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Laughing loud dj mad dog

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Laughing loud dj mad dog

  • Mad Dog - Deep Purple
    "don't look too long in my face it could be a big mistake i'm hanging on a thread so fine i need a little space i shouldn't say but i know i must i've had enough of pain i'm pissed off standing in the rain it"
  • Laughing Out Loud - As Friends Rust
    "Sometimes I'd like to know the insides of my wrists. Sometimes I'd like to do what does not happen after this. It's crazy, but it seems that I do nothing but let down. I'm not doing any good. The me you"
  • Laughing Out Loud - The Wallflowers
    "Man, you oughta finish what you've started You can't leave me here alive Well I know it started as a fist fight But you've got me covered up in hives I don't need an invitation The best peach is at the"
  • Mad Dog - Yngwie Malmsteen
    "Ever since that day I met you Well I just knew You must be mad But that's okay Cause I've been thinking And I've had worse It ain't that bad But now it has reached Another level A lesser man would be"
  • Mad Dog - Catherine Wheel
    "Keep it sweet Florist of dreams A tangerine You're burning up The forest of love You're tangled up You're a weird child Like your dad was You're a bee sting You're a mad dog You're a fierce soul In your"
  • Mad Dog - John Entwistle
    "You're in trouble Big trouble Judy's boyfriend got out today When he was in jail you took his girl away When he gets back you're gonna have to pay him double You'd better worry Or you'll be sorry He's"
  • Mad dog - America
    "Through the darkness I see you againWatch my temperature riseCan't believe my eyes, don't tell meI've had way too much tonightDrank the potion stronger than meGot me all confusedWhy you so amused, don't"
  • Mad Dog - Elastica
    "Don't need a credit card to make my charge complete Don't want you on your back I just got on my feet Don't want the same boy another time Don't bother making love don't want to make you mine Don't need"
  • Loud - Sammy Hagar
    "Yeah Sixteen, I found my dream machine Turn the key and every light turn green Like Steve McQueen, I made a motor scream And it was LOUD, yeah Me and the boys would drive around We search the dial until"
  • Mad Dog World - Bloodgood
    "If you bark and bare your teeth If you foam at the mouth you got company The race is on to rule the streets 'Cause it's a mad dog world We're all unleashed tooth and nail Fightin' over a bone only to"
  • Dog - Sly & The Family Stone
    "The purr of a tame house cat The smile of a Miss Congenial The worth of a poison rat This at last The nerve of you The nerve of you You treat me like a fool Tryin' to make me blow my cool You think you"
  • Everybodies Laughing - Alex Lloyd
    "white wash the whole world down while I stand on peaceful ground with you my faith entrusted in your soul sun sets on a rainy day well good bad will come what may with me and I want to give and I oh"
  • Laughing Matters - Bette Midler
    "Live at Five and CNN keep us all abreast of breaking stories that can tend to make us anxious and depressed. Problems with no answers hang on like some chronic cough. And every day some brand new issue rears"
  • Die Laughing - Nik Kershaw
    "He's the wasp in the jam, he's the dad at the party The trash in the beauty spot He's the cloud in the sky, he's the fly in the ointment The nail in the parking lot Let's give the man a hug then put him"
  • Big Dog - Rolf Harris
    "This great big wolf hound's standing staring at me, Licking his chops and weighing me up for tea. I'm a guy who don't scare easily. That's the truth, cor, look at that tooth, And he's just standing, slobbering"
  • Mad Dog 20/20 - Teenage Fanclub
    "If I could ask you how you feel Would you reply or produce a shield? Such a long time Been drinking this wine That I don't know And all my friends keep telling me That you can't drink or get drunk for"
  • Mad Dog God Dam - Elastica
    "Don't need a credit card to make my charge complete Don't want you on your back I just got on my feet Don't want the same boy another time Don't bother making love don't want to make you mine Don't need"
  • Dog Baby - Tim Dog
    "Huh...yeah... Comin back with that East Coast flavor... 1994...yeah... Mista Busta, where you at? Can't scrap a lick, hey yo those rhymes is whack You need to keep yo corny ass at makin beef You be soundin"
  • Dog - Daniel Cirera
    "Don't wanna be a guy Who gets a dog at 25 To cure my loneliness From the girl I thought I had And in a fucked up state In different world in a far out place I made a huge mistake And I fell in love And"
  • Laughing river - Greg Brown
    "I'm goin away,'cause I gotta busted heart.I'm leavin' today,if my TravelAll will start.And I recken where I'm headed,I might need me different clothes--way up in Michigan,where the Laughing River flows.Twenty"

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