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Leonard Cohen Happens to the Heart

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Leonard Cohen Happens to the Heart

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Leonard Cohen Happens to the Heart
  • James McMurtry You'd A' Thought (Leonard Cohen Must Die)
    "I'm running round in circles and I'm chasing my tail Carving my initials with a rusty nail Betraying my intentions man it happens without fail You'd a' thought that I'd know better by now It might be"
  • Leonard Cohen Happens to the Heart
    "I was always working steady but I never called it art I got my shit together meeting Christ and reading marx it failed my little fire but it’s bright the dying spark go tell the young messiah what happens"
  • Merle Haggard Leonard
    "When LEONARD finally came to California He was twenty-one years old as I recall He loved to write a song and pick the guitar And he came to hang a Gold one on the wall. The town in which he lived is"
  • Sharon Van Etten Leonard
    "There he goes. He finally closed the door. I turn the lock feeling more confused than before What gives? I thought that you would love more. Now you're a coward, sure. Then he rings. Look in his eyes. He"
  • Leonard Cohen Field Commander Cohen
    "Field Commander Cohen, he was our most important spy. Wounded in the line of duty, parachuting acid into diplomatic cocktail parties, urging Fidel Castro to abandon fields and castles. Leave it all"
  • Sherman Allan J C Cohen
    "+J. C. Cohen Listen, all you children, to my sad refrain, About a subway conductor on a runaway train. Squeezing people into cars, he won his fame. (yeah) And John Charles Cohen was the great man's name. J."
  • Allan Sherman J C Cohen
    "Listen all you children to my sad refrain About a subway conductor on a runaway train Squeezing people into cars, he won his fame And John Charles Cohen was the great man's name J. C. Cohen, what a great"
  • The Roots Leonard I -V
    "From The Never Never Tunnels via satellite Ceremonies be commencing in the candlelight Yo is I is up in the res-in-iduals tonight Absolutely because I'm the kid that's on the mic And I believe it's destiny"
  • Papa Roach Happens Again
    "My words are weapons In which I murder you with Please dont be scared Please do not turn your head We are the future the 21st century Dyslexic, glue sniffing cyber sluts With homicidal minds and handguns We"
  • Pete Townshend Alan Cohen Speaks
    "Baba was unveiled as to his divine consciousness and function at age of 19 When a Sufi perfect master named Baba John kissed Him between the eyes And Baba said this kiss symbolically showed him who in"
  • The Frames What Happens When The Heart Just Stops
    "So what happens when the heart just stops Stops caring for anyone The hollow in your chest dries up And you stop believing So what happens when the heart gives up But the body goes on living The blood"
  • Leonard Cohen Heart With No Companion
    "I greet you from the other side Of sorrow and despair With a love so vast and shattered It will reach you everywhere And I sing this for the captain Whose ship has not been built For the mother in"
  • Chet Baker Everything Happens To Me
    "I make a date for golf, and you can bet your life it rains. I try to give a party, and the guy upstairs complains. I guess I'll go through life, just catching colds and missing trains. Everything happens"
  • Billie Holiday Everything Happens To Me
    "Matt Dennis / Tom Adair Black cats creep across my path Until I'm almost mad I must have 'roused the devil's wrath 'Cause all my luck is bad I make a date for golf and you can bet your life it rains I"
  • McAuley Schenker Group What Happens To Me
    "Everyday I think about you All the time crazy for you Tell myself, again and again 'll be patient but then I feel you deep in my heart Sell my soul for just one part Could it be ooh! That easy After all"
  • Jewel Just So Happens
    "Just so happens that I'm tired of your face Just so happens that I'm tired of this place Just so happens that I can not endure The pain and the suffering that's caused when I touch you anymore Just so"
  • Tyler When It Happens
    "It could be the way he smiles.The twinkle in his eyes.look how he walks.smiles as he talks...but does he know? He'd look at you-all innocently.with his pleading eyes-Would He know? (bridge) smallest"
  • Nat King Cole It happens to be me
    "Someone longs for you and your caress He's learning now how empty arms can be Someone who used to know your kiss not long ago That someone happens to be me How he misses you and must confess Without you"
  • Corinne Bailey Rae Till It Happens To You
    "I know what I said was heat of the moment but theres a little truth in between the words we've spoken its a little late now to fix the heart thats broken please dont ask me where i'm going cuz i dont"
    "Billie Holiday / T. Smith Always blue all in a mist It's plain as can be You're so mean to me But everything happens for the best You always play around You're running my heart so deep in the ground That"

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