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  • OPUS DEI - Kobik
    "Utwór „OPUS DEI” pochodzi z albumu „OPUS DEI” Kobika – premiera 15 maj 2019 roku."
  • Hopeless Opus - Imagine Dragons
    "Hey, Mr. Cage Man Let me get a fresh breath Cherry bomb, head strong I could fake my own death Hey, Mr. Fate Man Shuffle me a ninth life I've been wrong, go long Throwing me a sharp right It's not a"
  • Opus 40 - Mercury Rev
    "Well she tossed all night like a raging sea woke up and climbed from the suicide machine with her Spanish candles and her Persian poems struck on the rocks and sighed Opus 40 stoned And scratching her"
  • Opus Tenebrarum - Samsas Traum
    "Mitten in der Nacht schrie ein Traum aus Leben, und der Geist Gottes schwebte ber dem Wasser. Die blassen Hnde des Daseins griffen verzweifelt nach der Vision, ihr fahles Fleisch lste sich von den Knochen. Und"
  • Opus 4 - Art Of Noise
    "No sun, dusk, no sun, No sun, dusk, no sun, No sun, dusk, no sun, No sun, dusk, no sun, No sun, dusk, no sun, No sun, no morn, dusk, no sun, no moon No sun, no morn, dusk, no sun, no moon No sun,"
  • Opus insert - Kansas
    "There's a reason for all that rhymes, it's the fact and the way of the times It's moving emotion, it's high and it's low, no matter where you go There is something for all who look, there's a story in"
  • Opus Relinque - Tristania
    "Challenge my own world to chaos Thoughts to mind becomes my arch enemies Skin to teeth...visions appears to me in red Scouring my wounds with your spit Down in apathy which is growing Once dragged down"
  • Opus Dei - Agonoize
    "Schlag zu ich hr mich selber schrein Schlag zu wasch mich von Snde rein Schlag zu wie beim ersten Mal Schlag zu ganz ohne Schrei... Schlag zu ich bin zu allem bereit Ich wrde alles tun, damit"
  • Recovery Opus - Nightingale
    "I don't know why I feel this way Whatever happened to yesterday And the voices left without a grace Maybe I was going insane? I guess it was all an illusion Based upon my living I am raised upon"
  • Opus Noctis - Gardens Of Gehenna
    "(lyrics by Birgit Lages / Uli Bauer) l'ombra della notte circonda la materia della terra I corvi fanni grandi cerchi sapra dimenticati nell'passato. posti, dore fuerrieri sono diventati eroi e la spade"
  • Opus dei - Laibach
    "When we all give the powerWe all give the bestEvery minute in the hourWe don't think about the restAnd we all get the powerWe all get the bestWhen everyone gives everythingThen everyone everything will"
  • Opus 17 - Frankie Valli
    "(Don't Worry Bout Me)Oh I can see there ain't no room for meYou're only holding out your heart in sympathyIf there's another man, then girl I understandGo on and take his hand and don't you worry bout"
  • Opus insert - Lady Sovereign
    "There's a Reason For All That Rhymes, It's the Fact and the WayOf the TimesIt's Moving Emotion, It's High and It's Low, no Matter Where YouGoThere Is Something For All Who Look, There's a Story in EveryBookAll"
  • Opus Nocturne - Marduk
    "Night sprout up through the pale weakness of the day Choked is the warmth and it's feeble loving light Why my heart it pounds? Is it you my dark mistress say? Worship you I do and you me newer fail on"
  • Opus Dei - Smutny
    "nie, nie te błędy torowały mi drogę przez biedy ja wiem nie wiem jak twoje słowo miało uczynić mnie lepszym dawno odstawiłem leki potrzebuje terapeuty bo jestes ponoc tak wieli i miłosierny pyto powiedz"
  • The Otherly Opus - Joy Electric
    "Clusters spring from the mounds Assembled acorns form shapes of crowns All the fair folks sing Unto the wise who know to listen Sleeping creatures revive Woke by the faintest pinch of the pines My own"
  • Opus For 4 - Art Of Noise
    "Art Of Noise Miscellaneous Opus For 4 No sun - no moon! No morn - no noon - No dawn - no dusk - no proper time of day - No sky - no earthly view - No distance looking blue - No"
  • 44 Magnum opus - Exodus
    "Can't withhold my anger won't control my rage My bloodlust will be sated I'm locked and loaded ready to engage Kill everything I've always hated A motherfuking Van Gogh with a gun About to paint his masterpiece Blow"
  • The Final Opus - Meadows End
    "500 years ago, at the withering meadows end. A prophecy was told that the saviour wont be... ...Saved! I cant deny I am suffering through my body and my soul. The primordial powers has shattered the"
  • 44 Magnum Opus - Exodus
    "Can't withhold my anger Won't control my rage My bloodlust will be sated I'm locked and loaded and ready to engage Killing everything I've ever hated A motherf**king Van Gogh with a gun About to paint"

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