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Lenny Kravitz low

  • Lenny Kravitz - Electric Six
    "Ever since I met you, you were someone I knew lookin for a little somethin somethin to do you wanted one stop shoppin' and clothes that fit you you wanted to look pretty when they're taking your picture now"
  • Superlove (feat. Lenny Kravitz) - Avicii
    "I want you All of you Can we break through? And start anew? I want your superlove I wanna be inside your superlove I need the spirit with the sexual I’m gonna be inside your superlove We both know The"
  • Guns & Roses (Feat. Lenny Kravitz) - Jay-Z
    "Yeah it's magic Uhh, Jay-Z and Lenny Kravitz And it's a Heavy D product you bastards Come on Ha hey yo stop playin man This is real serious Ha (It's the rock) yeah yo Post Postatono, Hov' hangin with"
  • Purple Haze (With Lenny Kravitz) - Ozzy Osbourne
    "Purple Haze all in my brain Lately things don't seem the same Acting funny but I don't know why Excuse me while i kiss the sky Purple haze all around Don't know if I'm coming up or down Am i happy or in"
  • Like Father Like Son (Lenny Kravitz) - Aida
    "AIDA Miscellaneous Like Father Like Son (Lenny Kravitz) Like father, like son Like father, like son Like father, like son Don't come on so cocksure boy, you can't escape your genes No point in feeling"
  • Face the sun (ft. Lenny Kravitz) - Miguel
    "I ain't a saint, I think you know But I see a way I'm gonna go It's no debate that I belong with you, Baby, we're the same, you know my flaws So if I ever strain, you know the code But no matter what"
  • Low - Lenny Kravitz
    "if you wanna talk to me know that I am plain to see I don’t want this thing to be staining my reality don’t lift me up to turn me down I just want a lover baby stay with me all around talk with me, let"
  • Lenny - John Mayer
    "After all the jacks are in their boxes And the clowns have all gone to bed You can hear happiness staggering on down the street Footsteps dressed in red And the wind whispers mary A broom is drearily sweeping Up"
  • Lenny - The Buggles
    "All the fools who await your return May we tell them the truth There's no way you can turn back the clock Never cling to your youth How unfortunate it must have been Life is only a race You're so old"
  • Lenny - Buggles
    "All the fools who await your return May we tell them the truth There's no way you can turn back the clock Never cling to your youth How unfortunate it must have been Life is only a race You're so old"
  • Magdalene - Lenny Kravitz
    "She was only seventeen In her prime of life she was lean And her only dream was to be on the silver screen She hailed from north of Baltimore Her mama says she'd end up a whore And she spent up all her"
  • Sugar - Lenny Kravitz
    "I'm yours And you are here Don't you Really want to feel That my love is turning on And it feels so real So tell me what's the deal yeah I'm coming back For more and more You do it to me 'Till I can't"
  • Dancin' Til Dawn - Lenny Kravitz
    "The way she moves really talks to me I'm going out of my mind 'Cause the way that she winds...is truly divine She takes her time as she approaches me Then she gives me the sign as she moves her behind That"
  • Lenny Valentino - Auteurs, The
    "Auteurs, The New Wave Lenny Valentino There were mourners on the street Of every shape and size The motorcade came down from redondo Assassins on the corner tried to throw you a line You dirty-mouth comic"
  • Lenny Bruce - Bob Dylan
    "Lenny Bruce is dead but his ghost lived on and on Never did get any Golden Globe award, never made it to Synanon He was an outlaw, that's for sure More of an outlaw than you ever were Lenny Bruce is gone"
  • Mean Sleep - Lenny Kravitz
    "Lenny Kravitz What can we scrape together With just the flesh as evidence Handfuls of hate And the bittersweet ambivalence Lenny Kravitz & Cree Summer 'Cos I am pushin' cobwebs And I'm folding into myself Lenny"
  • Use Me - Lenny Kravitz
    "Mick Jagger: My friends Feel it's their appointed duty They keep trying to tell me All you want to do is use me Lenny Kravitz: Uh huh but my answer About all that use me stuff Mick Jagger: I, I, I, I want"
  • Ren Lenny Ren - Acda En De Munnik
    "Zoek me om je heen als je voelt dat je me mist Ik weet gerust wat mijn vertrek heeft aangericht Ik kom wanneer je wilt Denk maar mijn vader is de wind Ik ben zo licht nu Ik vind altijd je gezicht"
  • Lenny Parker Jr. - The Sixpounder
    "I was born I’ve been chosen One of all … So that’s why We ride this ride … What I realy wanna know Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS “If there's something strange in your neighborhood Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS If"
  • No Expectations - Lenny Kravitz
    "Mick Jagger Take me to the station and put me on a train I've got no expectations to pass through here again Lenny Kravitz Once I was a rich man and now I am so poor But never in my sweet, short life have"

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