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Lay dawn besides me

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Lay dawn besides me

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Lay dawn besides me
  • Melanie Garside Besides
    "i can see you back where we were with your eyes cast close and your long dark curls as we lay down under the sun i was right beside you and we knew our day had to end but we jumped in deep and we took"
  • Inspiral Carpets Besides Me
    "I'm too tired to listen to anything you say When I see you tomorrow, I will have the sense to say Too much You always say too much (X3) I AM MOVING ON, I AM PASSING BY I AM MOVING ON, YOU ARE RIGHT BESIDES I"
  • Inspirial Carpets Besides me
    "I am too tired to listen to anything you say When I see you tomorrow, I will have the sense to stay Too much, you always say too much, you always say too much, you always say too much I am moving on, I"
  • Barry Manilow Stay (Besides Me)
    "Do you remember how we used to be Before we lost the dream of you and me From the very start you took my breath away So tonight let's bring back yesterday Darlin' stay Why don't you be with me tonight"
  • Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons Dawn
    "Dawn, go away I'm no good for you Oh, Dawn, stay with him he'll be good to you Hang on, Hang on to him Think, what a big man he'll be Think, all the places you'll see Now think what the future would be with"
  • Warmen Dawn
    "You think your life is gone. There is no reason to be. Thinking all the time that same thing: "What am I doing here?" Stop thinking like that! Get yourself together Or I shall kick that shit out of you! It's"
  • ALTERS Dawn
    "I feel the scent od dawn Your skin drives me insane I begged you not to come Now I'm begging you to stay I know they'll come for us My mind starts to fade I begged you not to come But you were not afraid I"
  • Injected Dawn
    "she threw me away, yesterday her deadbolt locks i feel no shame she always wondered if i'd bend of if i'd break you wanna disappear from here? til daylight comes we'll have no fear. you pick the place,"
  • New Model Army Dawn
    "I get so angry and helpless There's no way back from this spiral Something always has to give And nothing is given for nothing The drug is in my veins now Your life is your own for the taking My body"
  • Bif Naked Dawn
    "she's dawning on me she's dawning on me she's dawning on me for you, i'm a good for nothing woman red lips red leaves fall on my knees like autumn i miss cigarettes every single day of my life when you"
  • Stabbing Westward Dawn
    "--This one, as far as I know is their only non-lp song on a soundtrack This is from the Escape From LA soundtrack -- My angel my reluctant whore Decided you can take no more So let's fuck until we"
  • Smilin Liar Dawn
    "Hey here I stand and cry now would you laugh at me. Hate, I can feel those eyes they look inside of me. Pain, if you like what you find then would you f**k with me. Hey never ever forget. Hey, dont you"
  • Avalanch Dawn
    "Maybe this time You will understand The reason I wrote for you this song I need to sing it out now My heart isn't made of stone It has not forgotten Still thinks of thee Speaks to me all the time It tells"
  • Portugal. The Man Dawn
    "Because its safe at the bottom this lake we know what your gonna do when you get there sit down and listen We built that cold hearted fool and on that shit he made money motives lost in a heap because"
  • Promoe Dawn
    ""Somewhere a new baby's born/ could there be somewhere a new day be dawned/ Promoe kicks rhymes with an amazing form/ despite the hate and scorn and the crazy norm/ I praise the morn, the light at the"
  • Looptroop Dawn
    "Somewhere a new babys born/could there be somewhere a new day be dawned/Promoe kicks rhymes with an amazing form/despite the hate and scorn and the crazy norm/I praise the morn, the light at the end of"
  • Atrox Lay
    "You know you should lay your ghosts, but you've become used to them. You make your bed at eve, stretch ghosts over the mattress, let the insane bed tuck up your dunes, hide your dreams under the pillow. "You"
  • Kid Rock Lay It On Me
    "Lay it on me Cowboy baby You know my credits Don't ask if it's true Fuck it I said it Regret It Never Pimpin' Forever Pull more hoe's than a free cash lever So you better never Question the clever clever I'll"
  • Before The Dawn Black Dawn
    "Words unspoken And plans left undone Thoughts so dark to share with someone Eyes deceive And words mislead Hardly an open book for you to read Read between the lines See behind my eyes Touch something"
  • Bang Break of Dawn
    "Bang! Miscellaneous Break of Dawn As the seconds run When the sun is rising high Across the lonely morning sky Will you be there? Lay the demons down to rest Feel the warmth of my caress As I slowly fall"

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