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Last winter

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Last winter

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Last winter
  • Ryan Cabrera Last Winter
    "Last winter, on the coldest day, people gathered 'round, I heard what you said behind me, now I'm here looking for another way now, I'm standing for an angel to take me away, oh how I feel you've woke"
  • Lucky 7 Last Winter
    "Had a dream of you last night of sometime in late December. Past midnight we stared at the moonlight. Kissed and wrote these words in the fallen snow. I will, I'll be yours, today, forever. And I will"
  • Garden Variety Winter
    "--------- I'm afraid of summer because I can't take the heat It goes on forever collecting in the street If I could write a love song I'd sing it in the cold In the days of winter as pure as fallen snow Don't"
  • The Dodos Winter
    "I know if I'll make it through this winter without you by my side I waited for you so long while I traveled far and wide Convinced myself there's no one better, so how could I deny Your love, it's like"
  • Plastic Hotels Winter
    "Cedars covered in snow I was a younger man then Rest as the wind blows You are one with the stars As the moon lights the way to where you are Where you are I will never forget the last words you spoke Something"
  • Beborn Beton Winter
    "The feelings that we shared Are now living seperate lives It seems to be not in our hands To make a change, to keep us from decline I hardly recall your face, your lips Although I should know A voice"
  • K's Choice Winter
    "You're crying but as long as it's transparent and not red there's no real reason to be sad to the people who are smiling, always happy, always gay they do not know that the egdes of the mouth can move"
  • Bayside Winter
    "When Winter falls Next year, I'll be holding on To anything nailed down As for being patient, with fate and all, it's getting old. And my mind is slowly changing I'm calling all my oldest friends, Saying"
  • Cales The Last Winter Dance
    "... Winter came suddenly Without mercy it set its icy hungry teeth In our necks. Heads of noble birds swimming on the water surface Flew to thousands of parts just before it froze As if struck by"
  • Red Sea Last Days Of Winter
    "He spent a fortune chasing dreams In the springtime of his days And when the seasons crawled Summers passed to fall And when they're gone it's gone for good How long has he waited To walk in the light? The"
  • Bob Catley Last Snows Of Winter
    "I sit here with my pictures of you Memories from our past Hoping that the pain will end at last It only seems a moment ago I heard you laugh so clear I turn around to find there's no one here Last snows"
  • Planes Mistaken For Stars The Last Winter Dance Party
    "and these walls, they whisper and these walls, they taunt and they mock and these walls, they whisper and these walls, they taunt and they mock and they say "old man, pack it in, you can't stay here, but"
  • Mia Doi Todd The Last Night of Winter
    "Thanks for your letter. It made me feel better. I was down, And it gave me a lift; appeared the Goodyear blimp. The tree out your window is covered in pink snow. You put a few blossoms in the envelope."
  • Kangta Last Winter - My First Story
    "o neul ah chim eh chang pak keu ro deul ri neun pit so ri eh cham ee ggaet ta han doong an neu ggi chi mot haett teon wi ro oom ee oo seup chi man yoo chi ha chi man geu raet ta pi ga noon ee dwi eo nae"
  • Caesars Winter song
    "The Wind is freezin all around Dirty snow keeps falling down Im still here and you are gone The city is cold and winter has come Ooh gone ooh gone all winter long Ooh gone ooh gone all winter long Im running"
  • Legenda Winter Night
    "Cold wintry night drops of snow from the sky Last rays of light wipe the silvery ice The cold winter night wading in the drifts so high The cold winter night frost shines in my eyes Cold wintry dawn"
  • Ringo Starr Winter Wonderland
  • Paradigma Come Winter
    "...The soughing of the wind The thunder of the avalanches The roar of the waterfalls The howling of the wolves... Come winter, cold and frosty Hold me firmly in your vice With majestic force you hold This"
  • The Underdog Project Winter jam
    "(Hey-yeah, winter jam) (Hey-yeah) (Hey-yeah, as much as we can) (Hey-yeah, winter jam) Moonlight we spend lifetime together feeling so right let's make it last forever and I'll hold you tight it's such"
  • Constancy Come Winter
    "The scent on the ground here is rain Driving with the windows down one season too late Apathetic, just wasting time watching the leaves as they float by And the last of the group courageous and colorful,"

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