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Led zeplin wona gotta love

  • Zeplin song - Courtney Love
    "Will you accept a collect call From Robert Plant? We picked him up on Vine On a bus bench singing that song This is not the 1st time He was so cute Jonny Punk Rock, so cynical You woulda jumped him too!"
  • Wona - Mumford & Sons with Baaba Maal, The Very Best and Beatenberg
    "You don’t want to turn away this time Then why don’t you take a different line Don’t have to be cruel want to be kind You don’t have to lose your mind You don’t wanna suffer for the art You don’t wanna"
  • Won - The Beta Band
    "Vibes all I a bingee oots - (?) wssh one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do two can be as bad as one it's the loneliest number since the number one cinematic synergy a whole lotta energy"
  • Won - Hank Thompson
    "WON'T YOU RIDE IN MY LITTLE RED WAGON Writer Rex Griffin Won't you ride in my little red wagon I'd love to pull you down the street I'll bet all the kids will be jealous When they see my playmate so sweet Hold"
  • Led Astray - As Hope Dies
    "With the blood of millions on your hands the human race is led astray by demons disguised as angels. The human race suffocates with prophecy that tells of torment for those who do not believe in what these"
  • Our Time Won - Madrugada
    "Don't know when they put me in the ground I don't know if I was left alone All thet matters that I follow you On my way to the unknown bound. It's cold baby but I'm not afraid I feel lost my life swept"
  • Love Won - Gene
    "Now weve entered New Britannia Lord dont tell me Love wont work Ive seen my face Of course I know my place Yes, I started life retarded Voices told me "take your chances" So I run through all the things Ive"
  • Led To One - Heart
    "You and me always be I down need ~ deep I bleed for love Wise ones say seize the day Waste not time make your mind for love We'll ride that rollercoaster up and down No promise that we'll never crash"
  • How i won the war - Atmosphere
    "The first time they came to get me for their warThey were easy to play I acted dumb and grinnedContrary to what we might assume everybody loves a dummyCause you aint gotta squint when the lights are dimThey"
  • Gotta Have More Love - Climax Blues Band
    "Don`t wanna worry you baby Don`t wanna bring you down But if my love is too hot to handle Let me know now I`ve got this yearning inside me And it`s running deeper than the night So don`t go foolin` with"
  • Gotta Love - Jodeci
    "I gotta love I wanna give you Much Tell me Bass Love i wanna give Drop it Bass Drop it Come get it gal Whatever you want Do do do do do do do do... Your place or mine Tell me what will it be I've got something"
  • You Were Led On - Vanessa Amorosi
    "Face the fact, Can't you tell she don't feel the same. And I know, you're just a fool that hopes to find. That she loves you like you love her, In your dreams. To stay together and feel the same, That's"
  • You Were Led On - Amorosi Vanessa
    "Amorosi Vanessa The Power You Were Led On Face the fact.. cant you tell she don't feel the same And I know you're just a fool that hopes to find That she loves you like you love her .. in your dreams To"
  • I've won - 88 Fingers Louie
    "I recall the time that changed My whole fucking life Call it fate, call it what you want, But it happened to me Some people go through life searching For this thing caled love Call it fate, call it what"
  • I Won - The Sundays
    "Ooh, let me take a candle to a cellar tonight I'd like to take some matches there and set it alight I can, cos I've seen those kind of places before Ooh, I'd like to have a party in a cellar tonight And"
  • You won - Jennifer Chung
    "I drive you crazy, As I said that I would. Do you still want me? I don't see how you could. This is the way that I've been. This is what I have to change. I want to be better, Have much more to offer. But"
  • You Won - Keith Urban
    "There was a world outside my door I wasn't in touch with anymore There was a way I used to feel I knew what was and wasn't real You built a bridge, I tore it down I felt safe on shaky ground And I was"
  • You Won - La Bouche
    "Ooooooooo Chorus: Tonight is the night You're gonna get the best I'll treat you right, I'm better than the rest Wherever you go, and wherever you will be You won't forget me, you won't forget me Oo-oo-oo,"
  • Another Won - Dream Theater
    "It was the mortal passion The flame that lit the fire The beauty of the starlight Brought the cruelty of desire A lover's link was broken Another's vengeful plan Was contrived through jealous hatred For"
  • I Won - George Jones
    "I WON'T NEED YOU ANYMORE WRITERS MAX D. BARNES, TROY SEALS You're my always and forever. You're the one that hung the moon. After all these nights together I still get lost in your perfume. And if I"

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