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Last for chrismas

  • Chrismas wrapping - Spice Girls
    "Originał The WaitressesBah Hum.. No thats too strong!Cause it's my favorite holidayBut all this years been a busy blurDon't think I have the energyto add to my already mad rushjust because it is the season"
  • Take me home for chrismas - Debbie Gibson
    "VERSE 1: Christmas songs are playing, but not for me. Why does everything seem so out of place? Everyone thinks this is a merry time for all and to see the frozen tears upon my face. CHORUS: Someone take"
  • Chrismas time - Cliff Richard
    "The child is a king the caroller sing The old is past there's a new beginning. Dreams of Santa dreams of snow Fingers numb faces aglow it's - Christmas time mistletoe and wine Children singing Christian"
  • All I Want For Chrismas Is You - Sandy
    "I don't want a lot for chrismas There is just one thing I need I don't care about presents Underneath the Christmas tree I just want you for my own More than you could ever know Make my wish come true"
  • Best For Last - Adele
    "Wait, do you see my heart on my sleeve? It's been there for days on end and It's been waiting for you to open up Just you baby, come on now I'm trying to tell you just how I'd like to hear the words"
  • Last - Nasum
    "Your the last in line, it's time to meet your maker Your soulless rotting corpse now flesh for the undertaker What caused this subversive disaster? What went wrong with your life? All that now is left is"
  • Last - Gravity Kills
    "I'd tear my heart out for you Cross a mountain for you I'd give myself up for your sin Open up I'm falling in What I feel, what I give Take from me what I am It's the last day of you I watch the last"
  • Last - Kills Gravity
    "I'd tear my heart out for you Cross a mountain for you I'd give myself up for your sin Open up, I'm falling in Chorus: What I feel What I give Take from me What I am It's the last day of you I watched"
  • Last - Phideaux
    "Oh take me aback again, take me back again Just take me back again to that day, take me back again I still remember your face that day I still remember your voice, seemed to strange But I'm trying to"
  • Last - Keyshia Cole
    "Last night (last night) I couldn't even get an answer (Answer) I tried to call (I tried to call) But my pride wouldn't let me dial (dial, dial, dial) And I'm sitting here (sitting here) With this blank"
  • Last - Gratitude
    "Here we go again, beat and stuck up and spent and Saving for rent on our blood red homes, Cos a dream with no color, Well why even bother. And we know that it won't last, but we force it and force it,"
  • Last - Nine Inch Nails
    "gave up trying to figure out my head got lost along the way worn out from giving it up my soul i pissed it all away still stings these shattered nerves pigs we get what pigs deserve i'm going all the way"
  • Last - Slick Shoes
    "She holds his hand and stares off into space.All she knows now is how much things can change.It's not her fault.It's not her, no one is to blame.It's just that regret has a way of taunting you.I guess"
  • Last - High On Fire
    "And you crawled in the room with the serpent And they sucked from your body the poison Then the Cyclops arrived there to warn you And the Whore entered in to adore you Seems like life has dawned to fade"
  • Made For TV - Last Winter
    "Wake up, this is your last lullaby. Found out just what you're saying. Your friends have all been telling me. That they've always liked me better. You don't have to lie to me anymore. Because I already"
  • Not for me - Dolly Parton
    "Birds sing for everyone but me, for me it rains, and I can't hear the music for the pain, I see such happiness for some, but not for me. With love, I always try so hard to get it right. I find it gone"
  • For The Last Time - By Heart
    "Smile, suddenly you smile, you think I changed my mind But both my hands are tied Cry, once again you cry, like a wounded child Tonight has no surprise For the last time, I'm here For the last time, my"
  • Last Chance For Happiness - Porter Wagoner
    "Could you walk away and leave a man that's drowning And let the swirling water take his life And not even try to rescue him in his last chance of living Can you take your love from me knowing I could not"
  • For One Last Time - Kidbrother
    "The monkey on my back has a junkie on its back. Like an evil twin, lodged in the back of my head. I ought to stick around, but I'm getting out of town. I'll turn that kid of mine upside down again. Cause"
  • For The Last Time - Rory Gallagher
    "You've done me wrong, For the last time, You've sung your song, Now I'm going to sing mine, Out loud, so loud, Like the roaring sea. You've played around, For the last time, You've shown your claws, Now"

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