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Less Than Jake Jen Doesnt Like Me Anymore

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Less Than Jake Jen Doesnt Like Me Anymore

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Less Than Jake Jen Doesnt Like Me Anymore
  • Less Than Jake Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore
    "Jen thinks it isn't fair that I don't really care If she likes me or not And Jen doesn't like to settle Until she makes me feel like Howie Reynolds She thinks that I'm all that I've got No Jen doesn't"
  • Jimmy Eat World Jen
    "Jen, don't be scared, no don't be shy You used to do this all the time You know it, Jen Jen, we could be happy now So jet across the coast and country Jen, and sometimes Jennifer You think for too long"
  • Monsta Island Czars Less Than,
    "1,2 1,2 Kongcrete, the most hideous Check it, check it, check it Smoking hash, leave an open ash, broken stash, floating fast, lifted Calm with the broken glass slur board, nasty nigga fucked Bertha Insert"
  • Hitchcock Robyn She Doesnt Exist
    "I used to ring you and put down the phone, once wore a hole in your dress. Even tried Voodoo outside your home, but these days I couldn't care less. She doesn't exist any more, She doesn't exist any more. I"
  • Lisa Loeb Jake
    "i'm going as far as i can go, away from here, away from you, jake, and the hole you've sunk me into. i wish that i could belong here, with you, and just be, but that's not all that i'm about. your life"
  • Splendid Less Than Zero
    "You got a way of saying anything You get away with saying it to me When you want to and I let you And you can Play the game like i never could And even I'm not such a goody good Like a weakness for chocolate i"
  • Chapman Tracy Less Than Strangers
    "Chapman Tracy Telling Stories Less Than Strangers You and me Had some history Had a semblance of honesty All that has changed now We shared words Only lover speak How can it be We are less than strangers Oh"
  • Tracy Chapman Less Than Strangers
    "You and me Had some history Had a semblance of honesty All that has changed now We shared words Only lover speak How can it be We are less than strangers Oh it hurts to lose in love Let anger and cruelty"
  • Tyrese Chapter Less Than
    "Speaking: To Africa & 126 let's go I come here a lot more, I'm grateful, for my freedom Not only freedom, physically, but freedom of the mind Freedom of my spirit, in Jesus' name, Amen Don't leave"
  • Type O Negative Less Than Zero (
    "My reflection as that shadow's blessing my death Last soul in agony meet machine tragedy God if you love me, then why won't you set me free I don't have call-waiting, hey, was that you pranking me? The"
  • Atomic Kitten Love Doesnt Have To Hurt
    "Artist : Atomic Kitten Song : Love Doesn't Have To Hurt Album : Submitted by : voor stijn Corrected by : paul Rated : 9.5 (39 votes) (Thank you baby) I learned a lesson in my life, but I learned"
  • Goin' Places Jen
    "Jen, oh Jen Oh yes I really really like you Jen Oh Jen, oh Jen Oh yes I really really want you Jen I really really like you Jen Why can't we be special friends? Oh Jen, oh Jen Oh yes I really wanna fuck"
  • Kitty Wells Less Than A Lady
    "You love me like I'd never known a love beforen you took me in to your very own With protection and tenderness behind your door Then all at once your need for me was gone And there's nothing in this"
  • Fight Like Apes Jake Summers
    "Bought a present for my guy I bought him a pair of second hand boots Those boots were white not pink He liked to think, that he wore them well He took them to the park, he wore them out And played with"
  • Destiny's Child Independent Woman Part. Less Than
    "Lucy Liu... with my girl, Drew... Cameron D. and Destiny Charlie's Angels, Come on Uh uh uh Question: Tell me what you think about me I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings Only ring your cell-y"
  • Tweenies Big tall jake
    "Big tall Jake is coming to town Yeah! Big tall Jake is marching around Taller than the houses Taller than the trees Head in the clouds He likes what he sees That's Jake! I'm a big, big boy Big tall Jakey"
  • Ben Harper Less
    "I could give you more But you still wouldn't be happy I could give all you need But you still wouldn't be satisfied I could give to our poor Now what good would that be You'd shake hands with Jesus"
  • Tim McGraw Less
    "one two three like a bird i sing cause your givin me the most beautiful set of wings im so glad your hear today cause to marro i might have to go and fly away hey!! im down to my last dollar ive walked"
  • Far Less
    "Oh, my lover, you want a kiss?Oh, my lover, I'll give gifts of my sicknessMy lover my mother my sister my son anyoneI'll be the one to smother your fears,kneel down beside you and whisper that it's alrightBlood,"
  • Down for the Count Less Than Three Is Enough For Me
    "Smacked down and twisted Torn up and left for dead We're all a little crazy, a little devastated Surprised by the turn of events tonight But don't run for shelter A song in hand is enough shelter for me So"

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