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Lawa lawa lawa love love love

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Lawa lawa lawa love love love

  • Lawa - Republika
    "Z telewizorów płynie lawaz głośników na ulicy lawai przez drukarnie lawalawa... la-la-lawalawa... la-la-lawaidziesz ulicą - płynie lawai lawa wszystkich już doganiadogoni ciebie zarazwulkany plują swoją"
  • Laws Against Love - Vain
    "All it took was just one look and I was sold I was sold Your skin it's up against mine now About to explode about to explode Now it was more than just another night And will we feel the love in the morning"
  • Lawa - Ma
    "Cała lawą krwi co we mnie Rozpalona aż po biel Każdą myślą, krzykiem, szeptem Całym głodem, w którym tkwię Ociemniałych myśli błyskiem Czarną dziurą pustych rąk Ogniem, lawą, wodą, wszystkim Co pod skórą"
  • John Law - Dropkick Murphys
    "Now let me tell you about a man named John Law He's a neighborhood cop the toughest man I ever saw A man who knows his duty, a man with a gun To the people in the neighborhood John Law is number one Freeze,"
  • Man's Law - Action
    "Your lord ain't my shepherd I won't follow like no fool Adherent to the policies of a dog eared book of rule Reject the notion we are judged On every action every choice For it means we're but machines, Stripped"
  • Murphy's Law - Roisin Murphy
    "I feel my story still untold but I make my own happy ending I guess, I’d rather be alone than making what they demanding I feel maybe I overgrow whole this town I see you almost every day and every time"
  • Crowley's Law - Death SS
    "He was called the wickedest man in the world the Great Beast of Hell incarned on earth. He spent all his life studying ancient cults and cursing the God in whose faith he was born Unrecognized genius"
  • Natural Law - Horse
    "(McAlinden) Under the mantle of the stars, By the slow waves of the sea, On a bank of sand we fell Like fruit from a laden tree. And in the morning, with the clean slate of day, You're the warm thought"
  • Law Brekaz - Soulja Slim
    "This for the CarJackaz Kidnappaz Murderaz And burglaraz Law Breakaz Money takers That be armed and dangerous It's Mandatory That TRU niggas get all the Glory Realistic stories We're not insinuatin Trying"
  • Laws Patrolling - Mike Jones
    "(feat. CJ, Lil' Bran, Mellow) Who?! Mike Jones [3x] Shyeah! Keep ya eyes open For them jackers, baby It's going down Even though the laws patrolling Them jackers is rolling So the gat im holding Cause"
  • The Law - Killah Priest
    "A wise man will hear and increase learnings And a man of understanding will obtain wise council To understand a proverb individually The words of the wise and the riddles The fear of the Lord is the beginning"
  • Murray's Law - Murs
    "(Murs) And I'm the four-letter word that you don't bleep out Got a question for you rappers rollin wit'cha heats out Is this really where you wanna be when Jesus come back? Lyin 'bout your life, over beats"
  • Love Is The Law - The Sheer
    "So suddenly you are in space and time Open your heart and don't be so blind Listen to love You don't even know what you mean to me The life that I knew means nothing to me, now (Chorus) Everyday brings"
  • Love Is The Law - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
    "I'll play the fool To you straight man You play it cool You say you understand Say that again And try to mean it, my friend You see the world From your deck chair Your head in sand But what do you care Champagne"
  • Love became the law - Ten
    "Its you that I adoreHow could I count the ways?For I have found with youA love so pure and trueThat nothing breaks the fallWell maybe Im in aweJust maybe Im amazedWhen every road I chooseBegins and ends"
  • The Law Of Love - Hank Snow
    "Written and Recorded by Hank Snow The Law Of Love has ruled again, dear, You said goodbye and went your way. In chains of sorrow you have bound me, I'm a prisoner of your love today. You said your mind"
  • Love Is Like Clock Law - Gary Numan
    "This heart is empty I've barely hidden memories I've found a picture that haunts me again I've no sad expression I've no tears in my eyes But I am the clown who forgot how to laugh I wonder, does she"
  • Love Is The Only Law - Ziggy Marley
    "Look who's dancing Look who's dancing Look who's dancing now Look who's dancing Oh look who's dancing Look who's dancing now Well, first the dance floor Was like a forbidden land Where people would never"
  • Laws Of Salvation - Hot Chip
    "Let the laws of salvation set love free Lord let love be Let the laws of salvation open me Lord let love be Let the laws of salvation open me Lord let love be Let the laws of salvation i'm set free Lord"
  • Outside The Law - Randle Chowning Band
    "(TWIN GUITARS SOLO INTRO) livin' outside the law life don't matter at all better get a gun, start packin' it around before some policeman shoots you down.... livin' outside the law life don't matter"

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