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Leon Bridges - Beyond

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Leon Bridges - Beyond

  • Kevin (ft. Leon Bridges) - MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS
    "I seen pain, I felt the losses Attended funerals and seen coffins 21 years old, an angel was lost here Wings clipped by the grip of 80 milligram sniffs of oxycontin Everyday through the nostrils Never"
  • Leon - Lech Janerka
    "Leona dygło w głowę poprzez sen I pouczało trochę w czym jest rzecz Leon od nowa nowy nie wie że Niechcąc być raczej innym inaczej jest Transcendentalnie Leon budzi się Transcendentalnie kroi chleb i je"
  • Leon - Roger Daltrey
    "(Goodhand-Tait) Leon came along To see me on the road He took the time to come backstage And make himself known And although we'd never been real close As friends we'd shared some times Worked the clubs"
  • Burning Bridges - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    "(Mark Mancina) Miles away The light in the distance looks miles away Tired of resistance and turned away Going back to the Holy land Last night your anger was born again Carry the torch in your heart And"
  • Burning Bridges - Pink Floyd
    "Bridges burning gladly, Merging with the shadows, Flickering between the lines. Stolen moments floating softly on the air, Born on wings of fire and climbing higher. Ancient bonds are breaking, Moving"
  • Infernal Bridges - Svartahrid
    "Seduced by evil desecrated by doubt. I am trapped, frozen by the oath. But yet I do like it. I surely uninhibited. Infernal bridges eternal chaos. The only sight behind my back. Time has no power anymore. The"
  • Burned bridges - Get Up Kids
    "I've met that point in my life. Want came to need. Burn these fields of corn, that surround. My harvest gone at the price of maturity. But these remains I've left to rot will be resurrected again and again"
  • Bridges To Melissa - Undercroft
    "I close my eyes in front of the nebular sppeal I feel it dragging me this suicidal desire! I am who claim for our blood Melissa waits for me in the distance...far away! Beyond the ocean Beyond the southern"
  • Neon Leon - Sammy Kershaw
    "(Buddy Cannon/Larry Bastian) Here he comes, Neon Leon Lookin?so fine, with his gold chains on Got a customized caddy with the top snapped down He known everywhere in town as Neon Leon He too cool, Neon"
  • Noel Leon - George Strait
    "Leon Dixon leaves his Christmas lights up all year 'round It's somethin' different about our town We've often wondered why he never takes 'em down But Leon leaves his Christmas lights up all year 'round There's"
  • Leon Degrelle - Legion
    "Pozostanie zawsze w cieniu Twej odwiecznej walki ślad I pamiętać to będziemy o tym coś Europie dał Niezachwiane ideały, jasne cele, Chrystus Rex! Tobie dał nieśmiertelność, nam natchnienie oraz sens Tam"
  • Bridges - Fifth Harmony
    "Can't spend time in rewind I'm sorry many times I remind myself We've come way too far in our stories To build these walls and to blind ourselves And for every action, there's a reaction And I know"
  • Bridges - Dianne Reeves
    "I have crossed a thousand bridges In my search for something real There were great suspension bridges Made like spider webs of steel There were tinny wooden trestles And there were bridges made of stone I"
  • Bridges - Sergio Mendes
    "I have crossed a thousand bridges In my search for something real There were great suspension bridges Made like spiderwebs of steel There were tiny wooden trestles And there were bridges made of stone I"
  • Bridges - Lifehouse
    "It's such a shame to let this go to waste There's a little time left here for saving face We tried to put a bandage on these years I know this isn't what you want to hear You can say what you like pass"
  • Bridges - Mad Caddies
    "how can you tell me this land free two party system hypocrisy trust in them with our lives they're still the ones who decide your fate your destination who's in control of our lives burn your bridges to"
  • Bridges - Kensington
    "Yet another unstable weekend We bought our won praise with easy goals And we’re off to sell it As the greatest story told Yet another ungraceful evening Another man’s faith An easy foe And we’re off"
  • Bridges - Wijlen Wij
    "I've died and they build BRIDGES all over my dead corpse They don't seem to have much RESPECT For the remains of a dead warrior Why can't they see that my wounds are still bleeding? Why can't they see"
  • Bridges - Chapman Tracy
    "Chapman Tracy Crossroads Bridges All the bridges that you burn Come back one day to haunt you One day you'll find you're walking Lonely Baby I Never meant to hurt you Sometimes the best intentions"
  • Bridges - Warning
    "In the darkness I unravel New truths I have suffered For so long to embrace They will change me from here on But I can't share it with anyone I wish you were here with me tonight When I am not alone I"

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