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League of legents curse of mummy

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League of legents curse of mummy

  • Mummy - Andy McKenzie
    "Andy McKenzie Mummy Mummy Mummy where has daddy gone, Why does he not come home, Why does he work so very hard, And leave us all alone. Why does he were a suit of grey, A shirt of blue and white, Why"
  • Mummy - The Tiger Lillies
    "Mummy my mummy my mummy's in a mental home She was living in suburbia in a nice big house All the bills were paid for the garden faced south The carpet was a thick and shaggy pile Neighbours drank her"
  • Incarnate Legend of Mummy Queen - Astarte
    "To every thing there is a reason To all destruction there is an answer In the past lands of underneath wounds A curse was meant to awake It was planed to step upon the culture of enigma Egyptian heritage"
  • Curse - Cult Of Luna
    "Tonight I mourn the loss of heart and soul. The path is taken, The curse received. Dark and barren in the winter night. Shadows move along the tree line. A life is cleansed in blood. Cleansed by these"
  • Black Mummy - Death SS
    "And black dry tears rolled down from your empty orbits while you remember with sorrow your ancient splendour the colossal pomps of this withered remote times and you regret impotent your depressing existence. You"
  • Curse - MU330
    "Your pain is a rash it gets worse each time I scratch I won't pry it'll make things worse cuz I'm your curse I'm there too much I'm in too close and I foul it up I wont pry it'll make things worse cuz"
  • Curse - New Model Army
    "Another foggy night in hometown Cruising the backstreet pubs with a friend or two I guess we were laughing how we made it through the bad old days When across the bar I caught a glimpse of you Sometimes"
  • Curse - Recoil
    "Lord help me to believe, I've got a need Killed by the world I'm filled full of greed Deaf to the touch of a human hand Can't stand beaten down by a broken old man Broken men fill a city full of sadness Broken"
  • Curse Curse - James
    "In my hotel room Sounds from next door Someone's getting laid God's name's proclaimed The end is on its way Turned on ashamed I turn up the TV Copa Del Rey Messi shoots and scores A hundred thousand came No"
  • League of angels - Shocking Blue
    "They're flying high in the coloured sky,They're flying high in the coloured sky,See them flying in the mean coloured sky,League of angels.They're flashing red on cold white wings,They're flashing red on"
  • League of notions - Al Stewart
    "I'm here sitting in the wreck of Europe With a map of Europe Spread out in a hall of Versailles And every single nationality and principality have come for a piece of the pie I'm sitting in the wreck of"
  • League Of Failures - Jill Sobule
    "I once saw it in a book I had God was by my side My name in lights up there on the marquee And God was very proud I've been a miner for a heart of gold A dreamer who just won't wake up I thought I'd plunge"
  • League of Legends - Jacuś
    "Gdzie się podziały tamte prywatki wszędzie same kur* na około chcą tu kaski za prezydenta trochę wstyd jeżeli lubisz męskie dupy zapraszam na Gucci Trip! Gdzie się podziały tamte prywatki wszędzie same"
  • The Curse - Running Wild
    ""John, you have been found guilty of being in league with the devil and of having used heathen and forbidden rituals. You will be committed to the purifying fire! So repent of your unholy sins that your"
  • In League - Bile
    "Pretty boy with a gun, bang- bang, fun- fun. Pretty girl with a knife, watch your back it's your wife! Heroin, load my gun, shoot- shoot, fun- fun. Pretty girl on ecstasy, now she wants to fuck me."
  • Major League - Defari
    "Don't front So many claim the fame, but never see the day When lyrically they could even run, in the triple-a's This here's the major leagues, where big hits are guaranteed The ken griffey turbo 850 professional"
  • Little League - Cap'n Jazz
    "hey coffee eyes you got me coughin' up my cookie heart makin' promises to myself promises like seeds of everything i could be hey ringwald haze we're using bruises too loosely in a haste to lose me and"
  • Iron League - Raven
    "Running and running around Seems like my feet never touch the ground Over and over and then We got our backs to the wall again What you see is what you get Maybe you can survive But the long and the tall"
  • Circus Of Death By Human League - Project Pitchfork
    "Nine o'clock flight from Hawaii The Trident is just touching down We're waiting here on the tarmac McGarrett is wearing a frown He's here to help with a problem A blood-spattered curse on our land Please"
  • Run To Mummy - Status Quo
    "(Rossi/Bown) She runs to mummy when she comes over funny And she really isn't bothered at all She never hurt me really, maybe she's worth it But it's rapidly becoming a bore She says I mess around, take"

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