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Leonard Cnohen

  • Leonard - Merle Haggard
    "When LEONARD finally came to California He was twenty-one years old as I recall He loved to write a song and pick the guitar And he came to hang a Gold one on the wall. The town in which he lived is"
  • Leonard - Sharon Van Etten
    "There he goes. He finally closed the door. I turn the lock feeling more confused than before What gives? I thought that you would love more. Now you're a coward, sure. Then he rings. Look in his eyes. He"
  • Leonard Peltier Free! - Fermin Muguruza
    "Leonard Peltier free! Ez dago gartzelarik Leonard Peltier free! Atxeki zaitzakeenik Lauburuak, gure ikur zaharrak Lau osagai batzen dituena Lurra, sua, airea eta ura Lau bide ere markatzen dizkiguna Iparra,"
  • Leonard I -V - The Roots
    "From The Never Never Tunnels via satellite Ceremonies be commencing in the candlelight Yo is I is up in the res-in-iduals tonight Absolutely because I'm the kid that's on the mic And I believe it's destiny"
    "Oni chcą, żebym był jak DJ JA bardziej jestem … To oni pragną żeby tworzyć K-Pax dla nich Kosmos, Spacey Kevin A ja tu na Ziemi sam znowu staram się przeżyć Bo to nie ciebie dźgnął sztyletem Kain Raperze"
  • You'd A' Thought (Leonard Cohen Must Die) - James McMurtry
    "I'm running round in circles and I'm chasing my tail Carving my initials with a rusty nail Betraying my intentions man it happens without fail You'd a' thought that I'd know better by now It might be"
  • Preludium dla Leonarda - Harcerska
    "1. Na parterze w mojej chacie Mieszkał kiedyś taki facet, Który dnia pewnego cicho do mnie rzekł Gdy zachwycisz się dziewczyną Nie podrywaj jej na kino Ale patrząc w oczy szepnij słowa te REF. Jestem"
  • Because Of - Leonard Cohen
    "(Leonard Cohen) Because of a few songs Wherein I spoke of their mystery, Women have been Exceptionally kind to my old age. They make a secret place In their busy lives And they take me there. They become"
  • On That Day - Leonard Cohen
    "(Leonard Cohen and Anjani Thomas) Some people say It's what we deserve For sins against g-d For crimes in the world I wouldn't know I'm just holding the fort Since that day They wounded New York Some"
  • A Little Bit In Love - Bernstein Leonard
    "Bernstein Leonard Wonderful Town A Little Bit In Love Betty Comden and Adolph Green music by Leonard Bernstein MM--MMM -- IM A LITTLE BIT IN LOVE, NEVER FELT THIS WAY BEFORE. MM--MMM -- JUST A LITTLE"
  • Nightingale - Leonard Cohen
    "(Leonard Cohen and Anjani Thomas) I built my house beside the wood So I could hear you singing And it was sweet and it was good And love was all beginning Fare thee well my nightingale 'Twas long ago"
  • Tennessee Waltz - Leonard Cohen
    "(Redd Stewart and Pee Wee King, additional verse: Leonard Cohen) I was dancing with my darlin' to the Tennessee Waltz When an old friend I happened to see Introduced him to my loved one and while they"
  • The Letters - Leonard Cohen
    "(Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson) You never liked to get The letters that I sent. But now you've got the gist Of what my letters meant. You're reading them again, The ones you didn't burn. You press"
  • Morning Glory - Leonard Cohen
    "(Leonard Cohen) No words this time? No words. No, there are times when nothing can be done. Not this time. Is it censorship? Is it censorship? No, it's evaporation. No, it's evaporation. Is this leading"
  • Villanelle For Our Time - Leonard Cohen
    "(Words by Frank Scott, music by Leonard Cohen) From bitter searching of the heart, Quickened with passion and with pain We rise to play a greater part. This is the faith from which we start: Men shall"
  • The Faith - Leonard Cohen
    "(Leonard Cohen) The sea so deep and blind The sun, the wild regret The club, the wheel, the mind, O love, aren't you tired yet? The club, the wheel, the mind O love, aren't you tired yet? The blood,"
  • To A Teacher - Leonard Cohen
    "(Leonard Cohen) Hurt once and for all into silence. A long pain ending without a song to prove it. Who could stand beside you so close to Eden, When you glinted in every eye the held-high razor, shivering"
  • There For You - Leonard Cohen
    "(Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson) When it all went down And the pain came through I get it now I was there for you Don't ask me how I know it's true I get it now I was there for you I make my plans Like"
  • Ballad Of The Absent Mare - Leonard Cohen
    "Say a prayer for the cowboy His mare's run away And he'll walk til he finds her His darling, his stray but the river's in flood and the roads are awash and the bridges break up in the panic of loss."
  • Regenbogen - LEONARD
    "Heut' luft alles schief weil dein Wecker zu lange schlief und der Himmel sich in grauen Farben zeigt. Alles geht dir heut' daneben an dir scheint Pech zu kleben. Langsam tust du dir schon selber leid. Du"

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