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Lena Katina - Lift Me Up

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Lena Katina - Lift Me Up

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Lena Katina - Lift Me Up
  • Sergio Galoyan Paradise (ft. Lena Katina)
    "Something that I like Is something that I want I could never be the one I could never be alone Cause nothing really feels Just like you and me together Flying through the sky Every time you´re next to"
  • Lena Katina Lift Me Up
    "When I feel all alone Losing faith, can't go on When I start breaking down With my strength running out When I'm searching, falling, drowning When I am blinded by the dark I feel you all around I feel"
  • Orange Blue Lena
    "I switch off that light to make room for another truth gotta get to the bottom of my grief encased by memories and charged by history tryin' to release this gift of love than everytime I lift my"
  • Paul Stanley Lift
    "Fallen like the rain Crashin' down again Sinkin' all alone The walls are closing in The pain is just beginning A feelin' like I've never known I've never known I never wanted To ever hurt you The trust"
  • Stand Lift
    "I talk to myself, with my melancholic point of view, I drift to nothingness, wondering what is left for me to prove... I'm Kicking myself, my bruises foot to head for selfish pride, I live in your"
  • Ceci M Lift
    "Ceci M Miscellaneous Lift VERSE You held me when I cried Helped me through the storms And like those times You faded away (away) You taught me how to fly And feel it too (oh oh) And now I've touched"
  • The Apex Theory Lift
    "come by just to shoot me up as soon as you leave you leave us inside we're locked in this way i can't explain today it's starting to bend back to the wall not again need a lift come by to stay sure a"
  • Sunk Loto Lift
    "No compromise for your control driven nature Put shit on me cos you know you can't take it Another bad lie Another bad feeling Love the feeling, when you're feeling sour You contradict yourself in every"
  • Poets Of The Fall Lift
    "Times when I just can't Bring myself to say it loud 'Fraid that what I'll say comes out somehow awry That is when it seems We move in circles day to day Twist the drama of the play to get us by And it"
  • Radio Head Lift
    "This is the place Sit down, you're safe now You've been stuck in a lift We've been trying to reach you, Thom This is the place It won't hurt, it will not hurt The smell of air-conditioning The fish are"
  • Radiohead Lift
    "This is the place Sit down, you're safe now You've been stuck in a lift We've been trying to reach you, Thom This is the place It won't hurt, it will not hurt The smell of air-conditioning The fish are"
  • Godhead Lift
    "Can't you see there's Nothing left to do Nothing left to say Memories of you Never fade away Deception from the start A hole inside my heart Sanity is through Now I ask you What are you? Where are you? Who"
  • Brad Lift
    "Hey kids, get your gear This is your vacation Climb aboard this yellow bus To your destination Hey lift man, lift me up! It's an occupation And I wanna have a good time At Alpental, the skiings all at"
  • Flickerstick Lift
    "Lift up your head Focus on every detail Why does this illusion Bring so much confusion When all I can dream of is you? Lift up your head We're rising with every breath A liquid solution, a chemical"
  • Saturday Looks Good To Me Lift Me Up
    "You can tell me secrets if you want to But my house ain't got no ceiling And my heart won't hold no lies I'm not like everybody that you talk to And I just might shoot your helicopter Right out of the"
  • Larue Lift Up
    "In my heart there is a choice And in my throat there is a voice That wants to boldly speak of You today Speak Your truth in this time Where darkness falls before it's night And Lord, I pray above all"
  • Lena Katina Fed Up
    "Bum bum bum bum Ba dum dum bu Bum bum bum bum Ba dum dum bu Monday kills, Tuesday, Starts as always, So my week has begun, Some one stop me Parachute's Failing I'm fed up! Tossing and Turning, My life"
  • Bruce Springsteen Lift Me Up
    "I don't need your answered prayers Or the chains your lover wears I don't need your rings of gold Or the secrets that you hold Lift me up, Lift me up and I'll fall with you lift me up Let your love lift"
  • Moby Lift Me Up
    "Plain talking (Plain talking) Take us so far (take us so far) Broken down cars (broken down cars) Like strong out old stars (like strong out old stars) Plain talking (Plain talking) Served us so well"
  • Reel Lift Me Up
    "In the still of the dark of the night There's a place, I come out See the lights on the town I'm looking down Yeah the moon is out tonight Turn around look up see it smile Feel the wind in your hair I'll"

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