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Less Than Jake Malt Liquor Tastes Better When Youve Got Problems

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Less Than Jake Malt Liquor Tastes Better When Youve Got Problems

  • Malt Liquor Tastes Better When You've Got Problems - Less Than Jake
    "And I've been so busy trying that I've only wound up living weekend to weekend getting by just simply "trying" And I should be out looking for a job but only wind up heading for a stiff drink left with"
  • Mickey's Malt Liquor - Quietdrive
    "Making sure I'm not thinking About the things That I've been missing today Making sure That I've been wanting More than just the Other malt today Why don't you go Try to think I know it's hard"
  • If Youve Got Troubles - Beatles
    "Beatles Miscellaneous If Youve Got Troubles This Lennon-McCartney composition survived one complete take during the Rubber Soul sessions, but was abandoned due to general lack of quality and was never"
  • Problems - Az
    "I had some problems And no one could seem to solve them But you found the answer Told me to take this chance Yeah, now dig You got, rich niggaz right They do what they wanna do Heh, and you got Broke"
  • Less Than, - Monsta Island Czars
    "1,2 1,2 Kongcrete, the most hideous Check it, check it, check it Smoking hash, leave an open ash, broken stash, floating fast, lifted Calm with the broken glass slur board, nasty nigga fucked Bertha Insert"
  • Liquor / Zero - Chris Brown
    "There's something in this liquor The air is getting thicker I can't help but to stare at you, oh yeah, girl what did you do? Tell me what did you slip up in my cup? Girl, cause I want you, oh yeah I had"
  • Problems - Rappin' 4-Tay
    "no I can't run, I can't hide from all this pressure, if I sell out that means I'm copping to a lesser charge, and whenever there's a will baby, there's a way, each one teach one, I always say, the murder"
  • Problems - B.G.
    "B.G. Checkmate Problems Hook: i've got problems In my fucking house Bitch would you please Get the fuck out Trust these hoes, they all slick I found out, they ain't shit Almost was played by my"
  • Expensive Tastes - Cold War Kids
    "Strings attached, fake eye lashes Broke upon the piggie bank for petty cash Sensitive sister blushin', don't stare Watch the children squabblin' in the square Tip my hat, low windows Once I saw you naked,"
  • More Problems - Screeching Weasel
    "You were once a nice suburban girl Until mom and dad gave you their special love You wanted to tell them something personal But the exact words you couldn't think of So you cut and dyed your hair During"
  • Corn Liquor - Buck Owens
    "Well, when I was a little bitty boy No bigger than an old polecat Well, I used to wonder like all kids What made this to that. Now I'd seen what happened to my pa When he take a drink from a jug Yeah,"
  • Jake - Lynyrd Skynyrd
    "The boy gets crazy when he's sittin' at the bar Don't you mess with Jake don't you push him to far Rot gut whiskey and home made wine Make a good country boy just lose his mind Like a run away train rollin'"
  • Less Than Zero - Splendid
    "You got a way of saying anything You get away with saying it to me When you want to and I let you And you can Play the game like i never could And even I'm not such a goody good Like a weakness for chocolate i"
  • Less Than Zero - Elvis Costello
    "Calling Mister Oswald with the swastika tattoo, there is a vacancy waiting in the English voodoo, carving "v" for vandal on the guilty boy's head. When he's had enough of that maybe you'll take him to"
  • Problems - Ziggy Marley
    "Problems, personal problems, people problems we people got to solve them Problems, big problems, small problems still we got to solve them Settle for less is problems we could do our best and solve them stop"
  • Problems - Anna Marucha & The Taxi Blues Band
    "„ Problems ” (muz. i słowa Anna Marucha) Last winter I probably got this mess following me My problems all took"
  • Jake Summers - Fight Like Apes
    "Bought a present for my guy I bought him a pair of second hand boots Those boots were white not pink He liked to think, that he wore them well He took them to the park, he wore them out And played with"
  • Liquor Niggas N Triggas - Assassin
    "(feat. X-Raided, Brotha Lynch) Nigga recognize I'm that motherfuckin locc 08 drinkin got me high givin head to my 44 They can't blame me for the actions I take in a sicc state of mind as I premedi-tiz-ate Fifty-one-fifty"
  • Less Fame - Bizzy Bone
    "I'm tryin to tell you that we got it (c'mon) Yeah boy, stress game, less fame is a.. Yeah, this a blessing, stress game (hey!) Less fame, it's a blessin, bosom buddy I'm arresting (One time, one time) Much"
  • 99 Problems - Jay-Z
    "If your having girl problems I feel bad for you son I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one I got the rap patrol on the gat patrol Foes that wanna make sure my casket's closed Rap critics that say he's"

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