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Leona Lewis Footprints In The Sand

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Leona Lewis Footprints In The Sand

  • Footprints in the sand - Leona Lewis
    "You walked with me Footprints in the sand And helped me understand Where I'm going You walked with me When I was all alone With so much unknown Along the way And just when I I thought I'd lost my way You"
  • Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis Cover) - Stephanie Acevedo
    "Closed off from love, I didn't need the pain Once or twice was enough and it was all in vain Time starts to pass, before you know it, you're frozen, ooh But something happened for the very first time with"
  • Footprints - Sandra
    "Reaching higher ground, past the moon, to the stars Pray for you to stay, for a chance, for a new start Rhythm is the life, life of my beating heart Past times fade away But every moment leaves a mark Waves"
  • Footprints - G-Unit
    ""Walk with meeeee..." Ay if you hear me out there "Walk with meeeee..." I get down on my knees every night and say "Walk with meeeee..." Hahahaha, yeah "Walk with meeeee..." I'm goin to war, I'm"
  • Footprints - Young Buck
    ""Walk with meeeee..." (Young Buck) Ay if you hear me out there "Walk with meeeee..." (Young Buck) I get down on my knees every night and say "Walk with meeeee..." (Young Buck) Hahahaha, yeah "Walk with"
  • Footprints In The Sand - George Benson
    "People hand in hand Future in the plan Promises we make Sometimes fade away Like footprints in the sand Love's a game of chance I've come to understand What my greatest fear is Someday you'll disappear Like"
  • Leona - Stonewall Jackson
    "Leona Leona you tell him you're through you tell him Leona about me and you You tell him we're married with a baby up to You tell him Leona you tell him you're true You laughed as I pleaded and walked"
  • Leona - Millencolin
    "we lost our luggage and we lost our smiles we've been the melancholy brothers so many times when we went down to an unknown club she did the best she could to cheer us up Leona said we could go in for"
  • Footprints - Squeeze
    "I spent too much money Looked far too glad Now I have so little of what I once had I had too many parties I had too much time I got so lazy and fell well behind Now the summer is over I can count the"
  • Footprints - Kelly Joe Phelps
    "Skip across the dust in the corner of my room While the walls pull away Keep my hiding spirit shuffling Keep my hiding spirit shuffling You can look but you won't find me Yeah, the Footprints show the"
  • Footprints - Roisin Murphy
    "Footprints in the morning snow You've got me rocking like an echo, echo Fresher than the daisy eaves It drives me crazy when you play me these Footprints in the morning snow You've got me rocking like"
  • Footprints - Porcupine Tree
    "Lyrics: Alan Duffy / Music: Steven Wilson I saw her footprints on the sea I knew her eyes were watching me So I ventured further in my mind In the hope that I would find: "Tangerine Trees and Marmalade"
  • Footprints - Barenaked Ladies
    "I followed footprints in the snow,Never knowing if I was right behind you,Looking down no one would know,I wasn't walking hand in hand beside you.For your footprints lead the way,To a hearth where hearts"
  • Footprints - Paul McCartney
    "It's Beautiful Outside, An Old Hand Gathers Wood, Can He See Me Sitting Here? His Mind Is Somewhere Else. His Friend Have Flown Away, He's Left Out In The Cold. He Won't Sit By My Fire, He Says He Likes"
  • Footprints - T.O.K.
    "One set of footprints inna di sand and yuh a grumble and a screw a seh it shoulda be two remember one thing mi youth a Father God have the plan so when you see one set of footprints a God carry you Hurry"
  • Footprints - Taproot
    "It's dark outside, It's cold and empty like my mind, But who would know, I can't make it right, I know it's on me but I can't fight, And i'm on my own, And I don't get to watch you grow, for now;"
  • Footprints - Rez Band
    "Did I ever know you? - That's the saddest thing of all, In my mind I'm holding you, Been a long time since the fall, I can't embrace a memory, I couldn't even say goodbye, Only left me with one question,"
  • Footprints - Warning
    "I am not feeling the green burning flame, As I gaze back along footprints you have made. And I am not dreaming of more than you have shown. You are not a foundation, You are not a stone. But I'm afraid"
  • Footprints - A Tribe Called Quest
    "As we start trudgin, me and my brothers we be lookin and be buggin Vehicles of life they be rollin and be mergin Searchin for the virgins of life that be shovin out the door that's crack The valleys of"
  • Lewis - Radiohead
    "Bummed out again by your only business friendThe smell of fear is thicker than you thinkDon't do it, don't jumpChanged shape to fit, in the end you just feel sickA million love songs under anaestheticHey"

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