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Lay down with me tlumaczenie na polski

  • Lay Down - Strawbs
    "Lay down, I lay me down Lay down, I lay me down Lay down, I lay me down For my soul. By still waters I lay down with the lambs In pastures green I made peace with my soul And I cared not for the night While"
  • Lay Down - Charly McClain
    "(Ronny Scaife/Danny Hogan) Lord, you know you make it easy & I see how hard you try Pretending everything is all right & I can see it in your eyes Boy I never meant to go wrong & this is hard for"
  • Lay Down - Priestess
    "Lay down, sleep my little darling I'll be nothing when you're gone Lay down just like in a coffin Then I'll have nothing but a song "
  • Lay Down - Flangers
    "Right up California Wish I could be with you know But I know you're so far away, far away I try out some meditation Guess it's a lack of affection but I feel you slowly fade away fade away I wish you"
  • Lay Down - West Indian Girl
    "Lay down imagine and it will be All you are you'll see People thought they knew But your spirit grew Dance with me...time follows I'm so high I can't sleep I'm so high I can't speak I'm so high with you Maybe"
  • Lay Down - Obie Trice
    "Here we go You could get popped; it's a possibility up in my vicinity Poppin off with that hostile energy In a hospital with a doctor getting in When adrenaline is mixed with an obnoxious temperament Honestly"
  • Lay Me Down - Pixie Lott
    "You see me howling at the Moon, It's what you thought me to do! I'm chasing stars just to get back closer to you! You see the ashes by the fire The only life that I knew I touched the flame just to get"
  • Lay Me Down - Ashley MacIsaac
    "I never thought I could feel this way I never thought love could be true For someone so independent, then along came, along came you Chorus And in the evening, I lay me down, I lay me down, I lay me"
  • Lay Me Down - Suziquatro
    "(Quatro/Tuckey) You're so good You're pushin' for the insight You're waiting for the right time Should I go Whooah You're so fine You take away the lonely You are the one and only Who understands how"
  • Lay Me Down - Lisa Stansfield
    "He's warmer than the radiator Sweeter than caramel The way he weaves his madness And it puts me in a spell He twists me 'round his finger And I enjoy it so Hold me in his tender arms And never let me go He'll"
  • Lay Me Down - Alice In Videoland
    "Want you here with me, next to me, in my bed That's all I want from you, I don't want you to fuck with my head Let me lay with you, play with you, do what I say Want you now but I sure as hell don't need"
  • Lay me down - Suzi Quatro
    "You're so goodYou're pushin' for the insightYou're waiting for the right timeShould I go WhooahYou're so fineYou take away the lonelyYou are the one and onlyWho understands how I need it tonightStay with"
  • Lay Me Down - Hanson
    "I'll never walk away from this I'll pull you closely to my chest With a father's breaking heart I'll walk you one last time into the dark There are no reasons to explain A silent killer bears no blame There"
  • Lay Me Down - Rhodes Happy
    "Take the sun away Bloom no flower Call the voices off Send the angels to shelter The dark rolls in Lay me down Encompass me With violets Where there was hope Let there now be sorrow Let no sparrow sing Light"
  • Lay Me Down - The Frames
    "I will write you letters that Explain the way I'm thinking now I, I will return to you What I have taken long before I, I will return again When it gets dark and day is done And lay me down In the hollowed"
  • Lay Me Down - Donna Lewis
    "In this dark corner there is light understanding what lies beyond is not to be afraid but to look forward to another life full of light and colour happy at last Nothing left to hide away nothing left"
  • Lay me down - Badfinger
    "Need your lovingneed your lovingneed your lovingit's everything to me X 2Take me high take me lowshow me anything that you knowbut tonight little lover lay me downMake me laugh make me cry tell me how"
  • Lay me down - Barry Manilow
    "Got dust on my piano And dishes in the sink Your side of the bed is cold I haven't slept a wink So I read your goodbye letter To the face inside my drink Lay me down and roll me out to sea Got your"
  • Lay me down - Alice In Wideoland
    "Want you here with me, next to me, in my bedThat's all I want from you, I don't want you to fuck with my headLet me lay with you, play with you, do what I sayWant you now but I sure as hell don't need"
  • Lay Me Down - Sam Smith
    "Yes I do, I believe That one day I will be, where I was Right there, right next to you And it's hard, the days just seem so dark The moon, the stars are nothing without you Your touch, your skin, where"

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