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Lesley Grove Don"t you own me

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Lesley Grove Don"t you own me

  • Holy Grove - Holy Grove
    "You can try and get some cover You can try to get yourself inside When it's time for you to finally face the facts You know you're gonna go pay the piper There ain't no place that you can hide You can"
  • Prison Grove - Warren Zevon
    "(Warren Zevon & Jorge Calderon) An icy wind burns and scars Rushes in like a fallen star Through the narrow space Between these bars Looking down on Prison Grove Dug in, hunkered down Hours race without"
  • Lesley Parlafitt - Bromheads Jacket
    "You see him in the anchor on most days but every night on the weller or playing darts you see his game is really tight ooooooooooooooooohh ooooooooooooooooohh leslie don't you know there's more than your"
  • You Don't Own Me - Lesley Gore
    "you don't own me, I'm not just one of your many toys you don't own me, don't say I can't go with other boys and don't tell me what to do and don't tell me what to say and please when I go out with you don't"
  • Shady Grove - Watson Family
    "Chorus: Shady Grove, my little love, Shady grove I say. Shady Grove, my little love, I'm a-bound to go away. Cheeks as red as a blooming rose, And eyes of the prettiest brown; She's the darling of my heart, The"
  • Cypress Grove - Kelly Joe Phelps
    "I'd rather be buried way down in some cypress grove I'd rather be buried way down in some cypress grove To have me a woman that I can't control your knee-bone gone aching and your body sure getting cold your"
  • Cypress Grove - Skip James
    "I would rather to be buried In some cypress grove I would rather to be buried In some cypress grove Than to have a contrary woman Lord, I never can control And when yo' knee bones Go to achin' An your"
  • Shady Grove - Sonny Boy Williamson I
    "Shady Grove Track 5 2:45 Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee) (Sonny Boy Williamson) Sonny Boy Williamson - vcl and hca with Blind John Davis - piano, Ransom Knowling - sbass Chicago July 2, 1942 Album:"
  • Discretion Grove - Stephen Malkmus
    "Hate recreated A revelation A-listen to me I'll tell you I'm about to run And the ceiling's are undone Specialized victories For overage whores I felt up your feelings And they left me no more time To"
  • Cypress Grove - Clutch
    "Well, all right. There are women in Cypress Grove And if they catch you, you don't go home So get to booking and don't look back A one way ticket on a two way track Now tell me Holy Diver, where you"
  • Widow's Grove - Tom Waits
    "Met you in the saddle Rode you in the dust Held your hand to the heavens Pulled your heart to the earth Something blinded me more than the mist And the breath of the cottonwood Buds lighter yet When you"
  • Alloway Grove - Paolo Nutini
    "Coming home again To see a girl thats prettier than a diamond shining in the sun Oh what fun! I wonder if she's been naked in her room since I've been gone I wonder if she's said to them as she said to"
  • Love Grove - Billie
    "Sugar honey honey sexy Sugar honey honey sexy A Limited sensation To that feeling that you crave One that means much more to you Than to socialise stroke rave the remady is pure to me Taking the"
  • Cypress Grove Blues - Skip James
    "I would rather be buried in some cypress grove I would rather be buried in some cypress grove To have some woman, Lord, that I can't control And I'm goin' away now, I'm goin' away to stay And I'm goin'"
  • The Grove Of Eglantine - Styx
    "(Dennis DeYoung) Hey you there Cast an eye this way You with that young lust virgin smile Don't pretend that you're quickly melting before my eyes That's a lie 'Cause I see all of you Quite clearly now I"
  • Shake Your Grove Thing - Alvin & the Chipmunks
    "Shake your groove thing Ooh, ooh yeah, yeah, come on Shake your groove thing Shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah, show 'em how you do it now) Shake your groove thing Shake your groove"
  • Own Me - Ginny Owens
    "Got a stack of books so I could learn how to live many are left half read, covered by the cobwebs on my shelf and i got a list of laws growing longer everyday and if i keep plugin away maybe one day"
  • You Own Me - Sense Field
    "You say it's nothing personal As you break out and you lay out you're whole arsenal I fell hard for you I count scars from you You play with my life And I pay with my life Everything keeps telling me"
  • You Own Me - The American Analog Set
    "I drove up all the way Put a pencil to a page And it only took a day Though you had to move away You didn't have to stay With a girl that's half your age 'Cause you own me Control me You own me We just"
  • Olive grove facing the sea - Snow Patrol
    "Sworn to secrecy, I might go after schoolShe was an angel, I saw her swimming thereI am in such a mess, I can't cope without thisShe just teases, me pretends she can't see me hereSo let me go out thereI"

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