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Leningrad turboboy

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Leningrad turboboy

  • Leningrad - Leningrad Cowboys
    "Sitting here alone, I still don't understand They're up in outer space The boys in the band They left me here to stay Spitting out some sand And now I'm going down With a bottle in my hand Drunk on L.A."
  • Leningrad - Billy Joel
    "Viktor was born in the spring of '44 And never saw his father anymore A child of sacrifice, a child of war Another son who never had a father after Leningrad Went off to school and learned to serve the"
  • Leningrad - Chris De Burgh
    "There she stood in an empty room, heard a voice from another time, And the memories came rolling back of Leningrad in the war; For the girl in the photograph, much had changed in the years that passed, But"
  • Leningrad Mail Order Bride - Trans Atlantic Crush
    "Ebenezer Johnson he waits for his ride To pick up his Leningrad mail order bride He ordered her on Tuesday from the Sunday classifieds He's betting it all on wife number 5 Ebenzer Johnson is changing his"
  • Abu Dhabi - Leningrad Cowboys
    "Abu Dhabi! Abu Dhabi! Monday morning Mohammed is shaking off a hard weekend Monday morning Mohammed is shaking off a hard weekend The taste of death is on his breath but there's no water in the well A"
  • Bumpersticker Rock - Leningrad Cowboys
    "I touched down in Chicago. Rented me a road machine Gonna head down old 66. Livin' the American dream Just a stranger in a strange land. Had to find out on my own There it was right in front of me. All"
  • Da Da Harasoo - Leningrad Cowboys
    "Hold your horses don't be in a hurry Running does no good for your head If you sweat all your life work and worry sooner than later you'll be dead In the village where I live and sway People they know"
  • Happy Being Miserable - Leningrad Cowboys
    "I don't care about the story-line if there's a happy ending For the life of me I just don't understand it Now the whole expedition was a total disaster yet still they contend That we're doing fine and"
  • I Hate You - Leningrad Cowboys
    "You used to be a sweet thing That much I can confess Now you're a naggin', saggin', haggard old bag With perpetual PMS You wanna be on top of everything and everyone You think you got something That can"
  • Mardi Gras Ska - Leningrad Cowboys
    "Out on Dixie highway Rolling down the road Going to New Orleans where I can loosen my load There I'm gonna find me my Shangri-La Find it at the Mardi Gras Yeah, yeah everything will be just yeah Yeah,"
  • Monkey Groove - Leningrad Cowboys
    "Let me tell you what you gotta do You gotta break out from the human zoo There's jungle fever in Africa tonight Come as you are or as you wanna be Us party animals are wild and free Now even Masai's letting"
  • There's Someone Smiling Down On Me - Leningrad Cowboys
    "I open my eyes to a glorious day Stick a finger in the air let the wind lead the way I don't know were I'll be sleeping tonight But hey I'm traveling light There's no money in my pockets but to me its"
  • Brave New World - Leningrad Cowboys
    "I've got a suitcase in my hand Filled with stuff most precious to me Sidewalk brings my feet Wherever they're headed. There is no directions given Just some trust in human mind to rely on And to hold"
  • Galina - Leningrad Cowboys
    "Life began a mystery we still don't know how We're hoping we know what we do second nature comes along We create, but lose control we think we know what we do I wanna know the answer I wanna have my share Where"
  • La Doga Beach - Leningrad Cowboys
    "Galina, a hard working boatman But her husband, he was just too poor Galina, got fed up with the hard life So she nailed him to the bedroom floor Down and out she sailed into the mist Showing hairy breasts,"
  • Matushka - Leningrad Cowboys
    "It was a nice cosmic afternoon Me and my babe behind the moon Man's gotta do what a man's gotta do Looked so fine, felt so good Kama Sutra's understood But then happened a strange rendezvous Something's"
  • Nadja - Leningrad Cowboys
    "Ten brother out of this world We're not in a hurry, we're rotating slow Got to caryy on with this thing This thing we like to call a show It's crazy situation, And we need some motivation So we close our"
  • Space Tractor - Leningrad Cowboys
    "She took off in the middle of the night I heard her slam the door Nadja had left me again My balalaika was nowhere in sight So I can't play anymore I gambled with my heart And she tore it apart. I want"
  • Those Were The Days - Leningrad Cowboys
    "Eighteen years ago I saw this U.F.O And saddled up my tractor for a cosmic caravan I followed it through space and found this distant place Where everything is perfect for alien and a man We're carefree"
  • Ulan Bator Girls - Leningrad Cowboys
    "Once upon a time there was a tavern Where we used to raise a glass or two Remember how we laughed away the hours, And dreamed of all the great things we would do Chorus: Those were the days my friend We"

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