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Leaning Towards Solace

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Leaning Towards Solace

  • Leaning Towards Forever - For Felix
    "600 days ago was a good day to be me Fast times had settled down when I realized I could be Here falling for you Long drives to nowhere consumed nights that I will always hold so close to me The stars"
  • Solace - A
    "Some sign of forgiveness Some form of release Is all that she asks for Is all that she needs She waits for the day when She feels more at ease Some time to be careful Some time left in peace Cold stars"
  • Solace - A-ha
    "Some sign of forgiveness Some form of release Is all that she asks for Is all that she needs She waits for the day when She feels more at ease Some time to be careful Some time left in peace Cold"
  • Solace - Ash
    "In the morning falling snow Is transforming all I know And all is new today In my heart it overflows Through the change I undergo And nothing's the same Yeah I find a solace In your eyes Can face the"
  • Solace - Plumb
    "I'm sick, I'm tired I can't sleep 'cause I'm so wired I don't know if I can take this I don't know how to love you Tick tock inside Tossing, turning, I feel blind Sun is up, the rain pours in Another"
  • Solace - Xavier Rudd
    "Farewell to the west now And welcome to the east Farewell to the one who raked The sand beneath my feet Well thank you for the space we shared And the heart and soul my friend I will see you through the"
  • Solace - Bleed The Dream
    "Solace redefined, And I can't even bring myself to try and figure, (Who I am) Rosaries and wine, Trying not to see exactly when and where you failed. Stare into the eyes of blood, They say that"
  • Solace - Project 86
    "We have waited for so longTo occur this dayThere are those who fly away to a distant placeBut I think I'll stayAnd I wouldn't have it any other wayIn this solace I seeA light piercing the darknessComing"
  • Solace - Aaron Sprinkle
    "I've lived this day a thousand times it won't go away And all I can see are the eyes of people I will never be And it makes me ill the way You love me still I can't decide if You're the missing piece"
  • Solace - Fuel
    "Draw the shades to close my eyes I never want to see again I found the cost of courage high Sometimes hard to pay I hear the songs the sirens sing Calling on the shores for me So sell your soul and try"
  • Solace - Overdream
    "All your wishes slowly fade to shadow Like a flower on the winter meadow Days just vanish like the sand in the wind Have you ever wondered: why are we here? Stop time now - listen to life Its breath"
  • Solace - Diecast
    "Time and time again I ask myself why should I believe at all. You've given no concrete reason. For me to hasten to your beckoned call, And so I cry unheard a bitter testimony to my misery. And so how can"
  • Solace - The Gathering
    "Toda una vida de lucha y de trabajo sostenida sin nunca aflojar Toda una vida de lucha y de trabajo sostenida sin nunca flaquear Un pajaro en su jaula en primavera sabe claramente que hay algo En lo cual"
  • Leaning In - Blues Traveler
    "No longer care where I am One smile remains to trace for the fingers on my hand Search for your face in every crowd Hope it springs internally until it runs over and out If I could touch your lips to"
  • Leaning Post - Slim Dusty
    "You've been around a-playin', now do I hear you sayin' That you still love me the most My love you now desire, but there's a bad misfire Don't take me for your leanin' post When you were in the limelight,"
  • My Solace - Atargatis
    "Be sorrowless - you may find your solace in Them. Feel carefree - and don't hide your despairing face in your hands. Be sorrowless - don't bury your memories beside Them Feel carefree - and you may Follow"
  • Leaning On You - Huntwork Hewitt
    "The sky was as black as the Bad Man's mustache The sun was shining down tears It just wouldn't set til the last child was wet It shone for eleventy years The world and his knife were leaning on me And"
  • Leaning On You - Geto Boys
    "If, you move, I'll fall I'm leanin on you, you baby, you baby Geto Boys Willie D We was livin on cold facts, cops sat in old 'Llacs Couldn't get along with T Jones, so he rolled jack I was on Prozac"
  • Solace And Serinity - Zwan
    "swimming around two fish in a barrel no one there to pull me out they leave me to die how could they know whoever could know me tied to your tales of woe my tale to your stone two angels hanging out upon"
  • Towards Destiny - Tiger Army
    "Hit hard, and you don't stop coming Don't wait, for the sands of time are running Towards destiny - Strength of will is a weapon Towards destiny - You can be what you want to be Towards destiny - Through"

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