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LeToya Luckett

  • Bonnie and Clyde - Mike Jones feat. LeToya Luckett
    "I came to you and never asked to much Mike Jones Wondering what you would say Hoping you'd understand it's not a role I usually play Give me a troubled mind you know, its you You I can do so much"
  • Don't Make Me Wait - LeToya Nicole Luckett
    "Baby some things never need to be said If you're a man tell me what we're doing next I can't stay here forever Don't expect me to take the first step You shouldn't have to read my mind See my body's telling"
  • I Miss You - Webbie ft. LeToya Luckett
    "I'll Be Missing You Hello Young savage What you doing Trill ent. I'll be missing u I ain't been home in a few days(I miss u) I know you do I ain't going lie I miss you to Come on kiss me through the"
  • All eyes on me - LeToya
    "Intro:YeahYeahUh huh(repeat)1st Verse (ad-libs in parenth.):I got you open babyI know you like what you seeYou looking at my bodyTryna sneak up on meI peeped you staring from the (ooh yeah) time I walkedThrough"
  • Gangsta grillz - LeToya
    "Chorus (Ad-libs in parenth.):It's all about the candypaint, all about the 4's mayne (Yeah)It's all about the slab baby, all about the...(yeah)Blowing up in H-Town...Blowing up in H-Town...(Tell me what"
  • Good - LeToya
    "Intro:Woo woo woo(repeat 6x)Uh huh uh huh(repeat 3x)1st Verse:UnhBet you rememer how IUsed to put it downWhen you used to be my babyWe used to hang out at the crib, booCould get around town till you switched"
  • Hey fella - LeToya
    "IntroMmmm Yeah yeah Ohh whoa Ohh whoa (repeat)I gotta say I ain't seen many like youOn the real, boy I'm really wanting youAnd that's why I'm tryna get close to you(And I like the way you making me feel"
  • No more - LeToya
    "Intro:OOoohOooooooohBut I'm not gon cry about itNo more...no moreOooohhOoooooohBut I'm not gon cry about it....Verse 1:Think it over, think it overWhen you walked out your doorI was half-sleep, half-deepIn"
  • Outta control - LeToya
    "Intro:OhUh huhOhUh huhOhYeahMmhmmYeahOhChorus:You...know..I..gotA little something for yaYou...know..I..gotThe type of goods you can't say no to andCan you hold onto andBoy with this song blazinYou can"
  • Play - LeToya
    "Intro:Work that flip, grind boy1st Verse:Hey baby, how you doingBeen a long timeI know you've been grindingCause you gotta shineSo boy what's up, you been on my mindTake a chick out, let her know what"
  • She don't - LeToya
    "Hello baby As I was walking by Hesitated And then I realize There go David I was surprised to see you Then I asked "Do you remember me?" Boy I'm so elated To run into you hear Shadow-faded With diamonds"
  • Tear da club up - LeToya
    "Intro:(jazze)ladies and gentlemen!(bun b)t to the o to the y to the aJ to the a-z-z ezay(jazze)woooooooo wee!(bun b)bun b.....let's goAnd we be clubbing all night, oh!(jazze)whoa whoaaaaaaaa!1st verse:I"
  • Torn - LeToya
    "A part of me wants to leave you alone A part of me wants for you to come home A part of me says I'm livin a lie (and I'm better off without you) A part of me says to think it through A part of me says"
  • U got what i need - LeToya
    "Intro:Baby you got what I needBaby you got what I need (just what I need)(Repeat)JUST BLAZEEEEEE!!!1st Verse:Said me and you've been through so much togetherAnd I want you to know that I'm with yaCause"
  • What love can do - LeToya
    "Intro:Corna BoyzWhat love can doWhat love can do1st Verse:I'm losing sleep over youLook what you've done to meNot saying you ain't the truthThis love's no fantasySometimes I'm so sick of youI need some"
  • I'm a queen - LeToya
    "Chorus:(I'ma Queen)True religion on the pocket of my jeans(I'ma Queen)Can't see me in your dreamsAnd I'm everything, EVERYTHING, that you wanna be(I'ma Queen)Keep tryna to play me(I'ma Queen)I can be the"
  • My promise - LeToya
    "YeahI just wanna reassure youHow I feel about you girlCome on i'm take u awayOn a smooth ride to ectasy[1st Verse]Let me sit ya down take your hands so I can talk to you (oooooooo)I never felt the way"
  • Not Anymore - LeToya
    "This is dedicated to This, this, this is dedicated to Hmmm well if you feelin' like I feelin' This is dedicated to you Well I've been the super girlfriend Let you think that nothing bothered me Like when"
  • Torn - Latoya Luckett
    "A part of me wants to leave you alone. A part of me wants for you to come home. A part of me says I'm living a lie. (And I'm better off without you.) A part of me says to think it through. A part of me"
  • Bonnie & Clyde - Mike Jones
    "(high voice) I came to you and never asked to much (Mike Jones) Mike Jones (high voice) Wondering what you would say Hoping you'd understand it's not a role I usually play Give me a troubled mind"

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