
    "geheimnisvoll sind mchtige sagen die berlieferungen aus alten tagen geschichten erzhlen voll fantasie vom ewigen leben und weisser magie und auch ein ort war dort genannt doch hat die zeit seinen namen"
  • Ca Cest Lamour - Tony Bennett
    "CAN YOU FIND IT IN YOUR HEART Tony Bennett I want your eyes to see my eyes I want your lips to touch my lips I want your love to be my love forever more Can you find it in your heart to forgive me I was"
  • Ode A LAmour - Abd Al Malik
    "Intro Il y eut temps où je faisais reproche à mon prochain Si sa vie n'était pas proche de la mienne Mais à présent mon c?ur accueille toute forme Il est un prairie pour les gazelles Un cloître pour les"
  • Una magica storia d'amore - Gigi D'Alessio
    "Sembri quasi caduta da un bianco telone di un cinema o da un noto giornale che parla di pubblicit io per starti vicino ho dovuto cambiare pellicola ma ti arrabbi dicendo che sono il tuo tipo a met una"
  • O est donc lamour - Bruno Pelletier
    "Toujours en cavaleDans ma tte je dballeMes vieux sentimentsCeux qui me plongent dans le noirJe te cherche pourtantEst-ce que tu m'entendsMais qu'est-ce qui ne va plusJ'ai le moral qui basculeJe t'en prie,"
  • Lamour Cest Comme Une Cigarette - Various
    "All Lucky kid, she's out there free Molly Runnin' free in N.Y.C. Pepper Bet she finds her folks All Like that Kate Mom and Dad All Right off the bat July Lucky duck, she got away Molly But we're gonna"
  • No Matter What - Magica
    "I'm not the one who sneaks into the night I'm not the one who's scared When things don't turn out right I'm not the one who's ready to resign At every twist and turn of fate, or the divine No, I won't"
  • Entangled - Magica
    "I'm bound to walk that hill On a deep and silent night of June, And hear the song of the Dyad Moon Along with my aching dreams Comes a strange desire And it seems my life is caught in a magic loom Because"
  • This Is Who I Am - Magica
    "I'm tired of all your caring words Your good intensions make me sick They just don't fit my way My entire life is in these chords You'd better listen when I speak And hear what I say 'Cause I am I And"
  • The Weight Of The World - Magica
    "I've wasted so much time Spilled so many tears But I'm still waiting by your side Waiting by your side Days and weeks went by Just holding your hand In a truth from which I could not hide But I know deep"
  • Energy For The Gods - Magica
    "Still I live my life in a shade of a mystery All I know proves false and vain All the science learned All the knowledge is for nothing But a truth you can't explain Feed on me, I've got Fuel for ages That"
  • Shallow Grave - Magica
    "You're dressed in black Moon slowly fades Behind the clouds that greater in Isn't that a tear I see Rolling on your skin? Isn't that fear? Your eyes betray the sin There is no one else around To hear"
  • I Remember A Day - Magica
    "Sometimes I get a strange feeling Like nothing I know matters to me A terrible truth somebody's concealing Unveils its cloak of mystery Like in a fairytale I was walking a fantasy land Say what you want"
  • Into Silence - Magica
    "My head On a pillow On a bed Like lead Where all has been tried And everything said With no feeling inside And no future ahead In this god-forsaken land In my life so second-hand I am chasing my thoughts"

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