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  • Bonie Lesley - Robert Burns
    "BONIE LESLEY (Robert Burns) O, Saw ye bonie Lesley, As she gaed o'er the Border? She's gane, like Alexander, To spread her conquests farther! To see her is to love her, And love but her for ever; For Nature"
  • Lesley Parlafitt - Bromheads Jacket
    "You see him in the anchor on most days but every night on the weller or playing darts you see his game is really tight ooooooooooooooooohh ooooooooooooooooohh leslie don't you know there's more than your"
  • No Sad Songs - Lesley Gore
    "(music by Lesley Gore, words by Ellen Weston) No sad songs anymore NO sad songs anymore They're gone Oh I've said it before But I was never so sure before No sad songs anymore They don't belong anymore The"
  • Its My Party - Lesley Gore
    "IT'S MY PARTY Lesley Gore Nobody knows where my Johnny has gone Judy left the same time Why was he holding her hand When he's supposed to be mine It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to Cry if I want"
  • Judy's Turn To Cry - Lesley Gore
    "Cause now it's judy's turn to cry Judy's turn to cry Judy's turn to cry Cause johnny's come back To me Aww when judy left with johnny at my party(my party) And came back wearing his ring I sat down and"
  • Just Let Me Cry - Lesley Gore
    "Oh stars on high, why can't I make you see, That I don't want your light to shine on me. He said goodbye. Just let me cry. Don't let me hear the robins sing above. What good's their song if I've"
  • The Old Crowd - Lesley Gore
    "Sometimes I get to thinkin' 'bout days gone by And I start cryin' every time What I wouldn't give if I could just relive One day with those old friends of mine No one ever planned it, but every day at"
  • You Don't Own Me - Lesley Gore
    "you don't own me, I'm not just one of your many toys you don't own me, don't say I can't go with other boys and don't tell me what to do and don't tell me what to say and please when I go out with you don't"
  • That's The Way Boys Are - Lesley Gore
    "When I'm with my guy and he watches all the pretty girls go by... Well I feel so hurt deep inside, I wish that I could die! Not a word do I say... I just look the other way! 'Cause that's the way boys"
  • I Don't Wanna Be A Loser - Lesley Gore
    "I don't wanna be a loser I don't wanna have a broken heart Oh I don't wanna be a loser I don't want another girl to tear us apart Tell me, what can I do to keep from losin' you 'Cause I could never live"
  • Wonder Boy - Lesley Gore
    "Wonder boy, wonder boy That's what they call you at our school But I think you're just an educated fool Wonder boy, wonder boy If you're so smart, how come you don't know I love you If you're so smart,"
  • Hey Now - Lesley Gore
    "(Ah ah, ah ah) Hey now (ah ah), what you gonna do (ah ah) Are you gonna be mine (ah ah) tried & true (ah ah) Hey hey hey now (ah ah), give it to me straight (ah ah)? Am I gonna be the one (ah ah) or just"
  • Look Of Love - Lesley Gore
    "The look of love Is in your eyes. A look your smile Can't disguise. The look of love, It's saying so much more than These words could ever say. And when my heart has hurt, Well, it takes my breath away. I"
  • Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows - Lesley Gore
    "Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everything thats wonderful is what I feel when we're together. Brighter than a lucky penny. When you're here the raindrops disappears dear and i feel so fine. Just to"
  • What Am I Gonna Do With You - Lesley Gore
    "Someone who says she's my friend Told me you've been untrue again Oh you still haven't learned it's wrong to Hurt the girl that you belong to What am I gonna do with you, hey baby? You said you'd stop"
  • Off And Running - Lesley Gore
    "No matter what you do, no matter what you say I've had enough of you; I'm gonna break way I'm off & I'm runnin' just as far as I can go I've had it up to here & I want out I'd rather get my kicks; I'd"
  • Better Angels - Lesley Gore
    "It's not like I haven't tried and tried It isn't where I look but what I find I've been keeping clear of stepping on the cracks I miss just enough to keep me coming back I'm waiting for better angels I'm"
  • I Will Follow Him - Lesley Gore
    "Love him, I love him, I love him, And where he goes I'll follow, I'll follow, I'll follow. I will follow him, follow him wherever he may go. There isn't an ocean too deep, A mountain so high, it can't"
  • My Boyfriend's Back - Lesley Gore
    "He went away & you hung around & bothered me every night & i wouldn't go out with you you said things that weren't very nice. my boyfriend's back & you're gonna be in trouble hey-la hey-la my boyfriend's"
  • I'm Gone I'm Going - Lesley Roy
    "So sick of hearing your words all I can hear you say is how you want me to live my life a different way I'm gonna pack up my things I'm gonna do it just watch me, watch me I'm like a rat in a cage about"

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