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LeonardoS Bride Let Me Come Over

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LeonardoS Bride Let Me Come Over

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LeonardoS Bride Let Me Come Over
  • Leonardo'S Bride Let Me Come Over
    "You stop yourself before you start No-one is allowed inside you The desert of your heart The one I want to ride through Let me come over If you want to shoot the moon If you want to sail for the sun If"
  • Leonardos Bride Hey Hey
    "leonardo's bride she turns the t.v. on it's 9 a.m. she's bored again she has no place to be nothing going down she just hangs around she surrenders to it there's a white flag blowing she hangs"
  • Barathrum Bride of Lucifer
    "silence voice with whistle of the wind through dim nocturnal, misty air melancholic crying of the wind full of agony and despair those graves with those old trees near and the silent humming in the air weak"
  • Ciara Come Over
    "chorus:x2 Come over baby make me be your lady let me do it for you and ill let you be my boo verse:1 ciara come on over we can take it slower get it down on tha floore make u wanna get it more 'cause"
  • Aaliyah Come Over
    "I just touched down, (touched down) Quarter after two, (flight 102) I know it's late, (real late) I'm calling you, (calling you) Tryin' to figure if I, (I) Can (can), Come (come), See (see), You, (can"
  • Dagny Come Over
    "i keep going back to when i laid eyes on you cause ever since then you’ve been on my mind you gave me that look and suddenly I felt new now I’m watching my phone late in to the night but it’s been days"
  • Faith Evans Come Over
    "Won't you come over and make love to me, 'Cause I haven't seen you in a while. Really miss your smile, oh. Won't you come over and make love to me. Baby I want ya. Every time we're together, I"
  • Estelle Come Over
    "If I was to tell you just how much I need you, would you come tonight Or would you not believe me cuz a love that easy never turns out right Im trying to change the rules you deserve something good in"
  • Sean Paul Come over
    "(intro) Sean Paulspeak to my baby girl with the sexy little attitudeoff the topic you know thats really rudestay on me topic girl you know youve got me in the moodSean Paul! Estelle!(verse 1) EstelleIf"
  • Nelly Come Over
    "Here we come (Here we come now girl) Come for you (Baby girl, aw, aw) You know I just couldn't hide shit beneath me Only nigga can take a still picture in 3D If need be, I'm leavin' the party with Cindy It's"
  • Nelly feat. Tim McGraw Come Over
    "Here we come (Here we come now girl) Come for you (Baby girl, aw, aw) You know I just couldn't hide shit beneath me Only nigga can take a still picture in 3D If need be, I'm leavin' the party with Cindy It's"
  • Funkmaster Flex Come Over
    "(feat. Nelly) Yo, whattup baby girl - fuck is the deal? Nah youknahI'msayin I'm on my way fo' sho' Nah well Kejuan and Murph they with me already And you know Leezy on his way we gonna be out there in"
  • Leonardos Bride Kissing Bedrock
    "you've been kissing bedrock i can tell by the way you carry round the world on your shoulders high, ever wonder why. the only way to go is up from here. you've been kissing bedrock i can see"
  • Leonardos Bride Buzz
    "hey buzz lewis carroll would have loved you. hey buzz there's a cloud around the room now. i am so so sorry, i am so so sorry. hey buzz this town doesn't hold me anymore. hey buzz come on over"
  • Rock N Roll Worship Circus Loveliest Bride
    "all of my love is a ribbon of scarlet covers the head of the Loveliest Bride come, come away...come with me tonight followed by a train of the purest white washing and kissing bringing to life selah... brighter"
  • Badloves Barefoot Bride
    "Badloves Holy Roadside Barefoot Bride Let your daddy dance See you daddy dance Well I'm so entranced By the barefoot bride As she gave her hand And loved like no other Under the cover Of a cloudless"
  • Toni Childs Wild Bride
    "The wild bride lives In the back of a forest On a black dark path Her feet are like tree roots Her hands of vines And she holds you and she will entwine Dreams, she finds out are shattered like a knife And"
  • Erasure Phantom Bride
    "She was a shy girl from the lonely street She had no job to do and no friends to meet She'd sit in silence in her rented room Dream of her childhood and invented truths And in her mind she'd drift away A"
  • Obsidian Voice Sleeping bride
    "When nights and days are filled with laughter and thoughts of living everafter a realm of happiness lets me in but then I start to think of him who loved to make me believe in fate which he would conquer"
  • Carnal Forge Sweet bride
    "I crack your bonesI fuck your mindI rip your soul to piecesAnd burn your fucking eyesThe end is near my sweet, sweet brideExploding anger is bursting insideNo remorse you will dieFilthy messed up my sick"

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