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LeonardoS Bride Fall

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LeonardoS Bride Fall

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LeonardoS Bride Fall
  • Leonardos Bride Fall
    "i wish i was a little clearer, i'm slipping into the slipstream. i feel just like a fallen angel, i dreamed last night i was lost at sea. don't fall for me 'cause i'm already down. i've made"
  • Flyleaf Beautiful bride
    "Beautiful diversity Functioning as one body Burn everybody Everybody learning To put up with another Incredible And invincible You're incredible Unbreakable Ref: Beautiful bride Body of Christ One flesh"
  • Jana Kirschner Bride Song
    "Summer is passing you by If you wanna take my cherry pie I'll be waiting for you I'll be waiting for you All alone Before the fall Like a bride Before the fall Leaves are falling all around your door And"
  • Frank Black Selkie Bride
    "Human form she had In Crescent City She showed me her pity Lucky me In a storm so bad The worst of the autumn She came from the bottom Of the sea Please won't you stay awhile Give me your coat And we'll"
  • Kotoko Princess Bride!
    "?NO GUARD!! {{ruby||}}{{ruby||}}? 2?? Early?! forbidden fruit ? LovinCallinFeelinHealinKissinAgain Darling! CryinSmilinFallinFlyinCharminWedding Heroine! ! {{ruby||}} Born to be Bride! LovinCallinFeelinHealinKissinAgain"
  • Bruce Springsteen Child Bride
    "a lovely, poignant song about a man fated to be kept apart from his true love "Well, sometimes I dream of gettin' outta here, Headin'"
  • Leonardos Bride Hey Hey
    "leonardo's bride she turns the t.v. on it's 9 a.m. she's bored again she has no place to be nothing going down she just hangs around she surrenders to it there's a white flag blowing she hangs"
  • Leonardos Bride So Brand New.
    "strange news from another star is floating around. now i know why when i try to stand up i fall down. there walks a giant and the earth is just a stone in his shoe. believe me baby when i tell you we"
  • Ludo Part I: Broken Bride
    "Fifteen years I raged against, The constant C, the speed of light, The diagrams and haunted sleep, Frozen sheets, in bed, my dreams: Your garden grave, I'd climb inside, Hold your bones, and slowly die, The"
  • Crystal Lewis The Mother And The Bride
    "copyright Crystal Lewis As a mother awaits the birth of a newborn child So shall I await the coming of my King And as emotions rise and teardrops fall For the joy to come So I long to be forever with"
  • Leonardo'S Bride Fall
    "I wish I was a little clearer, I'm slipping into the slipstream. I feel just like a fallen angel, I dreamed last night I was lost at sea. Don't fall for me 'cause I'm already down. I've made"
  • Steve Hackett Mechanical Bride
    "Dance into the meat grinder Ethnic cleansing sharp reminder You're no better than the other side Just can't hide the Mechanical Bride Electric chair burned hair Framed fried you could be there Wedded"
  • Midlake Young Bride
    "My young bride, Why are your shoulders like that of a tired old woman? Like a tired old woman? My young bride, why are your fingers like that of the hedge in winter? Of the hedge in winter? frozen lakes(?)"
  • Amorphis Silver Bride
    "From the mystic dreams of nighttime I saw the clarity of my days From the shades of longing Looked for the familiar glow The death of my wife's slayer Brought no comfort to me No shape for loneliness For"
  • Trick Pony The Bride
    "The day is finally here Theres flowers everywhere The guests are waiting with sweet anticipation As I look down the aisle the preacher starts to smile Church bells are ringing and the organ is playing Im"
  • Badloves Barefoot Bride
    "Badloves Holy Roadside Barefoot Bride Let your daddy dance See you daddy dance Well I'm so entranced By the barefoot bride As she gave her hand And loved like no other Under the cover Of a cloudless"
  • Rock N Roll Worship Circus Loveliest Bride
    "all of my love is a ribbon of scarlet covers the head of the Loveliest Bride come, come away...come with me tonight followed by a train of the purest white washing and kissing bringing to life selah... brighter"
  • Toni Childs Wild Bride
    "The wild bride lives In the back of a forest On a black dark path Her feet are like tree roots Her hands of vines And she holds you and she will entwine Dreams, she finds out are shattered like a knife And"
  • The Dresden Dolls Battered Bride
    "this day was meant to be a day that i would treasure this day was meant to be a way to make us closer could it be he doesnt see that we dont fit together? could it be that this will be the way it feels"
  • LIZ PHAIR Polyester Bride
    "I was talking, not two days ago To a certain bartender I'm lucky to know And I asked Henry, my bartending friend If I should bother dating unfamous men And Henry said, "You're lucky to even know me, You're"

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