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Le It Go

  • Le Machine - Taylor Big
    "I got a little gal with an appetite, She's got me half-scared to go home at night; I never seen a woman so hard to please. She got me worn out got me weak in my knees, I can't take my rest, she won't let"
  • Le - Ryszard Rynkowski
    "Leżę sobie, nic nie robię, Chłodne piwko jak w piosence, Pije sobie, może jest troszkę wstyd... Lecz nie robię nic! Leżę sobie, liczę chmury Lub na łóżku z baldachimem Robię bzdury, taki program Mam na"
  • Le - Golec uOrkiestra
  • Le - Jarecki
    "Nie nie chce mi się nic robić dziś jesienny liść upadł na prapet we mgle leń co to za zamułka szary dzień się zaczyna a pamiętam jeszcze senny cyrk na kółkach sklejone oko wtopione w poduszke tak ponury"
  • Le Ballet D'or - Counting Crows
    "Wasted time running scaredWhen all a love needs is to be believed inAll those Springs come and gonePast like trains and boxcars leavingBut I would be lyingIf I didn't tell you the truthThey will leave"
  • Le Temps D - Bel Canto
    "Bel Canto Shimmering, Warm & Bright Le Temps Dgagn (the Sky Is Clear) prsent, oui, juste l'instant Le temps dgag Mes yeux las sont ferms En regardant les tout petits points Je m'assoupis, m'assoupis ça,"
  • Le Temps D - Bel Canto
    "prsent, oui, juste l'instant Le temps dgag Mes yeux las sont ferms En regardant les tout petits points Je m'assoupis, m'assoupis a, c'est la folie; ne pas dormir de la nuit Now, yes, right now The sky"
  • Trompe Le Monde - Pixies
    "Why do cupids and angels Continually haunt her dreams Like memories of another life Is painted on her shirt in capital Out on the free free way There's only she an the they Represented by the lights"
  • Trompe le monde - The Pixies
    "Why do cupids and angels continually haunt her dreams like memories of another life is painted on her shirt in capital out on the free free way there's only she an the they represented by the lights we"
  • Le Pain Perdu - Cibo Matto
    "The sunshine, too light The ocean, too wide I'm sick of your clich?br> The sky is kind Love is blind You can't let go of the lost pain You're in the maze Spending every day I'm in the haze I want the getaway You're"
  • Le it bleed - The Rolling Stones
    "Well, we all need someone we can lean on And if you want it, you can lean on me Yeah, we all need someone we can lean on And if you want it, you can lean on me She said, "My breasts, they will always"
  • Le Le Low - Hot Hot Heat
    "Mediocrity's got me so opportunities have been slow. Sentiment has got me feeling low. My left back speaker's blown. Left the radio on. Who left the door unlocked? Now my hit's stolen. Where's all your"
  • Go Away - Go Betty Go
    "Nothing you say or you do Matters when I'm with you, I think about it all the time And realize it's not right. I saw you, you saw me Pretend you never known me. Don't hold me, don't touch me I'm not!!!"
  • Le Tigre Tour Theme - Le Tigre
    "Yeah it's weird when the club is really crowded And there's no way we can do every song that's shouted But we'll stilltry to push you towards abandon Yeah every night is something we can't plan on Won't"
  • Never Le Nkemise 2 - Die Antwoord
    "South Africa, 2012 We in the future now Just because the whole world's gone dwanky Doesn't mean we fucking going to go out like that too Fuck the system We have our own system We make our own rules We"
  • The Cars That Go Boom - Le Tigre
    "Intro So many kinds were can we start? We like them dumb and we like them smart I like the ones with the pretty eyes Well, I like all kinds of guys! Stop, What happened? How about the ones we especially"
  • Don't Go - Go Sailor
    "thinking of you left behind leaving the door open wide turning around, do you know I'm there? the last thing you said hanging in the air don't you know this kind of heartache never mends? should I tell"
  • Never Le Nkemise 1 - Die Antwoord
    "Never Le Nkemise Never Le Nkemise Never Le Nkemise Le ka zama mara never leloke I'm indestructible Gangsta number one Play now, cry later The harder they come The harder they fall Poes! You can't stop"
  • Le Guerre Est Finie - Pizzicato Five
    "(konishi) Translators: andrei cunha Denwa no bell no oto Nariyamu no wo kiite Me wo samashita Gogo niji sugi Ame ga futteru Kusha-kusha no kami to Kusha-kusha no tegami Yuube kaite Yaburisuteta Yuube"
  • Kar Le Kar Le - Shahrukh Khan
    "C'mon! Ha! It's just a question of a question, ek sawaal ka sawaal hai, duniya badal de saari sahi jawab ka yehi kamaal hai kar le kar le tu ek sawaal, kar le kar le tu kar dhamaal, kar le kar le koi"

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