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Leon Brooks ft. Sahbi - Give Me Love (Seakyy)

  • Kevin (ft. Leon Bridges) - MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS
    "I seen pain, I felt the losses Attended funerals and seen coffins 21 years old, an angel was lost here Wings clipped by the grip of 80 milligram sniffs of oxycontin Everyday through the nostrils Never"
  • Angel (ft. Dante Leon) - DVBBS
    "I found an angel from outer space I found an angel from outer space We feel the same about a lot of things She wouldn't change for the milky way Her love is so new age She's got a flicker in her eyes,"
  • Leon - Roger Daltrey
    "(Goodhand-Tait) Leon came along To see me on the road He took the time to come backstage And make himself known And although we'd never been real close As friends we'd shared some times Worked the clubs"
  • Leona - Stonewall Jackson
    "Leona Leona you tell him you're through you tell him Leona about me and you You tell him we're married with a baby up to You tell him Leona you tell him you're true You laughed as I pleaded and walked"
  • Leona - Millencolin
    "we lost our luggage and we lost our smiles we've been the melancholy brothers so many times when we went down to an unknown club she did the best she could to cheer us up Leona said we could go in for"
  • Brooks & Dunn - I May Never Get Over You - Brooks & Dunn
    "Not that long ago, seems like yesterday, We were caught up in love... we were swept away. Seems like overnight from out of the blue, Something went wrong between me an' you. Oh, I'll move on, I'll be"
  • Ponce De Leon Ave. - Butch Walker
    "I woke up on Sunday morning With a shoe that was not mine Let the taxi on the corner drive away So I walked up Ponce de Leon With my lips all caked in wine But my night clothes in the day time Gave me"
  • Brooks Was Here - Fall River
    "I've watched my back for so long, now I can't even see straight ahead. For so long, I lived inside their cage. I am easily defined by what they see. Evolution of man evolved into me. Silently I suffer"
  • Give Me Your Love (ft. John Newman, Nile Rodgers) - Sigala
    "So give me your love, I need it Give me your heart, I'm bleeding I may be selfish but I’ll take your pain When you get weak I’ll make you strong again When all is lost, I will comfort you So give me your"
  • Give It To Me (Ft Mariah Carey) - Busta Rhymes
    "Busta Rhymes Talking Yeah Shorty I know what you need I got everything you need I promise I ain't gonna hold out either I'ma give it all to you baby It's on, bust it [1] - Baby if you give it to me I'll"
  • Tu Rey Leon - Alegrijes Y Rebujos
    "Son tus ojitos tan despiertos y traviesos, y tu mirada como una puesta de sol, es tu sonrisa la duea de mis das, duea de mi alma y de sta mi canción Vivo pensando, so'ando y esperando, y cuando pasas,"
  • Give Me Love - DJ Dado
    "I'll be there until the morning I'll be there and you will be mine Take my hand call me in the morning I don't care if you're close or far away Will you believe in me You just have to wait and see All"
  • Give Me Love - Cerrone
    "GIVE ME LOVE (Cerrone) Give me love, give me all that you've got Give me love You know that I need Give me love you baby Give me love Give me all that you've got Give me love Give me all that you've"
  • Hey There Mr. Brooks - Asking Alexandria
    "Oh, Your back to me and the hunger returns. I told myself I was done for good. All the memories of all the pictures burned. I see them dancing. My heart begins to pound. I didn't make a sound. They didn't"
  • Give Me Love - Michael Ball
    "(Herbie Armstrong/Nick Lacey/Rory McFarlane) Don't give me mountains that I can't climb Don't give me water, you could give me wine Don't give me the sun if it won't shine Give me love, give me love Don't"
  • Give Me Love - Heatmiser
    "Give me love Give me love Give me peace on earth Give me light Give me life Keep me free from birth Give me hope Help me cope, with this heavy load Trying to, touch and reach you with, Heart and soul Om"
  • Give Me Love - Air Supply
    "I'm tired enough ooh I'm tired And I feel so weighed down I don't want failure while my whole life waits around I need a love just like the rest And I've waited now so long I don't take what I can So I"
  • Give Me Love - Ed Sheerdan
    "Give me love like her 'Cause lately I've been waking up alone Paint splattered tear drops on my shirt Told you I'd let them go And that I'll fight my corner Maybe tonight I'll call ya After my blood turns"
  • Give me love - George Harrison
    "{Refrain} Give me love, give me love Give me peace on earth Give me light, give me life. Keep me free from birth. Give me hope, Help me cope with this heavy load. Trying to touch and reach you With heart"
  • Give Me Love - Carlos Santana
    "Chorus: Give me life, oh give me love Its all I need, Its all I ask Ill give you life, Ill give you love Thats what I need to feel like this Love was meant to be what you have been to me Not just a runnin"

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