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LeonardoS Bride Wednesday

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LeonardoS Bride Wednesday

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LeonardoS Bride Wednesday
  • Leonardo'S Bride Wednesday
    "Wednesday girl, wednesday boy Comes around in the morning Stepping lightly, Taking coffee in the garden Where the sunflowers inspire you To paint a picture, Write a letter. Wednesday girl,"
  • Kiyoharu Wednesday
    "wednesday amai kimi ga iru girls school wednesday amai kimi ga iru girls school shoufu ga mabuta urumaseru nefukaku wa nai yume no ato, nutteru MORUHINE wo hari de iremashou itamanai teido ni iremashou egata"
  • Slut Wednesday
    "Black are the Gesture of Yours Black is the Way to lead your Life Black are the Dresses You wear Black are the Days beneath Your Sunlight Another Riddle, Another Wall Another Task, Another Call for Love"
  • Jimmy Eat World Wednesday
    "Meet a part of me that feels like every other day. It has been seen in pictures and in alleyways. Can see it through your walls. Can see it through your fall. Can see it on your floor, wrongway. Lift your"
  • Tori Amos Wednesday
    "nothing here to fear i'm just sitting around being foolish when there is work to be done just a hang-up call and the quiet breathing of our persian we call cajun on a wednesday so we go from year"
  • Drive-By Truckers Wednesday
    "There was something in the envelope she passed him That weighed more to him than paper and some ink It had a hint of something darker and a hint of something sweet And a little extra glue right on the"
  • Drive By Truckers Wednesday
    "There was something in the envelope she passed him That weighed more to him than paper and some ink It had a hint of something darker and a hint of something sweet And a little extra glue right on the"
  • Something With Numbers Wednesday
    "You are so desperate to learn if you didnt try you might find out why no one cares about the things that you say anyway this whole thing is about me i think so hard my head gets sore i wonder what will"
  • Leonardos Bride Hey Hey
    "leonardo's bride she turns the t.v. on it's 9 a.m. she's bored again she has no place to be nothing going down she just hangs around she surrenders to it there's a white flag blowing she hangs"
  • Undertones Wednesday week
    "Here she comes to say good night I'll get no sleep tonight With a constant vision she still can see She was the girl for me Wednesday week - she loved me Wednesday week - never happened at all There she"
  • Elvis Costello Wednesday Week
    "The movies save on conversationAnd the tv saves on sightWe met in a head-on collisionSo I would say our chances would be slightYou can lead and I will followSee us dancing cheek to cheekYou'll remember"
  • Kisschasy Resolution Wednesday
    "You come in hailstones in summer Sliding ice along the sunburn, I can see the moon and it's midday, midday, The little hand on the big clock, Is moving forwards then backwards, This is my resolution Wednesday,"
  • Jagged Edge Wednesday Lover
    "Every now & then, you may not know just when You'll find a love that will treat you right Cuz I'm so glad 2 say, that love just came my way It was on a very special night. CHORUS Wednesday lover, wednesday"
  • Self Wednesday Again
    "It's a common mistake Brilliant in most obvious ways What did you expect Nutured from your earliest days You made a perfect circle All around the world it occured The sight of inspiration Then again my"
  • Inspirial Carpets Just wednesday
    "Never had a day when I pretended I loved all the things in life we blended And you sometimes my bad rhymes are intended Forgive my way Ill write a plea down here and then Ill send it Ill try to keep this"
  • America Wednesday morning
    "Wednesday morning was the last time we talkedGuess she figured, it's better if she walkedCould've been me just the sameThere's no winner (winning) in this game ah ah ahWednesday morning was the last time"
  • Nields Ash Wednesday
    "Daddy's on the back porch playing with a blow torch standing by the front door Avon Ladies For the Poor Meanwhile Mama smiles, "Get your lover down the aisle before he's gone" Lisa says, "Don't cry; I'll"
  • Eskimo Joe Ruby Wednesday
    "I met a girl who would travel the world for free, She told me her phone number, told me to call her at 3, She had a Gran who she liked to call Nan sometimes, That was a lie but i sung it because it rhymes I"
  • Steve Hackett Mechanical Bride
    "Dance into the meat grinder Ethnic cleansing sharp reminder You're no better than the other side Just can't hide the Mechanical Bride Electric chair burned hair Framed fried you could be there Wedded"
  • Flyleaf Beautiful bride
    "Beautiful diversity Functioning as one body Burn everybody Everybody learning To put up with another Incredible And invincible You're incredible Unbreakable Ref: Beautiful bride Body of Christ One flesh"

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