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  • Killa Kali - Celly Cel
    "(Talk) Good evening Welcome to channel 187 Murder 1 News Tonight we focus on the city of Vallejo in the state of California Where five black men were found dead at the water front From various gunshot"
  • Lost tape - Kali x Magiera
    "Skibiribam Skibiribam bom Bom Skibiribam Bom Skibiribam Bom Skibiribam bom Wołają na meni Kali Pierd bon ton na razie nie na fali, ale płynne na nią ziom porwę każdą małolatę, nawet za uszy idąc znam"
  • Killa Kali - Kottonmouth Kings
    "And the Beat goes "Blam" Sweet sunshine climate makes bomb.. smoke that crypto California we dippin through the west im fittin to blaze up the spot representin Killa Kali holdin it down for"
  • Mix Tape - Avenue Q
    "Kate Monster: Princeton. He likes me. I think he likes me. But does he 'like me' like me, Like I like him? Will we be friends, Or something more? I think he's interested, But I'm not sure. Come in! Princeton: Hiya,"
  • The Tape - Annuals
    "I'd like to know you as a promise kept well A ballast of incessant dispel A stone in the water, a stillness in time The peace that I'd left home to find What must I say to keep you all day, any day? What"
  • Tape you - N*E*R*D*
    "Babe For what Im about to ask Dont be ashamed I just love you girl Babe As time will surely pass Love shows it flame In my fuck you world Relax girl Sip some of my slurpee You dont have to lie to me Its"
  • Warm Tape - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Shiver for me, girl Deliver for me, my darling Pushing up to you A river that runs right through you Swim for your smile in a blue rock quarry Make it for me, baby, you won't be sorry Shiver for me now Deliver"
  • Kali Kings - opm
    "I come form the West Coast small town south side Born in OC grew up in 805 Flew the nest and ended up in LA Still a villin' still chillin' still smokin' on the challis They're like dogs in this place Other"
  • Kali kali - Kali
    "1. Gdy wypluwam z siebie słowa znika bon ton Kali F.I.R.M.A. a nie Sean Paul Zapnij pasy bo latam wyżej niż Concorde Dla prawdziwych wita , dla łaków homonto By odnaleźć mnie człowieku zbędny Tom Tom Jak"
  • Tape From California - Phil Ochs
    "E Who's that coming down the road D A A sailor from the sea D F#m He looks a lot like me E G E I'd know him anywhere, had to stare Feathers"
  • Screwed Up Tape - South Park
    "Ma, I'm sorry for the things I did And god, thanks for all the times you let me live I should of been dead a long time ago Should of been me and not Wero Foot on the pedal while I race to the hood Go to"
  • Screwed Up Tape - South Park Mexican
    "Ma, I'm sorry for the things I did And god thanks for all the times you let me live I should of been dead a long time ago Should of been me and not Guero Foot on the pedal while I race to the hood Go to"
  • Killa Tape Intro - 50 Cent
    "New York City... You are now rockin with 50 cent.. Are you ready? I said are you ready? See you wit me nigga? DROP DEAD. Paid for a hooptie but I wanted a drop "G UNIT" "Somthin new" I'm not that"
  • Duct Tape My Heart - Freezepop
    "i was feeling sad and lonely and my heart was torn in 2 i went out to see a show that's the night that i met you you're so dreamy, you're so sweet swept completely off my feet you duct-taped my heart"
  • Kali - Mr. Shadow
    "{Mr. Shadow} Yeah, hehe Bow wow wow Mr. Shadow and my diggidy dawg Droopy Check it To all my bald headed criminals breaking the penal codes Rollin' hella deep, when we creep in them Lo-Lo's Locos, jotos,"
  • Killa Tape Intro (Dirty) - 50 Cent
    "New York City..... You are now rockin wit 50 cent... Are you ready? I said are you ready? See you wit me nigga? DROP DEAD (Paid for a hoopty but i wanted a drop) "G UNIT" "Somethin new" im not that nigga"
  • The Mix Tape Messiah Walks - Chamillionaire
    "Color Changin Click. Chamillionaire Baby. You In The Presence Of The Finest Dj Smallz Lets Southern Smoke Em Again. They Aint Ready No Singing This Time. G-yeah G-yeah They Tellin Me Flip Signed And"
  • DUCHOWA WILLA (feat. Ganja Mafia, cuty Dj Kali) - Kali Gibbs
    "Od lat szukałem gruntu solidnego jak Olimp pod dom pełen mistycyzmu i harmonii jak Shaolin gdzie bez muru, strażników i broni zbudowalibyśmy willę pracą naszych dłoni, własnym pomysłem i stylem, ale to"
  • If I Had $1000000 - (yellow tape version) - Barenaked Ladies
    "Barenaked Ladies Shoe Box EP If I Had $1000000 - (yellow tape version) Words and Music by Steven Page & Ed Robertson If I Had $1000000 (If I Had $1000000) I'd buy you a house (I would buy you a house) If"
  • Red Tape - Circle Jerks
    "red tape I can see can't you see? red tape do in to you do in to me red tape bureaucrasie & bourgeoisie red tape killing you killing me tax this tax that tax this taxthat no more red tape I can see"

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