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  • Black and White America - Lenny Kravitz
    "Martin Luther King He had a vision And that's a fact He died so we could see That was his mission So don't look back There is no division Don't you understand The future looks as though it has come around And"
  • White America - Eminem
    "America, hahaha, we love you, how many people are proud to be citizens of this beautiful Country of our's, the stripes and the stars for the rights that men have died for to protect, The women and men"
  • White America (Dirty) - Eminem
    "(Prelude) America! We love you! How many people are proud to be citizens of this beautiful country of ours? The stripes and the stars for the rights that men have died for to protect The women and men"
  • America - Nas
    "If all I saw was gangsters comin' up as a youngster Pussy and money the only language I clung to Cling to, I rolled myself up to become one Ain't you happy I chose rap? I'm a monster Streets they see me,"
  • For America - Jackson Browne
    "As if I really didn't understand That I was just another part of their plan I went off looking for the promise Believing in the Motherland And from the comfort of a dreamer's bed And the safety of my own"
  • America AO - Aaron Carter
    "Aaron Carter Another Earthquake America AO U....S....A.... Bang your heads to this, come on U....S....A.... Bang your head to this Chorus: I was born, I raised in the US of A I'm livin in America AO,AO,AO,AO and"
  • Black & White - R.A. The Rugged Man
    "(feat. Timbo King) Do you resent the fact that people Make a special deal out of you Perhaps becoming a white champion in a black dominated sport? (Yo, I fuck up anybody, shit don't matter, white, black,"
  • Black & White - Howard Jones
    "Do you think in black and white Do you feel you have the right To think that god is on your side And sleep at night without a dream Of a new world and the peace Do you think in black and white Every"
  • Black & White - Inner Circle
    "The link is black,the page is white, together we'll learn to read and write. The child is black, the child is white, the whole world looks upon a sight, a beautiful sight. And now a child can understand that"
  • Black & White - Three Dog Night
    "The ink is black, the page is white Together we learn to read and write A child is black, a child is white The whole world looks upon the sight A beautiful sight And now a child can understand That this"
  • Black & White - Astral Projection
    "...and the view of the Earth, it was the only... the only place in the whole universe that had any color. Everything else was black and white."
  • Black & White - Deep Purple
    "(Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord) read all about it tell me have you heard the news captain bob he don't pay no dues you know he's looking in my window he's stepping on my toes don't want the truth and it"
  • Black & White - Shades Apart
    "Black turns to white just once more Can't realize what's happened - out of the blue Just a spark of faith and a little bit of courage To learn from a mistake It's simple to see something so right How"
  • Black & White - Master P
    "Kid: hey dad I got in a fight with this white kid today at school. P: son, didn't I tell you I don't want you fighting? Kid: but he called me a nigger. I'm just a black man trapped in this white world"
  • Black & White - Blackstreet
    "Yeah, I have dreams of you and I And those dreams that I dream It's in black and white [1] - I dream in black and white But I make love in color Ooh, girl, you're body so tight I wanna make you my lover I"
  • Black White - Asian Dub Foundation
    "G and d here has united Black and white here to show you how we've been delighted The new generation since the mid nineties Showing you how it's done if you think you are a smartie Telling you the truth"
  • Black & White - Vision Divine
    "...And the, alright Let's play the big game of life and death You can throw your dice I'm not scared as you see... Odd or even: make your choise... I'll bet with my life, as I always did! This is the"
  • Black & White - Sarah McLachlan
    "unravel me a distant cord on the outside is forgotten a constant need to get along and the animal awakens and all I feel is black and white the road is long the memory slides to the whole of my undoing put"
  • Black & White - Juice WRLD
    "I’m in my black benz doin’ cocaine with my black friends we’ll be high as hell before the night ends we’ll be high before the night ends before the night ends switch up to the white benz doin’ codeine"
  • Black white - Mr. Mister
    "We are two shadows moving on a wall Two characters both weak and strong We chant and we dance, we draw ourselves in Then we run from each other again Chorus: Love is so strange, how we change from day"

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