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Less Than Jake Lucky Day

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Less Than Jake Lucky Day

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Less Than Jake Lucky Day
  • Less Than Jake Lucky Day
    "Do you see me out there Getting ready to go Packing my frustrations away I can always go for miles and still don't know Why my disappointments always stay, Packing all my frustrations away... Why my disappointments"
  • Neal Morse Less Than
    "Twelve groups of stars (Rev 12:1) Surrounding God's heaven Same as the tribes The twelve tribes of Israel (Gen 49:28) Each hold a sign (Num 2:2) Surrounding God's presence Blurring the lines (Heb 9:24) 'tween"
  • I Hate Myself Less Than Nothing
    "60 watts, brighter than my future, an empty forty, fuller than my life, there must be more, sometimes i don't think so, maybe I'm right. maybe there's no such thing as a brighter side A sultry night stare"
  • Tyrese Chapter Less Than
    "Speaking: To Africa & 126 let's go I come here a lot more, I'm grateful, for my freedom Not only freedom, physically, but freedom of the mind Freedom of my spirit, in Jesus' name, Amen Don't leave"
  • Chris Rea Lucky Day
    "A little bit of daylight shine on your pillow Come through your window pane Speak of the morning, hope is eternal Better to look at it this way This could be my lucky day A glass filled with crystals,"
  • Osker Lucky
    "waking up every day in the same bed for nine long years and it all goes by. i'm glad with what i got so you won't hear one word of regret coming out of my mouth. i've wasted so much goddamn precious time"
  • Digger Lucky
    "When I saw you standing there, it was crystal clear to me that it just wouldn't be fair for you to be stuck with a guy like me. When I saw you yesterday, in my shirt that doesn't fit, it was crystal clear"
  • Ruff Michael Any Less Than This
    "I have no soul, 'til I look in your eyes There is no wisdom in my word without your listening smile My only sense of time begins when we're apart My song of love follows the rhythm of your heart CHORUS:"
  • Enya Less Than A Pearl
    "Out of night has come the day. Out of night, our small earth. Our words drift away. Our words journey to find those who will listen. We call out into the distance... We call out into the distance... We"
  • Joan Baez Less Than The Song
    "I am less than the song I am singing I am more than I thought I could be Spent some time as a child in day dreaming As a young one I sailed on the sea So come stand by my side where I am going Take my"
  • Darryl Worley Those Less Fortunate Than I
    "(Mark Nesler) I don't have a lot, but I'm proud of what I've got I can't complain 'Cause I see people hangin' round, on the city streets downtown Living on pocket change There're times I've been confused,"
  • Monsta Island Czars Less Than,
    "1,2 1,2 Kongcrete, the most hideous Check it, check it, check it Smoking hash, leave an open ash, broken stash, floating fast, lifted Calm with the broken glass slur board, nasty nigga fucked Bertha Insert"
  • The Muffs My Lucky Day
    "Runaway to a place I love Where I hide away from you And your old face Telling me that you know me better Than I even know my mixed up self I'm laughing you and your old fantasy of me Every time I think"
  • Less Than Jake The Reflex
    "You've gone too far this time But I'm dancing on the valentine I tell you somebody's fooling around With my chances on the dangerline But I'll cross that bridge when I find it Another day to make my stand High"
  • Less Than Jake In-Dependence Day
    "Rescue me from boring times it's a story i know line by line different deep on the inside, isn't different if you have to try i'm borderline day after day waiting to get knocked off my feet again time passes"
  • Less Than Jake Last Hour Of The Last Day At Work
    "I couldn't help but think back to the advice that I got from my dad a few times he said"...time goes by so fast in a blink of an eye so never close your eyes..." "...I always wanted something more than"
  • Less Than Jake Last Hour Of The Last Day Of Work
    "I couldn't help but think back to the advice that I got from my dad a few times he said"...time goes by so fast in a blink of an eye so never close your eyes..." "...I always wanted something more than"
  • Lucky Twice Lucky
    "You can fool yourself I promise it will help Now every single day I just wanna hear you saying Laughing through the day Thinking you are never boring(?) Speeding through the night Maybe you not count"
  • Turin Brakes Soul Less
    "At the end of the day When the noises die down And I'm left on my kness On the ground that I pound And with only the sounds in my brain A non-linear frangmented soul In an ocean of info clinging on to"
  • The Beautiful Girls Less
    "Sunrise, sunset. These days i won't forget. Celebrations of our death, When every day she's my place to rest. And sometimes i would, and sometimes i could be blessed. And sometimes i should, and"

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